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Sep 6, 2016 2:49 PM ET

Archived: QirraSound Technologies, LLC introduces disruptive technology to the Professional and Industrial Sound markets; significantly improved sound amplification and reproduction at significantly lower costs than the inferior systems currently in those markets

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 6, 2016

QirraSound Technologies, LLC Logo

QirraSound Technologies, LLC

Salt Lake City, UT 84003, US
Electronics & Instrumentation

QirraSound Technologies, LLC introduces disruptive technology to the Professional and Industrial Sound markets; significantly improved sound amplification and reproduction at significantly lower costs than the inferior systems currently in those markets.
QirraSound loudspeaker and amplification technology significantly improves on:
1. Intelligibility (clarity)- Hear sound details not possible with other systems
2. Throw- Project sound further with significantly less volume loss, equalizing the audience experience over large spaces
3. Presence- Both live and recorded sound feel more natural and give listener a sense of being “inside” the sound
4. Feedback- Loudspeakers virtually eliminate all feedback, allowing unequaled live performance movement throughout a performance venue
5.Psycho Acoustics: Produces sound that envelopes the listener and provides an omni-directional listening experience.
6. Price point- QirraSound technology lowers cost of ownership in multiple ways. Compared to the inferior speakers in the target market space, QirraSound technology has a lower purchase price per speaker, requires fewer and smaller speakers for a given space, and fewer, smaller speakers require less set-up, wiring, amplification, maintenance and repairs
QirraSound Technology is anchored by 6 US and International Patents. Second and third generation systems are under development and are generating significant additional intellectual property.
Speakers and amplifiers are sold through demonstrations where features and benefits are clearly evident. The sound qualities described are self-evident to listeners and sound professionals quickly understand the inherent benefits of the systems.
Mission Statement: “QirraSound Technologies offers the first truly natural sounding loudspeaker system.”
Motto: “Experience the Experience.”

Products / Services

Loudspeakers & Amplifiers

The loudspeakers & amplifiers will disrupt the Pro and industrial sound markets with
significant sound improvements at a lower price than existing systems for theaters,
concert halls, auditoriums, conference centers, sports stadiums, etc. Musical
Director for a “Phantom of the Opera” Broadway National Tour said, “the crystal
clear quality of the sound and the power (QirraSound) delivered with a fraction of the
hardware in a conventional system…even distribution of sound across a large space
was unparalleled.. Industrial uses include sonic testing, high intensity acoustics, auto,
and aviation.



President Executive Officer
Alan Boyer, PhD, MBA, LTCL, ALCM

Alan Boyer, PhD, MBA, LTCL, ALCMDr. Boyer was born in England and graduated from Sheffield University, England. He has 25+ years of experience in the sound, acoustics, and vibration industry successfully working in the field and at executive level in Europe and the USA. He moved to the United States in 1988 for Larson Davis, Inc. where he became Senior V.P & COO. He spearheaded large scale projects including the formation of an alliance between leading international companies in the sound & vibration industry. Dr. Boyer’s projects include sound detection systems for London’s Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, analytical systems for Ford, Land Rover, Caterpillar, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies and others requiring complex application solutions. As CEO of Acticut International (USA), Dr. Boyer brought important leadership skills to the global organization. Many years experience forming, running and consulting for start-up companies in multiple industries.

Senior Vice President Technology Officer
Thomas Lago, PhD (CE), PhD(ME), PhD(Phy), PhD(EE)

Dr. Lago has 35+ years of industry experience including executive positions in international companies like Hewlett-Packard. He has post doctorate degrees in Civil, Physics, and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Lago is involved in scientific organizations such as the Society for Automotive Engineering and was a Director for the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration. He is the author of more than 280 scientific papers, holds more than 25 patents or patent applications and has supervised multiple international research projects. He is a BINDT (British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing) Fellow, and the Industrial Chair for ISCM (The International Society for Condition Monitoring) and on the board for SAE NVH (Society for Automoltive Engineering). Dr. Lago’s multi-disciplined expertise has assisted in bridging educational and technological gaps believed to be “impossible” due to lack of understanding.

Managing/Manager Marketing
Lawrence (Larry ) Jenkins, BS, MBA

Mr. Jenkins has a BS degree in Political Science from Brigham Young University and a MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Mr. Jenkins has 40+ years of Marketing and Executive Management experience, including with a Fortune 50 company. He lead the sales growth of a major health care industry company from $15-30 Million in three years. Mr. Jenkins is most recently a consultant, advising businesses in planning, marketing, and business strategy. Mr. Jenkins has 20 years of military experience and he was awarded the Bronze Star for his Photo Intelligence accomplishments.


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Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
4 years, 5 months5Other Electronics & Instrumentation


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Contact Information:

Alan Boyer 801.830.5770 Alan.Boyer@QirraSound.com

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