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Aug 24, 2016 12:17 PM ET

Archived: The Lounge Room Studio – MMAD is a national Australian charity that helps young people to find their purpose and potential through music, dance and mentoring programs

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2016

The Lounge Room Studio

Right here, in the heart of Gosford, we are building a recording studio – with a difference. 


MMAD is a national Australian charity that helps young people to find their purpose and potential through music, dance and mentoring programs. Our vision is that every young person would have someone who believes in them and the opportunity to live their potential. 


Earlier this year we officially launched ‘The Lounge Room’ in Gosford, a way to help build longer-term sustainability for the charity, by operating as a ‘social enterprise’. This is a creative space in Gosford where we serve incredible coffee and delicious food, host gigs, spoken word nights, dance classes, conferences, artist development services and so much more – all for the purpose of creating connection in our community, while raising funds to grow our MMAD family, and give young people all around Australia the chance to be welcomed in.


We believe Gosford can be the creative capital of Australia. And so we are building a professional recording studio. Artists who record here will be helping to sponsor and create opportunities for young people who would never have access to this kind of equipment. This studio will be used by celebrities – as well as vulnerable youth. Established artists – and people just beginning to find their sound. A studio for everyone, in the heart of our MMAD house. 


We believe in the power of music. It brings people together. It heals wounds, tells stories, gets us up and dancing, no matter what is going on in the world. 


When you give to make this studio a reality, you are not only helping to put Gosford on the map as the creative capital of Australia, you’re joining us in creating MMAD change for young people everywhere. You’ll be helping record a new tune for the place we live – and the young lives we share it with.


How The Funds Will Be Used

We have around $23,000 to get this studio started, plus loads of volunteers contributing their time and energy to bring this to life. But to make sure we have all the equipment we need and a properly equipped space we need at least $7,000 more. 


These funds will go towards:

– Microphones

– An iMac Computer with Logic Pro X and Ableton Live software

– Soundproof glass for studio window

– Soundproofing solutions for the studio and control room


Naturally, with a recording studio there are always going to be improvements to make and ways to increase the quality of the space and the equipment we are using. Any money raised beyond $7,000 will all be invested directly back into improvements and refinements to this studio space. So please, consider supporting this project generously and helping us make something world class!


The Challenges

The biggest challenge we face as a Charity is operating with limited resources. Our vision is big, but we rely on the generous support of external oranisations, individuals and grants. 


The stakes are high. This is why we are committed to social enterprise models. We need this studio; it’s a vital part of our bigger vision of generating sustainable income to create avenues for more young people to find a home. This is no small job. It is bigger than a Studio. It is something we pour our energy and heart into, day-in and day-out.

And as challenging as it can feel at times, we have full faith in our community. We see creativity oozing from the Central Coast, and yet we know so many people need a hand-up. So we’re asking you to help us create a space that will generate greater opportunities for a long time to come. 


Contact Information:

Will Small

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