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Aug 25, 2016 12:37 PM ET

Archived: Hogtown Horror: From the frigid and frightening streets of Toronto, a new colour anthology of Canadian horror- featuring over 15 terrifying stories!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2016

Hogtown Horror

From the frigid and frightening streets of Toronto, a new colour anthology of Canadian horror- featuring over 15 terrifying stories!

About this project

Are you a fan of things that go bump in the night, goosebumps on your skin, and monsters lurking beneath your bed? 

From the frigid north of Toronto, Canada (or Hogtown to some) we are proud to presentHogtown Horror, a collection of over 15+ full-colour comics written and illustrated by over 25+ talented indie creators!


Hogtown Comics is a new team, featuring the very best comic creators the Toronto scene has to offer. Our first effort, Hogtown Horror, is a collection of horror stories intended for mature audiences— it’s our love-letter to the genre, a celebration of horror’s past, present and future.

Hogtown’s Editor team consists of former editors & artists from the Toronto Comics Anthology series– former editors Miike and Nelson da Rocha, Video Editor Merissa Tse, and creators Mark Foo, Tim Lai, and Stephanie Lein. We’ve decided to branch out from our sister book, providing another opportunity for the talented Toronto creators to show their stuff!

Hogtown Horror is 100% Canadian creators, but fear doesn’t have a nationality! Wherever you are in the world, you’d better lock your doors and keep a light on while reading this truly twisted collection of horror comics.


Are you a Hogtown local? Come out to Canzine on Saturday, October 29th from 1-7PM at the Art Gallery of Ontario (317 Dundas St. West). It’s a free show and you’ll be able to pick up your copy directly from our table. 

Just select the “NO SHIPPING!” and increment the pledge to the level you want. Be sure to send us a message letting us know your exact order!


For this book, we asked our writers and artists to go big or go home. From the terror of isolated alien worlds to child-snatching demons, we’ve got something to send a shiver down every spine.

Here is just a taste of what to expect;

Shhh! Quiet! The children are sleeping. Don’t wake the children. Don’t wake the children. Please, please, whatever you do, DON’T WAKE THE CHILDREN.

Brotherly love- it’s supposed to unite us. But sometimes, grudges can last a lifetime. A lifetime, and a bit beyond…

In the 19th Century, criminals stalked graveyards by night, robbing corpses of the recently deceased for medical study. In this macabre black market, two young medical students sneak into a cemetery, intent to make quick cash off a fresh corpse…

For one lonely mother, Chinese New Year is a time to reflect on her own isolation, ignored by her self-centered and distant son. With a special mooncake recipe, will this year be any different?

Every October, art snobs mingle with the drunk and disorderly in the moonlit streets of Toronto, experiencing contemporary art projects than span the length of the city. But this Nuit Blanche, one artist isn’t willing to play by the rules…

Flayed skin. Exposed muscle. Polished tendons. A couple experiences an unusual science exhibit as they try to preserve their relationship.

Have you ever seen a shadows out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look no one is there? Do you remember the first time you saw one? Veda does… and it remembers her.


  • “Midnight Show” by Miike, Greg Menzie & Valerie St. Gelais
  • “Descent” by Alex Correa & Simon Phommaneth
  • “Dwayne’s Inferno” by Sam Noir & Chris Yao
  • “Back on Your Feet” by Daniel Reynolds & Sean Patrick McCarron
  • “Peaches” by Margot Blankier & Allyssa Clemente
  • “Cronenberg” by Miike & Chris Yao
  • “Watch Over Me” by Rob Shapiro & Shawn Phelps
  • “Cabbagepatch” by Shawn Daley
  • “Home Sweet Home” by Shane Kirshenblatt, Andrew Kwan & Tim Lai
  • “The Revenge of Ivan Reznikoff” by Peter Hawrysh & Nathan Younger


At our $40 reward, we’ll send you our book along with six 8 x 10” gorgeously creepy prints by Hogtown Horror artist, Chris Yao!

For this project we’re aiming for a goal of $7,000. The Editors have filled up multiple piggy banks to cover other necessary expenses- all the funds gathered will be split as so:

We are also excited to offer bonus page rates to our artists as we hit our stretch goals!


  • $8000 – For this stretch goal, we will be including six 1.5” buttons featuring terrifying monster designs and the Hogtown Horror logo with every physical copy! 
  • $9000 – For this stretch goal, we will be giving our artists and writers an additional $5 per page! At this goal, we will also be offering a DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE, the story “Frozen Solid” by the talented Corey Reid!
  • $10,000 – For this stretch goal, a series of four 6×9” prints will be included with every physical copy! (Note: these are different from the prints in the $40 tier)
  • $11,000 – For this stretch goal, we will be giving our artists and writers an additional $5 per page, that means a total of an additional $10 per page!

Risks and challenges

This isn’t our first run at comic anthologies– our editorial team is comprised of members of the Toronto Comics scene who helped run the successful Toronto Comics Anthology Vol 1 & 2 Kickstarters. The book is ready, all stories complete– we’re just waiting to send it off to the printers!

We are on track to have everything launched and shipped in time for Halloween. Potential delays would mainly revolve around shipping delays or additional proofs needed in the printing stage. We are anticipating the delivery of the books in late September, and the books themselves to arrive in your hands in October.

We’re committed to delivering a high-quality colour anthology- if any delays occur we will be transparent in them and honest about what that means for our projected delivery date. We don’t intend to compromise the quality of the book to meet this October deadline. Any delay and push-back would have the book launching in November.

If this project fails to fund, we will refocus our efforts on a limited print run, and the money we have already secured will go to paying the artists and writers for their work.

Contact Information:

Nelson da Rocha

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