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Aug 29, 2016 3:57 PM ET

EcoLogik Panova – We are a California based technology solutions company focused on batteries and energy storage technology

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 29, 2016

EcoLogik Panova

Los Angeles, CA 90025, US
Energy Storage & Transport Power

We are a California based technology solutions company focused on batteries and energy storage technology. Our top KSPs are sustainable technology solutions, cost efficiency, multiple battery chemistry products for various business verticals

Company follows true asset light strategy and focus on multiple products used in various commercial and industrial verticals.

Our strategic partnership with 4 different commercial battery chemistry technology companies in US, Europe and Asia gives a solid advantage to design and deploy niche products and customized solutions in various markets.

Active Customers:
1) Automotive and Industrial Vehicles, Robotics in Asia and US
2) Electric Vehicles and 120 MWh battery packs JV in Asia, in production
(customer deliveries to start in 2017, booked through 2019)
3) Energy Storage customers in Americas, Africa
4) Distributors and Strategic Sales OEM partners in Africa
5) S. Korea based company signed LoI for JV

Top Products and Solutions:
A) Technology and Batteries for Automotive, Industrial, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, UPS,
Home Power Solutions, Energy Efficiency

B) Center of Excellence: in partnership with technology and contract manufacturers for new product
introductions, rapid design and engineering, prototypes of software and hardware for OEMs.
Focus on growing demand of new technology batteries, IoTs and IIoTs, Commercial and Industrial,
Consumer market products.

C) Advanced material applications: using new chemistries and materials to introduce highly
performance products and cost efficiency

D) Aligned Services:
1) Consulting, Application Engineering, Software Solutions
2) End to End solution design and deliveries
3) On demand 3rd party finance to resellers, customers and OEMs
4) NRE (Non Recurring Engineering) for strategic customers

We are on cloud based technology, use lean and agile methods for low cost operations,
Our contract manufacturers are well established companies in diff. geographies, advantage for
supply chain.

EcoLogik team have a natural passion keep innovating and improving to become a leader in various markets.

Products / Services

Clean Tech Batteries & Energy Storage

Clean and Safe Technology Batteries, Flow Batteries for small and large scale applications. Our focus is mostly on Lithium as well as Zinc based safer chemistries. Our in-house Center of Excellence to design, engineer and develop turnkey products and solutions makes it more efficient for global customers to work with us.

Application Development for niche markets

Company Leadership’s wide vertical experience in High Tech Engineering, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Energy, Transportation, Renewables, FMCG /CPG, Discrete Manufacturing as well as other Commercial & Industrial verticals is a true advantage. Company has 4 strategic technology partners and growing.

Innovations & Application Engineering

Clean tech innovations and battery application engineering for our own products, customer requirements, future ready application engineering, We will keep Innovating Products and Services based on proven, clean and safer battery technologies, our strategic technology R&D partners are award winning companies based in US, Europe and Asia with all commercialized production.

Control Systems & Software Development

Design, Development of software and control systems, software products and integration products for energy products (Batteries, Flow Batteries), Application Interfaces, APIs, Cloud Integration, Apps development, Robotics Application Development



President Strategic Planning
Sachin Melody

20+ years of experience in Technology, Commercial & Industrial business verticals in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, 3 startups, one acquisition.

Founder of EcoLogik with great passion for clean technology, he leads innovations, strategic planning, battery & energy storage business development, new channels and partnerships, clean tech based product designs for Automotive, EVs, clean energy, OEMs, high technology verticals.

Senior Advisor
Dave Wilkins

Dave is on Board of Directors of ViZn Energy, President and Chief Strategy Offficer – ZAF Energy Systems.
Founder of ViZn and ZAF, veteran of four startups, one exit
More than 20 yrs. executive, sales & marketing experience, including with Nextel and Bearcom

Director Business Development
Moshina Manrow

Moshina is a gold medalist, with masters degree in environmental science, leads our EMEA business development, OEM partner relationships for flow batteries, smart infrastructure and energy storage project partnerships.
Moshina has a solid track record of consulting to green energy programs in government, private sector renewable energy projects in Asia, Africa and Middle East. She leads our alliance with renewable energy companies and strategic OEM partners for battery applications, energy storage and energy efficiency programs.


Contact Information:

President Strategic Planning - Sachin Melody

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