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Aug 25, 2016 5:07 PM ET

Archived: Deviant Enterprise LLC / Awesome Networks: The ultimate destination for PC gamers – Combining these two services puts us in a unique position to lead the fusion of video games and general entertainment as PCs and consoles become the dominant portal to web media across living rooms all over the US.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 25, 2016

Deviant Enterprise LLC

The ultimate destination for PC gamers






To better serve our passionate user base, we’ve also recently formed Awesome Networks:

lightning-fast, hassle-free internet, phone and TV service with no hidden fees or contracts. A new era of gaming will require fast, affordable internet with impressive uptimes and maximum reliability.

Combining these two services puts Deviant Enterprise in a unique position to lead the fusion of video games and general entertainment as PCs and consoles become the dominant portal to web media across living rooms all over the US.

155 million Americans play video games, and a growing number of them use their gaming rigs for so much more than that. We’ve spent 12 years building the ultimate gaming experience, and our customers love us for it. It’s time for gamers to lead the coming media revolution, with Deviant Enterprises at the helm.


Kill Shot makes purpose-built gaming systems (desktops, laptops, servers) for and virtual reality gaming systems (servers, desktops) for true gamers. Every step of the process, from the build to delivery to performance that lasts for years, is engineered to amaze.

Streaming is the future of gaming, and Kill Shot systems are specifically designed for streaming, from the affordable Kill E350 to the monstrous Cougar 11.

Kill Shot is the only custom gaming PC builder to offer live system builds. Available as an addon purchase, live builds allow buyers to interact with the technician who’s building their custom PC as they’re building it through a live video feed with audio and chat. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

Staying safe online is a crucial part of gaming, which is why Kill Shot offers a VPN service to connect gaming teams to each other to just to browse the web anonymously. This extra layer of protection keeps internet stalkers and trolls at bay with amazing speeds and very low latency.

We take presentation seriously- all Kill Shot systems will soon ship in an environmentally friendly wooden crate, using wood recycled by a local company, to make unwrapping your custom built gaming center almost as thrilling as playing on it.

Gamers pour a ton of time into their games, and data loss can be catastrophic. Kill Shot gamers need not worry, though: all game data is backed up and stored in the Kill Shot Gaming Systems DataCenter using state-of-the-art Acronis technology.

Immersive gaming requires a killer setup. Kill Shot has partnered with ProSpec to produce the ultimate gaming desks, unmatched in quality, design and ergonomics. These desks are perfect in every way, the result of four years of meticulous research and feedback gathered from gamers of all stripes, all over the world.

The Complete Gaming Experience
The cable company. The telephone company. Your ISP.

These three segments of providers are consistently receive the lowest ratings—across any industry—in customer satisfaction. Customers are hungry for another choice.

That’s where Awesome Networks comes in. Combining our world-class customer service with our passion for connecting gamers and internet users all over the world, Awesome Networks allows us to deliver internet, phone and TV to rural and urban America with a few awesome extras:

By bundling TV, phone and internet, Deviant can control the entire gaming and multimedia streaming experience to ensure consistently amazing performance. We even include free addons to keep your rig and your personal information safe and secure.

Why would any of our loyal customers want to pay more to a cable company or ISP with the lowest customer satisfaction ratings in the country when they can get the complete experience from fellow gamers like us?


Deviant Enterprises began as Computer Guru in 2004. In the 12 years since, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds: we now have the capacity to build and ship more than 200 PCs a day.

As gaming goes mainstream and streaming takes over as the dominant form of media consumption, it’s time for Deviant to take it to the next level with new products, new services and new ways to amaze our customers.

No one knows what will happen with TV, but one thing is certain: streaming is the future of media consumption, and more and more gamers are using their gaming rigs and consoles as the entertainment hub of their living room. Deviant Enterprise is in a fantastic position to become the go-to living room device for a new and growing generation of consumers.

Want to hear more about our plans? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to read on!


Bill has more than 12 years experience building companies from the ground up. He spent more than a decade building Computer Guru, which would go on to become Deviant Enterprise. Educated at Columbia College, Bill holds degrees in Marketing and Management and Computer Networking Systems from ITT Technicial Institute. His diverse training and 20 Years of experience brings a well rounded leader to the table.

Ron has extensive experience in consumer and technology industries. He started his career at Nestle before moving to international ad agencies BBDO and J. Walter Thompson. At JWT, Ron managed the HP computers and printers businesses. As VP Corporate Marketing at Wyse Technology, he gained global channels, distribution and corporate marketing experience. As president of eFax.com, he built one of the fastest growing Internet sites. Ron has consulted for clients as large as Philips and as small as founder-only startups. He has filed patent applications related to consumer electronics devices, is an author of a book on team and product innovation (selected for Harvard Business Review reading list), taught an innovation class at U.C. Berkeley Extension based on his book and is a sought-after industry speaker.

Matt comes from a distinguished background in Operations and Distribution as the man in charge of Nestle’s East Coast distribution. He’s successfully started and built his own businesses and brings corporate expertise in international negotiations and importing.

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Bill Spires

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