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Sep 6, 2016 12:30 PM ET

Archived: Crowdability: REVL – Smart Action Camera

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 6, 2016



Smart Action Camera






Specialty Computer Hardware, Sports & Recreation


San Francisco, California

Revl is a “smart” action camera. It was created in coordination with Sony and frog design, a high-end global design and strategy firm.

The founding engineers have backgrounds at NASA, Hewlett-Packard and Sikorsky Aircraft.

Video is a powerful way to capture you best moments — but for most people, it’s really hard to shoot a quality video. You end up with hours of shaky footage, which could take days to edit. So your best moments get stuck on an SD card or on your computer and completely forgotten.

Revl has developed the world’s first stabilized camera system (hardware and software) to address the two biggest challenges with video: shaky footage and hours of editing.

Its camera and mobile app work together to identify the best moments in your videos using motion and emotion recognition.

Basically, your best action moments are when you’re moving fast. Instead of capturing a nasty blur, Revl has built-in image stabilization. So you get smooth 4k video, no matter how crazy things get.

Then, its smartphone app will automatically find the best few minutes from your hours of video. Its “Emotion Recognition” technology can find your happiest moment, and the built-in Motion Detection will find your biggest jumps, fastest speeds and most awesome moments automatically.

With its data tracking technology, you can track your adventures. For example, if you were surfing, you could record your top speed, height and rotations in each session.

The unit will be ready for sales by December 2016. The 8-employee company has already pre-sold $1,160,000 worth of product.

The major differences between the Revl and the GoPro is that the Revl has built-in stabilization, sensor data recording, and assisted editing built right into its system. You can get beautiful and stable videos that you can share instantly.

As a prominent tech entrepreneur said, “Every time I use my GoPro I basically throw away the footage. Revl is addressing every single pain point I have in video – stabilized, waterproof, & data capture.”

The company has already secured the backing of top-tier venture capitalists, including YCombinator and Comcast Ventures.



Eric Sanchez – Co-Founder & CEO

Eric is an Engineer and “aspiring” Industrial Designer.

Formerly, he worked as an engineer for GM, Sikorsky Aircraft, HP and Honeywell.

He earned his BS in Electrical Engineering / Control Systems from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, and his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Industrial and Product Design from the Academy of Art University.

Nelson Vazquez – Co-Founder & CTO

Nelson is a hardware engineer.

He formerly worked at Honeywell, Texas Instruments and NASA.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez.

Bruce Pla – Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Bruce formerly worked as an Industrial designer at TechShop, Inc. and Urban Putt.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Product Design from the Academy of Art University.



Comcast Ventures

The venture capital unit of Comcast, consisting of the recently combined Comcast Interactive Capital and NBCUniversal Peacock Fund. Portfolio companies include Slack and Hired.

Frog Ventures

The venture arm of frog design, the global design and strategy firm.

Joshua Schacter

Entrepreneur — creator of Delicious which was acquired by Yahoo — and angel investor.

Lars Rasmussen

Computer scientist, software developer, and co-founder of Google Maps.


Fast Company has called YC “the world’s most powerful start-up incubator.” Its portfolio includes Dropbox, Airbnb, and Stripe.


Contact Information:

Eric Sanchez - Co-Founder & CEO

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