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Sep 6, 2016 5:29 PM ET

Archived: Vaportini provides a revolutionary way to consume alcohol, it is inhaled rather than swallowed – Vaportini continues to become the premium alcohol inhalation glassware for spirits drinkers

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McKinleyville, CA


Vaportini has launched a marketing campaign that involves celebrity endorsements, product placement within popular television shows and films, and demonstrations by YouTube stars on their shows. This is the biggest marketing campaign that Vaportini has ever put together and from past experience, it will result in sales that will deplete our current inventory. In 2016 over 20 million viewers will be exposed to Vaportini. We plan on ordering twice that of our last order which was approximately 10,000 units. It takes 6 months to produce and delivery 20,000 units and our current inventory of 5,000 units, plus accessories should carry us to that point, however, we may still have a shortfall before the next shipment arrives, as we ramp up marketing efforts. 

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About Vaportini


Vaportini continues to become the premium alcohol inhalation glassware for spirits drinkers.  There is no other product on the market like this, we own the trademark and the published patent.  Vaportini began in Janurary of 2013 and was an immediate success.  It has been in popular media from Playboy to the New York Times Style Magazine and that has really helped to drive sales.  Vaportini has a proven track record of being a highly marketable product.  

To learn the full history of the Vaportini 


About the owner


CEO Julie Palmer graduated from Northwestern University were she studied physics and philosphy. She owned several highly acclaimed restaurants and a lounge in Chicago before launching Vaportini.  

COO Jonathan Faller is a Indiana State graduate, with a BA in Business Administration.  When the product began selling at an incredible pace his background in operations management made him an ideal candidate to run the day to day operations of Vaportini.


Vaportini provides a revolutionary way to consume alcohol, it is inhaled rather than swallowed.  The taste of the individual spirits is smooth and flavorful with the subleties coming through beautifully.  It’s like another distillation within the globe, so the spirit a person consumes with a Vaportini contains no impurities, almost no calories, and no carbs.  The effects are immediately felt making it easier to responsibly imbibe.

Any spirit 60 to 100 proof works in a Vaportini, however, the more flavorful the spirit the better the results.  Our favorites are bourbon, gin, flavored vodka, and tequila.  Vaportini is not intended for beer or wine.About an ouce and a half of a spirit is placed in the globe and the globe is placed on the base above the lit candle. 

 In approximately 5-7 minutes the spirit is ready to consume.  Depending on how aggressivley a Vaportini is consumed, it will remain “active” for 20 to 40 minutes.

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Contact Information:

Julie Palmer

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