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Aug 31, 2016 7:07 AM ET

SWX Technologies – Mobile technology and exchange trading platform for sports wagering

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2016

SWX Technologies

Mobile technology and exchange trading platform for sports wagering.



SWX Technologies is a new sports wagering technology company in Las Vegas. SWX’s mobile trading platform and exchange wagering technology offers users and casinos a more profitable and exciting way to bet on sports. We are a stand-alone, highly profitable, non-DFS entity.

SWX values bets like stocks. Bets can be bought and sold in real-time to create endless action, unprecedented excitement, and higher returns not possible with traditional sports betting.

Instead of placing a bet before the game and simply watching the action unfold, SWX lets bettors hedge risk or increase exposure at anytime during the game. It’s the fast-paced excitement of an open outcry trading floor brought to Vegas sportsbooks.

Sports betting is an estimated $400 billion industry per year in the U.S. alone. Yet, Las Vegas sports books haven’t changed their business model in the past 50 years. As a result, Las Vegas’ market share of the sports wagering industry has dwindled to less than 2%. With SWX, casinos can generate more profit from their sports books, increase their foot traffic, and attract more visitors to Las Vegas. Moreover, sports leagues and regulators can benefit from a more easily regulated platform, similar to securities and commodities exchanges. By taking a unique position to sports betting, we are differentiating by NOT being a daily fantasy sports betting platform. Rather, our mobile trading and exchange platform brings a unique, innovative approach to the sports betting realm.


Sports betting has gone stale, and it’s no wonder. We’re still using the same “11 to 10” system for sports wagers that we were using 50 years ago. Worse, casinos have failed to develop innovative, user-friendly mobile products that attract new customers.


SWX’s trading platform will be the first-ever sports wagering exchange in the U.S.

It’s based on the same fundamentals that power securities and commodities trading, which means that now, you can:

With SWX, you don’t stand on the sidelines while the game is going on… you create your own action based on game events and pricing volatility. Here’s how it works.

Say you bet $110 on a Seahawks game. With a typical sportsbook, you might win $100 if the Seahawks cover the point spread.

With SWX, that same bet buys you shares of the Seahawks during that game. As the game unfolds, the value of your shares rises or falls based on what happens in the game. As it does, you can sell your shares for profit, hold firm, or buy more.

That volatility continues throughout the game, giving you endless possibilities for action.


Benefits to Bettors

SWX makes sports wagering more interactive and entertaining than ever before.With SWX, bettors not only get a much more interactive experience, but also get real risk mitigation options, higher profitability potential, and can even be charged less “vig” (the fee charged by bookmakers).


Benefits to Casinos
With a vibrant, well-regulated, and liquid betting exchange, Vegas casinos get more opportunities to off-load risk and/or participate in the exchange. Casinos that use SWX will get more foot traffic and inject new life into their sports book business.

Most importantly, however, SWX offers casinos a significant increase in their profitability. Under the traditional “11 to 10” system currently used by Las vegas sports books, theoretical profits are 4.55%. Under SWX’s system, profits have been proven to exceed 10%.


Benefits to Sports Leagues and Regulators

The status quo“11 to 10” style of wagering is notoriously difficult to monitor and regulate. With an exchange-style wagering format, monitoring, enforcing and regulation becomes a much simpler matter, thereby mitigating match-fixing and improper betting behavior.  


The benefits of SWX’s exchange-style approach to sports wagering is nearly endless.

Why would a bettor use the old wagering format when he or she can potentially be charged less and hedge their risk?

Why would a casino turn down more profit, innovation, foot traffic and the ability to mitigate risk?

And why would a sports league continue to keep their head in the sand about the benefits of sports wagering and do nothing to make the industry more fair and mainstream?  

SWX is the first transparent, rules-laden, reliable sports wagering product. And it’s about to revolutionize the way we bet on sports in America.



SWX will not be a sports book operator, which makes the licensing process in Las Vegas much simpler and quicker. SWX’s seeks to license its technology through partnerships with Las Vegas casinos and sportsbooks.  

SWX’s dynamic mobile and desktop software has already been prototyped and tested.We’re already talking to Vegas casinos, and they love what they see. Ready to hear what’s next for SWX? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out how the SWX platform will forever change the way Vegas does sports.


Nick Kennedy, CEO – Nick is the founder of SWX and the creator of the SWX methodology.  He has three degrees from Johns Hopkins. He has deep expertise in securities and commodity exchanges, capital markets, and regulatory systems. He has consulted for, and helped build, several international commodities and securities exchanges.

Andy Dolphin, CTO – Andy holds a Ph.D. and specializes in statistical applications and numerical methods. He’s a former Statistical Consultant for the Cleveland Indians and co-author of “The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball.” Andy developed SWX’s algorithms and prototype.

Dennis Genetski, CDO – Dennis’ expertise lies in global systems integration, electronic exchanges, direct market access and global connectivity solutions. He’s a former Technology Director of the CME Group, helping to build GLOBEX. Dennis designed and helped build the SWX trading platform and exchange architecture.

Charles Seeger, Board of Directors – Charles is the former Senior VP and General Counsel at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). He’s currently the Chairman & CEO of Financial Markets International, Inc.

Contact Information:

Nick Kennedy, CEO

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