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Aug 31, 2016 11:05 AM ET

TopDolls – Mobile social networking app to interact with the most beautiful women

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2016


Mobile social networking app to interact with the most beautiful women.


TopDolls is setting the social networking world on fire.  Through gamification, we’re giving social media’s hottest models an unequaled opportunity to share their content, get exposure, interact with fans, and the freedom to post – without worrying about excessive censorship and silly posting restrictions common on other platforms (we’re talking about you Instagram).  If their photos gain enough approval from our 60,000+ user base, the models have opportunities to win big with cash prizes and other perks.  TopDolls is to men what Pinterest is to women. We’re growing very quickly – don’t miss your chance to join us!


These days, even our grandparents are getting in on the social media craze.  The vast networks created by platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have truly transformed how we interact and get entertained – across all demographics.  Look no further than the 2.31 billion unique global social media users to understand the far-reaching impact it’s having.

However, anything as popular as social networking is bound to encounter some roadblocks.  One of the more glaring issues is the lack of “common sense censorship”; namely, the conflict between people who wish to view and share mature content, and the platforms who don’t allow it.  M-rated content (between G-rated material and R-rated) is increasingly popular with adults – but is finding tough sledding on the highly-regulated photo and video-heavy platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat.  These sites have strict guidelines in place for the 12+ demographic, and, as a result, are leaving older users who desire M-rated content out in the cold.

M-rated social content isn’t going anywhere, either.  With people living more digital, narcissistic lives today than ever before and with the growing trend in society towards liberalization, a $340 billion market called ViceTech has spawned that encompasses companies focused on sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll (music). On TopDolls the Models often seek validation for their work through rewards, making gamification – another surging tech trend – a natural fit for the M-rated world. Despite these opportunities, and censorship movements like “Free the Nipple” looking to change the landscape, little is being done.  There are still no social platforms dedicated to models who often have M-rated content, and the users who seek it.


Introducing TopDolls – a new 17+ app that gives models a place to create exposure for themselves, their career, and interact with Fans.  Models compete by posting their sexiest photos  in hopes of winning cash and other prizes.  Taking the form of a fun social game, TopDolls sits at the forefront of the M-rated content movement. Our community guidelines are less restrictive than ones on the 12+ platforms – allowing for less censorship of M-rated photos and videos.  We believe in “common sense censorship” which means users are strictly prohibited from posting inappropriate content like any below the waist frontal nudity, genitals, simulated or sexual intercourse, or graphic sexual content. However, taking a more European approach, we don’t censor the female nipple…  Much like HBO did for TV, we’re pushing the boundary for mobile photo/video content – in a tasteful, classy, and effective way.

TopDolls’ true underlying value lies in gamification: it’s a hybrid platform that combines the most user-friendly aspects of social networking with an addictive social game.  Consumers are turning to games at increasing rates in order to escape everyday life, and TopDolls gives both Models and Fans a new, exciting outlet to do so.  The game is designed to create exposure for the highest-rated Models who post content, based on engagement and feedback from Fans.  In turn, the Models often promote themselves throughout their other social platforms in order to win cash and other prizes on TopDolls – which cost-effectively brings our platform additional users.  It’s a win-win-win for everyone!


The inner-workings of the TopDolls concept are simple enough –  Models post hot pictures/videos of themselves, and the Fans enjoy them.  This concept is supported by our very own currency system.  Each time a Fan likes a picture, the Model receives a “Diamond” – which they continue to accumulate over the course of a month.  In return, Models can send Fans a “Wink” each time they receive a diamond as a token of appreciation.  Users then cash in through the following ways:

Models – The Model who collects the most diamonds during a given month receives $2,500 cash, a free photoshoot, heavy social media promotion, and other perks. $1000 and $500 prizes are given to 2nd and 3rd places, respectively – with 4th-20th also receiving non-cash prizes from sponsors.  The game is reset each month, and weekly photo and video challenges  are also held to help Models boost their rank.

Fans – Collect enough winks, and you’ll “level-up” from just a Fan to a “GoodFan” – and eventually to a “SuperFan”.  SuperFan status unlocks awesome VIP perks.

You’re just a couple quick steps away from the fun!  TopDolls  can be obtained in the Google Play Store or for iPhone directly at (a version for Apple’s app store is planned).  TopDolls works on all smartphones, tablets, and computers. The mobile web app was engineered using the latest in HTML5 and JavaScript technologies, including certain elements developed by Facebook.


Since launching in open beta in late 2015 the focus has been on product/market fit, yet despite that TopDolls has accumulated an impressive 60,000 registered users. With this beta phase now complete, the focus is currently on optimizing and, acquiring users – and growing like crazy.  Check out a few more significant milestones we’ve reached so far:

So far, we’re exhibiting outstanding growth, despite the fact that our focus has been on product/market fit and not growth  – with approximately 22% month over month growth (average).  Retention metrics are very strong too – sitting at 25-45% weekly. Both repeat and new users metrics are thriving. Since inception over 1.5M diamonds have been given to models, user posts have been viewed post 3.75M times, and user notifications have been checked 900,000 times.

The hundreds of models on TopDolls have Instagram followings ranging from a few thousand to 800,000.  These followings help us greatly with user acquisition.

Key IP protection is on the way for TopDolls’ gamification aspects, in the form of a filed provisional patent with the final patent being filed this fall

TopDolls Instagram page has close to 1MM in followers.

We’ve formed valuable cross-promotional relationships with digital magazines including SKYN, ModelModele, Kaboom, and UnRavel – with more on the way.

Our team will be solely focused on TopDolls’ core offerings for the foreseeable future.  Instead of adding in complicated supplementary features and revenue streams, we’re fully dedicated to growing strictly through organic, lowest cost possible, user acquisition.  Once a critical user mass is reached, our focus will shift towards rewarding shareholders with an exit.  For more information on our future, please request access to this profile’s private side.


For as great as we look on the screen, TopDolls’ true magic lies behind the scenes. A husband and wife team that has been tasked with executing our company’s ultimate vision.  After fielding a request from their 12-year old son to start an Instagram account, they quickly realized the glaring social media conflict that surrounds M-rated content and the other social media platforms – and formed TopDolls as a response.  Here’s a little more on our 4-person executive team:

The original founding visionary of the TopDolls concept, Andrea has a background in Art History and a passion and talent for entrepreneurship, having earned the accolade of Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Upon having children she developed her career as a visual artist, with international sales and commissions. Andrea brings a keen focus on design and user experience. She’s tasked with leading our social media presence, trust and integrity, and crafting our corporate culture and optimizing customer service.

Michael pulls double duty as Andrea’s husband and ideal business partner.  He’s a professional investor with a keen eye for opportunity, specifically in the areas of technology, real estate, and equity markets.  Michael was previously a partner with the ISE (International Securities Exchange) which was the largest electronic trading platform for options in the world.  Michael worked with the trading platform to develop electronically traded investment products for homeland security, alternative energy, and nanotechnology. Michael has been a regular speaker at conferences around the world and has been quoted and/or featured in Wired Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Chicago Sun-Times, and also been seen on CNBC, CNN, BNN and CBC NewsWorld.  Michael will lead day-to-day operations for TopDolls while guiding technology development and execution of our growth strategy.

Ryan Astamendi is one of the most followed photographers on Instagram, with nearly 700,000 Instagram followers. He is based in Los Angeles and his photos have been published in magazines all around the world. He has worked with some of the biggest models on Instagram, including Ana Cheri, Sara Underwood, Abigail Ratchford, Paige Hathaway, Holly Madison, Lindsey Pelas, Arianny Celeste and countless others! Ryan was previously an artist at Disney for many years, and his art background gives him an edge over the competition, using those same artistic principles in his photography.

Caitlin O’Connor, with over 300,000 Instagram followers, is an American actress and TV host. She was born in Los Angeles and raised in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Caitlin attended UCLA as an English major. She was featured in Bloomberg’s “Business Week” for her vision to leverage beauty and social media marketing to generate revenue and create lasting staying power in the entertainment industry. As an actress, Caitlin was a cast member on the series finale of Two and a Half Men on CBS. She has had roles on Key & Peele, Tosh.0, and Comedy Bang Bang! She plays Nurse Richardson on an upcoming episode of Showtime’s “Ray Donovan” and plays Raven in “American Satan,” starring Denise Richards and Olivia Culpo, out next year. Caitlin has enjoyed writing articles for Maxim Magazine as their “Helpful Hottie” advice girl and appeared as one of the “Ten Hottest Girls in America” in 2013. Her print credits include Target, Macy’s, GQ, GQ Mexico, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Nickelodeon’s The Bratz, and Xbox. As a host, Caitlin is the official red carpet host for Maxim Magazine, and has had ongoing segments for ArsenicTV, TorioTV, FOX News and Maria Menounos’ AfterBuzz TV.  In her spare time, her passion is combat sports and has worked for Top Rank Boxing, UFC Fight Pass, GoldenBoy and DirecTV’s BKB boxing. She presents every year at the World MMA Awards in Las Vegas and she also appears in the boxing film, Southpaw, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. She greatly enjoys time with friends, naps, desserts, and playing with puppies!

Contact Information:

Andrea Soni - Co-Founder

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