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Aug 31, 2016 8:45 AM ET

Archived: Enfucell, a leading customized battery technology supplier in the printed electronics industry, aims to broaden its investor base in preparation for a potential public listing

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2016

Enfucell – Opening soon



Enfucell, a leading customized battery technology supplier in the printed electronics industry, aims to broaden its investor base in preparation for a potential public listing. Enfucell offers shares with high value potential.

This funding round is not yet active, but it will open soon. The final pitch will contain more information than the preview. All information is subject to change, so do not base your investment decision on the preview version. Hit the like button on the right to be notified when the pitch goes live.


Enfucell powers the Internet of Things revolution

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been called the next Industrial Revolution. The IoT will change the way companies, consumers and governments interact with the surrounding world. Enfucell is charged to power up this revolution. Enfucell seeks funding to speed its growth and expand its business manyfold in the IoT market.

The Internet of Things in key segments is not possible without thin and flexible batteries to power up devices and solutions. This is where Enfucell excels. Enfucell has developed a printable, thin, flexible and environment-friendly SoftBattery®, which can be used as a power source in various IoT and wearable electronics products and applications.

Enfucell solves problems that are in many cases unsolvable using traditional battery technology. Enfucell is in a unique position to tap into the expanding IoT market by using its existing, patented printable battery technology in technology licensing, as well as developing new and exciting ways to fulfill both companies and people’s needs.

Core technology is tried, tested, patented, and paid for. Enfucell has spent EUR 10 million in ten years to develop and finalize its technology. No further funding for core technology research and development is now required. Completed proof of concept, manufacturing and customer validations provide an opportunity to further expand in the IoT market.

Enfucell’s business model is highly scalable, leading to very high potential profitability. Revenue has been growing over the last three years, and company focus is now shifting towards scaling of operations, sales and marketing. Enfucell’s customers and partners include many of the world’s leading corporations in their fields. It has an excellent reputation amongst its peers and within the industry, and is a preferred partner amongst the big players.

By using its patented technology and proven concept, Enfucell aims to both expand and extend its reach within the growing IoT market through targeted use of funding. Enfucell is seeking EUR 800,000 in funding to make it happen rapidly. Funding will be used to ramp up sales and marketing efforts, and ensure quality controls and smooth production by licensees to meet growing demand.

Enfucell pursues funding through crowdfunding instead of venture capital funding, because it aims to broaden its investor base in preparation for a potential public listing. Assuming the successful implementation of plans, Enfucell is targeting a potential public listing, possibly First North marketplace during the next few years.

Brief History

The company was founded in 2002, and is headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, where it also has test production facilities and support functions. Enfucell began as a spin-off from Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), and active operations commenced in 2005. The early years were spent developing the technology and acquiring patents. The first of many patents was acquired in 2007 and the first commercial deliveries started in 2010. The first license customers followed soon after. Entry into the wireless disposable healthcare sensor market arrived in 2015, as well as collaboration agreements with selected chip manufacturers. In 2016, Enfucell now has license agreements across the globe: in China, United Kingdom, USA, Spain, and Belgium.

Enfucell has run a tight ship. As of August 2016, the company employs only six people, but this team is superbly talented. The board is active, experienced and internationally recognized.

Every sensor needs a power source


Contact Information:

Enfucell Oy

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