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Aug 30, 2016 1:01 PM ET

Archived: For the millions struggling with the demands of aging and chronic conditions, proper medication can be life-changing, but only if taken as prescribed – MedaCheck is a leading medication and disease management platform

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 30, 2016

Medacheck LLC

MedaCheck is a leading medication and disease management platform.


For the millions struggling with the demands of aging and chronic conditions, proper medication can be life-changing, but only if taken as prescribed. MedaCheck gives those millions the peace of mind of knowing that if they miss a medication, they’ll be promptly reminded. As a result, MedaCheck users’ adherence goes far beyond the industry average.

The MedaCheck platform also gives healthcare providers real-time patient data to better serve their customers. Our MAP platform, an online management platform for caregivers, goes well beyond medication management to provide critical, real-time patient data to providers.

This is the future of patient management. This is MedaCheck.


As many as 55 percent of Medicare beneficiaries, for reasons as varied as the patients themselves, don’t take their medicine as prescribed.

And it’s no wonder – some are juggling upwards of 20 medications. Who could keep track of that?

But non-adherence is a serious health risk. At best, the medication doesn’t work as well as it should. Worst case scenarios often end tragically.

In a healthcare system striving to become more efficient, that’s a significant problem.

MedaCheck makes it easy for patients to remember to take their meds, and for providers to track adherence in real-time.

That makes a big difference.


The combination of technology and behavior support—something only MedaCheck provides—produces astounding results.

Last year, MedaCheck users reached 81 percent adherence in our Congestive Heart study.

The industry average is less than 50 percent.


MedaCheck works on a progressive reminder system.

When it’s time to take a medication, patients receive an alert on their tablet, along with a picture of the proper medication so there’s no confusion as to which pill to take.

If the user skips a medication, they receive a friendly check-in call from our call center.

If the user doesn’t answer, or still doesn’t take the medication, we’ll notify up to two caregivers via phone, text or email.

It’s super easy to setup, with no previous technology experience required.

MedaCheck is already changing lives, allowing the chronically ill and the aging to maintain their confidence and dignity.

We’ve made great leaps in our mission to change the way medication management is handled. It should be smart, it should be helpful and it should make a difference in patients’ lives and providers’ business.

For Providers
The MedaCheck app is only the beginning. To fulfill our vision, we wanted to give clinicians and care team members real-time adherence data. So we did.

This is how you tackle America’s growing medication adherence problem.


MedaCheck has already sent more than 37,000 medication reminders across the US.


  • Finalist: Best Software Product – 2016 Innovation and Technology Awards
  • 2015 Innovation and Technology Winner for Best Device/Application Innovation
  • 2015 Winner of Health Care Heroes – Innovator Finalist
  • 2015 Innovation and Technology Finalist for Best Software Product
  • Named Top Startup to Watch in 2015 (Business Courier)
  • INNOVATE HER – Cincinnati 2015 Winner
  • Nominee – Best Software Product 2016 (Cincinnati Business Courier)
  • Nominee – Tech Company of the Year 2016 (Cincinnati Business Courier)
  • Nominee – Best Device/Application Innovation (Cincinnati Business Courier)
  • Nominee – Most Promising Startup 2016 (Cincinnati


  • Dealers and distributors
  • Individual consumers
  • Independent Physician practices

Key Partners

With critical partnerships in place, we have positioned ourselves to scale much more quickly than any of our competitors.

MedaCheck is a medical technology company: while we’re thrilled about the success, both past and future, of the MedaCheck medication alert platform, our technology also has much broader application.

Ready to hear what we have in store? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to hear more about the MedaCheck opportunity!


Jeffrey has more than 20 years of experience, having founded more than 10 startups. He received 10 years of education, ultimately completing his MBA and PhD. After years as a university professor, Jeffrey founded MedaCheck knowing the importance of medicine and treatment adherence in terms of quality outcomes for patients.

Kerry is working on her third startup in six years. She has a history of making herself indispensable to the CEO of each.

Dan brings more than 30 years of board and investing experience to our Board of Directors.

Dana brings more than 30 years of experience, with notable success in the healthcare space. She’s the founder of Infusion Partners, CarePoint Partners—which achieved a $223 million exit—and Aviva. Dana received her MBA from Xavier University after graduating the WVU School of Pharmacy.

Matt has more than 10 years of experience as a CTO, specializing in security, application development training and several operating systems.

Will has over 10 years developing and selling products and solutions in the hospital space.


Contact Information:

Jeffrey Shepard - CEO

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