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Archived: The social project “Do Arco Da Velha”, based on the relationship between Portugal and África, has been invited to participated in the Mindelact Festival 2016 that will be in Cabo Verde between 16 and 23 September

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The social project “Do Arco Da Velha” , based on the relationship between Portugal and África, has been invited to participated in the Mindelact Festival 2016 that will be in Cabo Verde between 16 and 23 September.

The project “Do Arco da Velha” has been invited to participate in Mindelact Festival in S.Vicente- Cabo Verde to be worked out with the local community. This project is represented by two organizations: Synergia (by the department “Conto o que se Conta” and by Popolomondo. To achieve this it has been made an investigation about the Portuguese and African cultures and traditions, trying to find out things in common and the own identity of each of these places.

The aim is to spred out this investigation and share it with the local community by artistic stay (dance, music, telling stories, handcraft and sharing traditions). This investigation is very important because it helps in the understanding of the portuguese influence in other countries and the transmission of the identity of each one, praizing the dignity and respecting its own culture.

This project is only possible because of the work of a team of volunteers either in Portugal or in Cabo Verde. It is based on the faith on the difference and the sharing to get a common enrichement. The expenses have been over each volunteer member. However there are other expenses that cannot be in charge of the team.

To continue with this project we need some help. we are not only going to take but also bring and share in Portugal.




Ana Caridade: Huge experience in volunteer work. Works with handicapped children and teens. Psychoterappist. Studies dances in the world and theatre. Writer. Member of several Artistic. social and pedagogical projects. Dance and artistic teacher.

Diana Azevedo: Began her dancing education with 6 years old. 6th degree in Classical  Ballet of the Royal Academy. Began her musical eduaction with 14 years old. 4th degree in Violin. Since 1997, dedicates her career to dance e to traditional music. Teacher, dancer, violinist,  choreographs. Nowadays teaches Traditional dance to adults and children.

Eva Azevedo – Teacher of African Dance, choreographs and dancer. African dance teacher sinse  2003, with education in Traditional African Dance and contemporary African Dance in Senegal, Guiné Conacry, Burkina Faso and Spain. Develops since 2009  Farisogo Sira Project.

Paulo das Cavernas -Since 2002 drummer and guitarist. Founder, musician and composer of the  group Semente. Works with Terrakota and has already worked with Fado Violad0, Madandza, Olivetree, Djamboonda,  Tchakare Kanyemb, Kulirimar e Le Partisan. African Drummer teacher since 2002. Founderin 2005 of the school Sementinha. Works since 2003 as musical  monitor and in the project “histórias que dançam” to children, in several eduactional, artistic and social projects as Mus-e, supported by Ministério da Educação and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Started his musical studies in 1985, In 2009 finished his course as musiacl entertainment in Casa da Musica. . Made an intensive intership of African drummer in Guiné Conacry in 2006, of  balafone and traditional drummer in 2009 ,of Ngoni in 2010 and 2011 in Burkina Faso.



The minimum values needed to achieve this project is 2000 euros but the appropriate is 3220 euros. 

The deadline of the campaign is 5 September.

The team work has been made in a volunteer way in Portugal and Cabo Verde. The expenses have been supported by each one of the team but there are  other expenses that cannot be supported by them. We need help for the expenses with the trip, communications and advertising We need  17740 euros, but we are only asking 2000 euros, trying to reach at least 3220 euros to cover the expenses of the trip.


Contact Information:

Synergia Popolomondo

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