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Aug 25, 2016 1:30 PM ET

Archived: Ethical fashion working to get girls into school: With your help Lola and Me will provide a sustainable trade to those in need and get more girls into education! #ForWomankind

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2016

Ethical fashion working to get girls into school.

With your help Lola and Me will provide a sustainable trade to those in need and get more girls into education! #ForWomankind


We live in a world that is desperately campaigning for gender equality.

The right for equal opportunities for women. The right to fair wages. The right for girls to grow in a world where opportunities rise as triumphantly in front of them as they do for our boys. But in the developing world, these inequalities are devastatingly more acute.

There are approximately 62 million young girls/women out of education. That’s nearly the entire population of the UK combined and over 2.5 times the population of Australia.

With 33 million less girls than boys worldwide receiving a primary education. *Stats from GirlRising

The truth is educated girls are less likely to fall victim to child marriage, slavery, trafficking and other consequential issues such as death at child birth.

In fact educating girls is a viable solution to end poverty completely.

Your everyday choices can change their world, and give them the tools, skills and education that will support them against societies that are all too quick to suppress them.


Lola and Me is a women’s accessories profit with purpose company. We vow to work with makers, not machines, and to favour ethical employment opportunities and fair wages over fast fashion for fewer pennies. We are committed to helping harness the talent of women in the developing world, and support beautifully authentic techniques. We want to ensure the greatness our artisans were born with can thrive and flourish in even the most impoverished of areas.

– Our Values.

We are dedicated to slow, meaningful fashion. Fashion that support the needs and well being of ALL the people involved in the making of every piece and even more along the way. Our values demonstrate our commitment to this:


We’ve spent months and will continue searching for suitable partners who have the same moral values as we do. Our team stands side by side with our partners to drive a positive wave with what we know… fashion. We’re delivering a sustainable and meaningful approach to contemporary product because people always come before profit.


We’re committed to the development of women in developing countries by supporting the safe and ethical employment opportunities and fair wages facilitated by the partners we choose to collaborate with, allowing these already incredible women to create better lives for themselves and their families in areas suffering great poverty. We love to support the harnessing of their talents and encourage the great things that these women can achieve.


We believe that every child deserves the right to a education and know that education is valuable tool to end poverty for good. Sadly across the globe there are considerably less girls in education compared to boys, a serious issue to be addressed. Through their education we lower the risk of poverty, human trafficking and child marriage.


By supporting our Crowdfunder you’re helping to provide a sustainable trade to those in need. Help makers get paid, not only equally, but fairly for their hard work, supporting women in gaining independence and freedom over obligation and submission. And with at least 10% of our profits being invested in education, you’re helping us get more girls into school.


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