We do amazing things with great microorganisms: Cooter Muck Probiotics manufactures household probiotics that produce benefit by introducing or controlling beneficial microbes. Making the world better, one bad smell at a time. - iCrowdNewswire

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Aug 24, 2016 9:21 AM ET

We do amazing things with great microorganisms: Cooter Muck Probiotics manufactures household probiotics that produce benefit by introducing or controlling beneficial microbes. Making the world better, one bad smell at a time.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2016

Cooter Muck Probiotics

We do amazing things with great microorganisms.


Making the world better, one bad smell at a time.

Cooter Muck manufactures household probiotics that produce benefit by introducing or controlling beneficial microbes.  Our products scale easily, have a healthy margin and are selling to a ready base of customers who seek safe, natural and effective household solutions.  We are aiming to be the Febreze of the future, the Intel inside your cat box, and the reason why our customers will pay a little more for something smarter: something safe, natural and effective.

Our amazing product has proven itself again and again.  It’s off the launch pad, and it needs a little time and some fuel to get it into orbit.

We’re seeking investment to multiply existing sales of our current products through a national awareness campaign, to build brand and additional channel partners, to maintain staff until revenue is capable of supporting them and to scale our infrastructure for the growing opportunities we are now facing.



We are currently focusing on Litterbiotic, a cat litter deodorizer with growing consumer demand, showing natural sell-through and a strong consumer responseto awareness campaigns.  In testing, Litterbiotic eliminates ammonia smells instantaneously, and they stay gone.  In actual use, our customers agree – the smells never appear in the first place.

Litterbiotic is focused at the middle to upper end of the pet deodorizer market and maintains high levels of satisfaction with the customer, distributor and retailer.  Its sales are accelerating on amazon.com and we have great metrics from our test market in Ottawa.


Traction & Accomplishments

We launched a Compostgenie – a compost deodorizer based on similar concepts in 2010 which was subsequently picked up by Home Depot.  This led to our first outside investor for $240,000 in the fall of 2012.  We have since developed Bin Genie and Litterbiotic and established that Litterbiotic is the ideal launch product for the company.  With a cat in one of every three homes in the US and a $4BB market in our targeted regions, Litterbiotic is the beachhead with which we will enter customer homes, providing a a platform to upsell our other products.

We have also established proven advertising awareness efforts and spend correlation with sales and new customer acquisition.  Cat people, in short, are one of the most natural avenues to develop a new disruptive and amazing product’s awareness.



We’re a tech company with an analog product.

We don’t undersell ourselves or compromise on our margins, instead we increase the value perceived by the entire purchasing chain: distributor, retailer and customer.  With our smart marketing, adaptability and presence, we’ve managed to play in much larger arenas than would be expected by an organization our size.

We value our people, our relationships our brand and our quality, and we work as hard as the day requires, but we’re always looking for ways to work smarter, instead.

Nothing about us is conventional, starting with our technology founder – Mr Inside, Scott Russell, who is as comfortable with a microsope, photoshop or debugger as he is with an arc welder or electrical panel.

He’s complimented by Adam Webster,  Mr. Outside, whose college advisor admonished him for his “average” thesis but lauded him for his ability to sell it.

Scott gets things done and Adam sells them.  We are rare combination, capable of accomplishing amazing goals with little or no resources.

When it comes to Litterbiotic, there is simply nothing like it out there.  Our unique approach gets our customers to respond immediately – we eliminate odor safely, naturally and effectively.

With Litterbiotic, we are creating a brand that drives our customer’s support: We make them feel better about how they solve problems.  Using a better solution resonates in an emotional and logical way that leaves them enamored, talkative and loyal.  We are building a brand that allows people to see bacteria and beneficial microorganisms as allies, helpers, and problem solvers.




Adam Webster – President and CEO

Perfect is the enemy of good enough. 


The challenge of working with innovative products and cutting edge designs is being patient enough to wait for the final prototype before chatting up every channel about how you will change the world, increase the distributors’ bottom line or make the client loyal for life. A true people person, Adam thrives on exceeding customer expectations and finding common ground with just about anyone he meets, whether a category buyer at Wholefoods or the Home Depot truck driver loading the next pallet of goods. While playing every part of the salesman, Adam is also a self-ascribed geek with science, aviation, technical, and computer matters. His core competency at Cooter Muck is his ability to persuade others that Cooter Muck’s offerings are better and more expensive than other options for many reasons.


Scott Russell – Chief of Design and Technology

Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick two 


Born with a desire to fix things, Scott has taught himself various roles including software architect, hardware developer, art director, head microbiologist, and product designer. Equally comfortable with arc welders, forestry axes, photoshop, circuit design tools and software debuggers, as well as petri dishes and microscopes, Scott’s eclectic talents and experiences fix problems. Most importantly, Scott is great for lean startups: It might be hard to believe, but he has been the one person who handles invention, production, design, marketing, facility installation and maintenance, websites, social media interaction and presence as well as crm, sales and inventory tracking tools. Scott is also a certified permaculture instructor, teaching organic farming and gardening principles, phyto and myco remediation, bushcraft and the development of appropriate technology, both professionally and to amateurs and young students.

Contact Information:

Adam Webster - President and CEO

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