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Aug 25, 2016 12:06 PM ET

Archived: Stories about Hope is a social art project celebrating the contributions and success of people from refugee background in Australia: We’re fundraising for a book which proceeds will be donated to local NGOs.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2016

Stories about Hope

Join us as we produce a social art project about people from refugee background to celebrate their success & survival. We’re fundraising for a book which proceeds will be donated to local NGOs.


What story do we have?

We are a team of great people who come from different backgrounds and walks of life to be united by common goal – to make a difference.

I am an emerging artist myself and I believe in the connection between art and social justice. I believe that art gives human faces to stories, making them more personal, more about us.

Dear friend, if you are on this page, you also believe in this. So, let me invite you to become a part of something bigger. By sharing a common vision, we draw strength, inspiration and courage. We become stronger when we act as a group. Let me introduce you to Stories about Hope.

Stories about Hope is a social art project celebrating the contributions and success of people from refugee background in Australia.


It started as a small, autobiographical art project about our personal journey. Through photography I wanted to show that the past was now behind us and that we have an aspiration to rebuild our lives again. I wanted to show that the pain and loss would fade, and there will always be hope for a better future.


The project has since grown to now highlight seven inspirational stories of resilience. I am featuring people from refugee background who managed to rebuild their lives out of shattering experiences. This is a project that attaches stories to personalities. This is a project that puts humanity first. Stories about Hope is the strong voice of generations who found their safety in Australia.


With this project, we want to achieve two important outcomes. Firstly, we want to celebrate the strength and resilience of people who despite everything were able to move forward. We want to celebrate their survival. Secondly, we want to say a message of support and encouragement to people who seek safety in Australia. We know, from the personal experience, how hard it can be to start the live again. Believe us, there is hope. We believe in your success.



How do we tell those stories?


The Stories about Hope Exhibition will be launched on the 9th of December in Erskineville Town Hall Sydney. Each person’s story is told through photographs and a short documentary film. Project participants who share their stories come from varying countries, having undertaken different journeys to Australia during different points in history.

  • Some of them are only just embarking on their career path.
  • Some of them have become internationally recognised professionals in their fields.
  • And some of them have been awarded the Order of Australia Medal for their contributions to the community.

Their stories are inspirational and full of hope. Each of them in their own way prove that your past does not define you, but can give you more strength to move forward with confidence.


I am also printing a book for Stories about Hope. The book will contain our subject’s stories in greater detail. It will be the voice of people from a refugee background, the voice of survivors, the voice of gratitude and the voice of hope.



Join Stories about Hope

Now, dear friend, this is the most important part. By supporting the project, you are not simply buying the book or funding the documentary, you are transforming the lives of people seeking asylum in Australia. You are giving them hope.


To make the impact more lasting, I will also donate the profit from the book sales to local refugee organisations who provide daily services to people who seek asylum in Australia.


By supporting Stories about Hope, you are making a real difference.


To bring the project, Stories about Hope, to life we need your support to raise $10,000.


This will cover:

  • The layout, graphic design and printing of the first 1000 copies for the Stories about Hope book.
  • The printing, mounting and framing of photographs for the exhibitionlaunch.
  • Exhibition costs.

Join Stories about Hope.

Make the difference.

Celebrate the survival with us.



We would like to express our gratitude to our Project partners:

The City of Sydney,

The Inner West Council,

and Institute for Social Justice Australian Catholic University.


Team Members

Nadine Koroleva


Tina Posunkina


Elias Kelleher


Glen Falkenstein

Contact Information:

NK Photography

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