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Sep 1, 2016 7:58 PM ET

Archived: Sondra – BLOSSOM is a virtual incubator for nonprofit leadership. It provides online curriculum through a private learning management software system, intensive one on one monthly coaching, and interactive tools

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United States
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Sondra’s story

I’m an ambitious, inquisitive, strategic thinker, with a desire to grow things and help others. The oldest of three, from a family of inventors and entrepreneurs, my original degree was in Social Services and when I turned 50 I earned a degree in Business Administration/Marketing. I love learning, love to be challenged intellectually, and love to create. I’m a wicked Data wonk. I justify everything in my life with data- what peanut butter to buy, where to vacation, and when the perfect time to bake bread is, Logic leads. Despite this, I am still a lot of fun!! Married for thirty years, which is remarkable, to the same man, and the mother of three incredible human beings, who are now all adults. I spent 25 years as an executive leader in the nonprofit sector, because I found I couldn’t step away from the challenge of making that industry perform better. My experience in this sector – the civic sector- caused me to believe three things: 1) It’s a critical and necessary part of our economy (5.3% of the US GDP and accounts for almost 10% of all wages and salaries here); 2) The NPO Sector can do better – much better- in ensuring its own sustainability; and 3) We need to drive this sector to hold higher standards for their own performance and the performance of the leadership they engage at the highest levels. I love what I do currently and can’t see me leaving this work for decades. I have been blessed!! 

This loan is special because:

It strengthens the non-profit sector in the US by providing leadership training and mentoring

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

BLOSSOM is a virtual incubator for nonprofit leadership. It provides online curriculum through a private learning management software system, intensive one on one monthly coaching, and interactive tools such as videos, podcasts, and popup-tests, to elevate the knowledge base, leadership potential, and actual performance of the nation’s 1.5 million nonprofit executives currently seeking capacity building tools and assistance. BLOSSOM brings capacity building to nonprofit leaders who are eager and thirsty for growth- for themselves and their organizations- but are limited in funds, time, and other resources. Unlike the traditional capacity building regime of onsite workshops, seminars and conferences- all of which are old models that are costly, time consuming and have no accountability factors built in- BLOSSOM is a game changer in the nonprofit sector arena of knowledge transfer and growth opportunities. In addition to the tailored curriculum for the executive’s specific organizational needs, there are practical applicable projects that bring about greater board engagement, increased funding for the NPO, and a higher level of program outcomes – actual mission achievement that is measurable. And each executive learner in the BLOSSOM program is paired up within a team of other executives to develop higher level thinking skills around nonprofit leadership, shared resources, and opportunities for collaboration. BLOSSOM is an affordable and easy to use program for executives who are just starting out in the nonprofit sector; executive leaders who are new to their position; or for those leaders who want to bring their organizations to the next level of success. Curriculum is developed specific to the executive’s needs, and can be tailored to deliver large format education to organizations with multiple offices. Fees are month to month, with discounts given for prepayment in sets of six month increments. Coaching is delivered via phone, web conference or Skype, and the program comes complete with software access, all curriculum materials and a library of additional videos, podcasts, written documents and e-books.

What is the purpose of this loan?

We have built the MVP BLOSSOM platform based on secondary data retrieved from existing research on capacity building for nonprofits. What this loan will do is pay for specific market research to build a digital marketing strategy. A professional digital marketing firm will execute on an audit and assessment over the course of twelve to sixteen weeks, interviewing key target audience members, surveying the market, and hosting focus groups. Information drawn from this expert assessment will be used to target market categories for pipeline development, develop a digital marketing strategy including online and off line products, identify key partnerships, and use BLOSSOM capital most effectively in building out, selling, and delivering on the platform. This data will also allow us to respond to additional investor inquiries, answering critical questions on KPI’s, market need and interest, and enhance the MVP model to a robust product for review.

About Blossom

Industry: Services
Years in operation: More than 5 years
Website: blossom.harvestdevelopmentgrp.com

A loan of $8,000 helps blossom to target its most productive market and collect data that will be essential to the strategic build out of the product for growth.

Contact Information:


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