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Aug 29, 2016 4:49 PM ET

Archived: webusal, LLC – A research, browsing, and organizational tool powered by sophisticated machine-learning technology

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 29, 2016

webusal, LLC

Santa Monica, CA 90401, US
Web Service Software

A research, browsing, and organizational tool powered by sophisticated machine-learning technology.

The webusal team is comprised of designers, intellectuals, and problem solvers. We have designed this product for individuals, universities / higher-education, and companies that are research-heavy to assist and streamline complex research projects.

We are developing a patent-pending, machine learning application designed to better suggest more relevant websites while searching the internet, utilizing a users past browsing history data.

This is accomplished by using the main search engine API’s to collect and save as much search and browsing data as possible; the browsing data is stored on the cloud using big-data technology (Hadoop) and machine-learning algorithms used to suggest more relevant websites.

More relevant content-rich data should be easier to discover — through a simple query that tailors results specifically to your personal browsing history and tracks your search history in an engaging and dynamic roadmap.

Products / Services


webusal basic:
+ individual account
+ access from anywhere, on any device
+ 30 calendar days of storage
+ simple browser enhancement for the occasional project
+ banner / sidebar ads visible

webusal plus:
+ individual webusal account + access from anywhere, on any device
+ collaborative functionality with other “plus” subscribers
+ 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space
+ remote history wipe
+ $100 / year, or less than $12 / month
+ ad free

webusal business:
+ individual account for each member of your team
+ 5 TB for 5 users, as your team grows, so does the storage
+ centralized billing
+ priority support
+ collaborative functionality between team members allowing for a more “hands on“ approach to collaborative or group research (Phase II)
+ overlaying functionality of constellations to easily detect gaps in research
+ ability to filter constellations for different projects, with different team members
+ $1,200 / year, or $100 / month
+ ad free



President Design
Elizabeth Nielsen

In 2009, when webusal founder Elizabeth Nielsen was attending art school (Savannah College of Art and Design), and in her second to last design research studio, she began to notice some very apparent patterns that kept rearing their ugly heads. Within this design research studio, the objective was to gather 10 weeks worth of research, that would eventually support the foundation of a final design thesis.

From working at a design firm out of college, moving to a small software company, then finally to another design firm; regardless of the type of project she was working on, or company she was working for, she began to see the same pattern over, and over again.

At the very end of 2013, Elizabeth took the plunge and formed the company webusal, LLC based on her initial idea, working to do whatever it would take to transform the websual concept into a visual, organizational productivity tool that would benefit a wide variety of people and their quest for better results.


Contact Information:

President Design - Elizabeth Nielsen

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