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Aug 24, 2016 12:05 PM ET

Archived: Diggers BBQ – Turning Southern BBQ into a nationwide craze — one restaurant at a time

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2016

Diggers BBQ

Turning Southern BBQ into a nationwide craze– one restaurant at a time.



The 4 billion dollar BBQ market is growing by the minute and we’re working hard to stay ahead of the curve. In a market that’s run by mom and pop shops, we want to bring our savory, smoky flavors to the region. People are passionate about BBQ! It is a delicacy and an art form with sauces that change from region to region, but is still rooted in a common theme: hickory and smoke. Barbecue creates a sense of pride for a community or state by the way it’s made, and as we grow to different regions, we want our BBQ to reflect that same sense of pride.


Ever heard of Starbucks or Five Guys? Who hasn’t, right? They had to start somewhere, and that’s where we are. Digger’s is a successful barbecue joint, and growing is our next step. We really believe in our business and want to bring our savory, hickory-smoked flavors to a city near you. However, franchising takes time, money and other people to believe in what you do.

People love good food that is quick and accessible. The problem with breaking into that market is that it’s over-saturated with pizza and cheeseburgers. There are too many big fish, and the little ones can’t compete with the numbers of their competition. There is not a BBQ chain that fits into this market, or that could survive due to the changing taste of barbecue in different regions.



One word: barbecue. Our secret recipes for sweet, savory, smoky flavors have been honed for over 20 years and we’re always perfecting our southern-comfort techniques. We want to offer every taste of barbecue to accommodate all palates which will allow us the ability to grow regionally because we have a huge potential market. Barbecue is run mostly by mom and pop shops and isn’t nearly as saturated as other quick food markets. With Barbeque franchises still being a relatively new idea to the franchise market, there is still a huge potential for Digger’s Barbeque to become the Nation’s only true brand name recognized QSR BBQ restaurant. Digger’s is poised to take over the BBQ world. We can enter a new franchise domain of accessible barbecue, without sacrificing any of our southern-comfort traditions or regional flavors.


Digger’s Barbeque intends to be the brand leader in this $4 billion dollar untapped BBQ industry market by offering the only true all-inclusive, turnkey franchise model for a $150k to $225k total Investment which also includes equipment.

We want to roll out several other South Carolina locations before expanding even further into the southern region, such as North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. The franchise opportunities that we’ve created are unique to this market and will generate a serious buzz about our band.


Nick Ruiz, President and Chief Executive Officer
Nick has been in the restaurant business for over 15 years and the barbecue business for more than 10. He’s started many successful business ventures, but his expertise is in the QSR food industry. Nick’s drive to create something that’s never been done in the barbecue market is what inspired Digger’s BBQ.

Contact Information:

Nick Ruiz, President and Chief Executive Officer

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