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Sep 2, 2016 4:52 PM ET

Archived: ORIGINALLY, THERE WAS AN AWARD-WINNING MOVIE: NO LAND’S SONG that more than 60,000 people saw in France. For two years, a group of Iranian, French and Tunisian artists joined the dream of a young Iranian composer, Sara Najafi – TODAY: A VERY FIRST CONCERT IN PARIS

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 2, 2016

NO LAND’S SONG on Stage – via Ulule

Support the Iranian artists of No Land’s Song for their 1rst Parisian concert (Sept. 12 art the Monfort Theater) !


Dear Friends,Do you love music ?
Do you share the feeling that music can be the mouthpiece of the strongest messages ? That it can sometimes make a real difference?
Do you want to act for women’s right to express themselves freely and for female voices to be heard where it still frightens men – they say?Join the new adventure of the Iranian artists of the film ‘No Land’s Song’, and commit yourself !


If you’re not part of the more than 60,000 people who discovered the film No Land’s Song in theaters in France since last March, or the many others who watched it in cinemas in Germany and in festivals in Europe, Asia, South and North America,

then have a look to this !


For two years, a group of Iranian, French and Tunisian artists joined the dream of a young Iranian composer, Sara Najafi (that’s her, here on the right of your screen, in a beautiful photo by Gala Collette).
Sara wanted to write music scores for female voices, in a country where the female singers do not have the right to sing solo in front of a mixed audience.

She decided to stand up against this ban, and try to organize, despite the taboos that make law, a concert in Tehran with female singers. Nothing underground in her approach. On the contrary! She stood in the front interpellate authorities and reach up an official concert.
All together, united and stubborn, standing up to the authorities, they succeeded in fine to stand on stage and sing freely, for a single night.
It was September 19, 2013 at Rudaki Hall, the auditorium of the Opera of Tehran.
The public, upset, could hear the voices of female singers, electrified, for the first time since the Revolution … A totally anodyne experience for us, but strictly unique to the youngest, born after the Revolution, who were in the concert hall, and overwhelming for the oldest, who rediscovered this lost emotion.

‘No Land’s Song’, the film by Ayat Najafi, the brother of Sara, tells this wonderful story. For two years, this film is traveling around the world, have so far collected 12 awards in festivals in Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Gijon, Leipzig, Osnabrück, Valenciennes, Firenze, …
No Land’s Song has been released in theaters in France and Germany in March 2016, and is continuing his trip on the roads of France, with more than 60,000 spectators to date.
The audiences stand up, as here, during the night of the Premiere on March 16 in the Luxor:




A great reunion is about to be celebrated in Paris …

The story told by No Land’s Song dates back to almost 3 years.
Since then, women’s rights did not evolve in Iran.
Not yet – if we can hope for a change…

Today, the foreign artists of this adventure share a dream:
to come, together, and sing in Paris, before you,
and plan future musical meetings and projects for the near future in France and elsewhere.

This meeting will take place in September, for the time of a RESIDENCY and a 1st CONCERT,

on SEPTEMBER the 12th, 20:30, in the MONFORT theater !

The team is preparing the big party !
They will come and celebrate the 3rd anniversary of their Iranian adventure,
celebrate the release of the DVD of the film,
celebrate the release of the TV version of the film on TV5 Monde,
and imagine the future dreams of these female voices !

You love them ?
You want to listen to their voices and music ?
You wish to help and get involved in their new project ?

And if you have feedback or questions please contact Anne at: nls.enscene@gmail.com

What are the funds for?

I can hear some of you asking : « Why do you need our support ?”
I tell you : « Simply because such a unique evening can not be supported by usual funds – which are only accessible for Tours.”
You ask then : « So why not a Tour ?”
I can reply : « Right ! But these artists are all involved in their own carriers. And it’s a real challenge to gather all of them on the same date (on the 12th, we’ll miss our dear Maryam Tahjdeh, Tar player, who won’t be able to join us from Canada where she leaves today – but Rahi Sinaki will replace her, joyfully). Gathering them was impossible in such a short delay on several dates. Plus, they will need to rehearse in September in order to see what new plan could arise from this reunion, and what show could be possible in 2017, maybe…”
You are wondering : « But don’t you have sponsors ?”
I answer : “4 at the time (see the budget below). But thanks to you and to this campaign, we’ll make so much noise (a great and playful noise!) that we’ll manage to be heard from many others !
We passed through much more difficulties by financing and producing the film, and succeeded ! Together, we’ll succeed easily, so let’s go !”
1 – WHAT WILL YOU SUPPORT ?Your support will be exclusively dedicaded to the financing of the trips (from Tehran, but also Berlin, Los Angeles, New York and Vienna where some of them are living now), accomodation costs and fees of the foreign artists (the production team works donate their services.)And that’s where you, friends of No Land’s Song, can make the difference ! Not by helping us in the transportation of the equipment, but by offering Non pas en venant nous aider à décharger le matériel, mais en nous donnant little money – or big one, for those who can.

If we manage to gather these funds, the history if Iran won’t be changed, but the hope of these Iranian artists in a more shining and singing future, for sure.

And if we exceed our goal, we could help these artists in developing a new project – we’ll tell you more later…
Let’s prove to France and abroad that you’ve been right to involve yourself – and that will be magic !

More than a participation, it’s a collaboration we propose.


Do you like figures ? Then have a look. You do not ? Have a look anyway, we tried to make it simple.

The total budget of this operation is 34 500 € HT (without the costs of the theater and the production work, taken by the theater and the producers). This gudget is parlty financed for the moment thanks to the City of Paris, the Observatoire départemental des violences envers les femmes of the Seine Saint-Denis council, and TV5 Monde.

The travel costs and artists fees we are asking you to support are the following :
POSTE 1 – 3 singers + 3 instrumentalists fees : 9.576 € all taxes included
POSTE 2 –  Per-diems for 6 artists : 1.536 €
POSTE 3 – 6 artists travels (Parvin, Sayeh and Chakad from Iran, Ali from Los Angeles, Emel from New York, and Rahi from Wien) : 4.200 € (estimation)
TOTAL : 15.312 €

For you to know, if we succeed in gathering 15.000 € thanks to your help, we’ll have to pay 1111 euros for Ulule’s commission and bank expenses.



You could be 3.000 people offering 5 € (gonna be difficult, but you are more that 6800 friends of No Land’s Song on our Facebook page, so why not!), or 1500 people offering 10 € (ah, that’s becoming more accessible), or 429 at 35 € (we can do it !), or 273 at 55 € (…), well, everything is possible !
I think you know everything now…
Ah no… once again a big big thanks you to all of you again !

About the project owner

WHO’S WHO ?Behind the projet NO LAND’S SONG ON STAGE,there is first the artists who are at the origin of the film ‘No Land’s Song’ :

the young Iranian composer Sara Najafi (that’s her, here, on the right of your screen, in a superb photography by Gala Collette) – here in an interview on the French TV Canal+ (in French…):

and her brother, the filmmaker Ayat Najafi, here in an interview for the HuffingtonPost:


There is also, at the initiative of this new musical project and at the management of this campaign, a production team:

the French producer Anne Grange from Les Films de l’Etranger, who was before the French co-producer of the film ‘No Land’s Song’, music fan, specialized in musical films production, also concert producers in the past, a real utopist – you are dialoguing here with her. She works on it together with the association Les Zondits, from Lyon. A big thanks to them !

• The great team of the , with Christine Huet, producer of dance, theater and music shows : Christine is here our executive producer for this event: a huge thanks to her and her team !

• The and its great team who are welcoming us for this first great musical night, in there theater dedicaced to circus, music and dance, a gorgeous and convivial scene done for high-wire acts and music from the hearts !

And all our precious partners (we hope this list will be longer very soon) :

The French distributor of the film No Land’s Song, , and its team directed by Sarah Chazelle and Etienne Ollagnier, who offer numerous copies of the French DVD to be released in October, as well as posters – thanks again to them !

• and our partners TV5 Monde, the City of Paris, and the Observatoire départemental des violences envers les femmes of the Seine Saint-Denis Council. A big thanks to all of them !


Join us on Facebook and Twitter !
If you have feedback or questions please contact Anne at: nls.enscene@gmail.com

Contact Information:

Sara Najafi

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