3D Vision Technologies - 3D-VR For Everybody: Truly User-Friendly 3D/Virtual Reality Technology - We are bypassing generations of clunky hardware and complicated UX and going directly to designing smart, simple, user-friendly 3D-VR experiences that anyone and everyone can use and enjoy anytime, anywhere - iCrowdNewswire

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Aug 22, 2016 12:22 PM ET

3D Vision Technologies – 3D-VR For Everybody: Truly User-Friendly 3D/Virtual Reality Technology – We are bypassing generations of clunky hardware and complicated UX and going directly to designing smart, simple, user-friendly 3D-VR experiences that anyone and everyone can use and enjoy anytime, anywhere

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 22, 2016

3D Vision Technologies

3D-VR For Everybody: Truly User-Friendly 3D/Virtual Reality Technology.

Meet 3D Vision Technologies: the 3D/virtual reality innovator that’s pressing fast forward on the 3D-VR revolution.

We are bypassing generations of clunky hardware and complicated UX and going directly to designing smart, simple, user-friendly 3D-VR experiences that anyone and everyone can use and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

It starts with Whoosh3D™ and WhooshVR™, our family of smart, simple, user-ready 3D-VR products, designed to let users capture, convert, share and experience 3D-VR content like never before: with or without 3D goggles, directly on their existing smartphone or tablet.  

Add to that the licensing opportunities and partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers around the world, and 3DVT is the first company that’s building tomorrow’s 3D-VR environment — today.


You have heard about virtual reality, right?

If you run in tech circles, or follow Silicon Valley media, the subject has been almost impossible to get away from, ever since Facebook’s massive $2 billion acquisitionof early VR innovator Oculus in 2014. Fast forward two years, and VR is the darling of CES 2016, with top tech brands jostling for position and tech pundits everywhere wondering which flashy headset is going to take the crown and the title of “the Apple of Virtual Reality.”

But here is the thing — venture outside of the tech bubble, away from the industry conferences and the tech blogs and you’ll notice something strange:

All of a sudden, that buzz about virtual reality? It goes almost silent.

And there is a very simple reason for that: as excited as tech early adopters and hardware fanatics get about space-age headsets and ultra-intricate UX/UI — the general population is decidedly less excited about it.

And it’s not difficult to see why:

It’s expensive. It’s intrusive and socially awkward. It’s complicated. It doesn’t play nicely with their existing media.  

And to top it off: it’s entirely consumption-focused, with no ability to simply and easily create content of your own.

If the history of technology has taught us anything, it’s that the moment when any technology crosses over from fringe novelty to “technology of the people” is the moment when it becomes affordable and accessible enough for anyone to use and enjoy. Look at what happened with the television in the 1950s, or the personal computer in the 1980s: they got simple, they got affordable, and then all of a sudden, they showed up in every home, school, office and institution in the free world.

If VR is going to transcend its indie-techie status and deliver on its promise of becoming the next television, the PC — the next way that people experience and engage with media —  there are a few things it has to be:   

And the thing is: those VR companies you see talked about on the front page of every tech blog from here — none of them is getting the job done.

That is where 3DVT comes in.

We have developed the first 3D-VR products that check all the boxes for truly intuitive, truly accessible, truly user-friendly 3D-VR technology.

The result: a company with the potential to push mobile 3D-VR technology over the line and into the territory of “technology of the people” once and for all.


The 3DVT mission is simple: push 3D-VR technology forward by designing solutions that make it easy for anyone and everyone to enjoy VR technology in 3D. Gyroscope controlled 2D content such as 360 degree cameras is neither immersive nor virtual reality.

3DVT is the first technology of its kind to give users the ability to switch seamlessly between 2D, VR and glasses-free 3D with just the tap of a screen.  Not only that, but they can do it using the smartphones and tablets they already own — no extra hardware add-ons required.

The result: a truly immersive, truly 3D-VR experience that’s purpose-built for the way people engage and interact with their mobile devices and their media every day.

3DVT technology lets you create your own VR 3D content using your mobile phone. Personalize with filters, share to social network, and even print in 3D using a normal photo printer

3DVT technology has the ability to convert traditional 2D and 3D content, in real time, to VR and glasses-free 3D formats, in addition to playing saved or streamed original content.

Our collection of products and apps gives users the freedom to experience 3D-VR technology on their terms: with or without a headset, on the mobile devices they already own.

3DVT Technology
Proprietary 2D to vR to 3D software – unlike anything on the market

Fully immersive First Person View
Huge 100-degree field of vision
WhooshVR™ precision optics
Simple, Elegant, Compact, Affordable Design

3DVT is attacking the 3D-VR market on three fronts simultaneously: direct-to-consumer products, B2B/SaaS, and mobile phone-ware technology licensing.


On the product side, the 3DVT vision starts with Whoosh, our family of mobile-ready, ultra user-friendly 3D-VR products:


Whoosh3D™ Optical Screen Protector
Instantly convert a smartphone or tablet into a glasses-free 3D viewing device.


Whoosh3D™ App
Capture, convert, share and view 3D content — no 3D goggles or glasses required.

WhooshVR™ Headset
3DVT’s take on the virtual reality headset: each headset includes a proprietary VR-3D app, is smaller, more compact, has built-in electronic components, and more creation-focused than any other headset on the market today.

WhooshVR™ App
Pair with the WhooshVR™ headset to capture, convert, share and print VR content in 3D like never before.

Whoosh™ Unity3D SDK
The SDK is a 2D-to-3D-to-VR Video game converter for the Unity 3D platform.  It enables video game developers to plug it into their games so players can convert 2D video games to (1) glasses-free 3D and (2) VR-3D formats in real time. The Whoosh™ SDK is aimed at the mobile game developer community using the Unity3D platform, and intended as a solution to expand the quantity of 3D & VR-3D content to broaden consumer adoption of 3D & VR-3D games.

The software will be expanded to integrate content creation solutions for players and gamers alike whereby they can use their existing phones and tablets to create 3D content, VR-3D content, and consumer generated content (ie: photo capture, Photo Integration, Photo 3D Modeling).  

Already there are plans to develop and transition this technology to a format suitable for embedding into mobile firmware. This would mean 2D video games could seamlessly switch between 2D, glasses-free 3D, and VR-3D formats.  

Applications could include, but not limited to licensing this technology to 2D and 3D mobile device manufacturers, Game Publishers, Telco’s, and All-In-One VR headset developers.



On the technology licensing front, 3DVT is in talks with consumer electronics manufacturers to incorporate 3DVT technology directly into their phones and tablets. Imagine a smartphone or tablet that converts your photos, videos, and even video games to 3D or VR-3D instantly.

Unlike existing 3D mobile devices, which lose up to 50% of their screen brightness, drain battery power and are limited to 3D “player” software, 3DVT’s technology:

Not only that: our technology requires NO additional hardware, NO product redesign, and NO changes in production line.

Imagine a world where every mobile phone or tablet is 3D-enabled — from sub-$60 phones intended for underdeveloped markets, to $600 mobile phones and tablets. Imagine the possibilities and applications in everything from education and gaming to medical imaging, 3D printing and beyond — all on the same mobile devices that today’s generation has grown to rely on.


Our first products are ready for market, with more products in the pipeline, and partners and distributors already lining up to become part of the 3DVT revolution.

Here are the highlights of what we have achieved so far — and where we go from here.


We have an iOS Version of Whoosh3D™ for iPhone 5s, 5c, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, iPad Air and iPad Mini fully developed and ready for launch. A soft launch with a UK distributor in November 2015 saw great response, with 6,000 units sold — 2,000 pcs each on 5s, 5c and 6 — and positive feedback.

We are currently in the process of finalizing development for WhooshVR™ App (iOs and Android) and Whoosh3D™ app for Android, on track to be released in Q3 and Q4 of this year respectively.

Additionally, we have generated proof of concept on SDK (Software Development Kit), including a 3D and VR-3D social media app — this is Instagram on steroids; image sharing device captured 2D content in 3D and VR-3D formats.

We have built the world’s first Unity3D-based 2D-to-3D auto-stereoscopic 3D-to-VR-3D game conversion engine aimed at game developers and publishers using the Unity3D platform. This means our 2D to 3D to VR-3D Game Converter plug-in will be an important breakthrough for game developers and gamers alike.  3D Mobile gaming is a tremendous market with tremendous growth opportunities and 3DVT is determined to be the de facto leader in this space. Today, Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft are no longer the world’s most prolific gaming platforms; the mobile phone is now the world’s largest gaming platform.

On the intellectual property front, we have patents pending and IP filed separately in China and North America for 3DVT mobile app features, 3D application, optical screens and VR headsets.

Manufacturing Tie-Ups

3DVT has already secured manufacturing tie-ups who will produce our Whoosh3D™ optic screen protector and WhooshVR™ headsets, based on our unique specs and designs.

We have secured a pre-selected list of distributors in Asia, UK, and Middle East, and also have pending agreements with several North American distributors and big box retailers.

Talks are ongoing with numerous hardware manufacturers and consumer electronics brands about opportunities to incorporate 3DVT technology and products directly into their product line. We have already secured OEM licensing deals with Polaroid and a Chinese VR headset manufacturer, with several pending discussions for white labeling from device manufacturers and brand leaders still in process.

With products rolling out and new partnership opportunities taking off throughout the year, 2016 is positioned to be a tremendous year for 3DVT. For more information about the future of 3DVT and how you can be a part of it, request access to the business plan tab of this profile and let’s talk!


Simon Gemayel, CEO & Founder
Simon is the founder, chief architect and primary visionary behind 3D Vision Technologies. A serial entrepreneur, Simon first got involved in 3D more than a decade ago with one goal in mind: to bring 3D technology to the masses as a user-friendly, cost-effective, and glasses-free solution. Simon believes people should be able to experience 3D without having to wear glasses or purchase lots of expensive hardware. Simon has been involved in the development and invention of 3D advertising light box, a single-use 3D film camera, the world’s first 3D photo booth (patent pending and an award winning product), and currently patenting a VR-3D photo booth.

Gemma Guerrero, Co-Founder
Gemma Guerrero is the the Chief Operations Officer and Business Development Strategist at 3D Vision Technologies. She has almost thirty years of experience in international business, JV start ups, distribution and licensing agreements with multinational companies in markets ranging from plastic chemical resins to water treatment technologies. Over the past decade, Gemma has gotten involved in the 3D space, playing an instrumental role in the licensing of 3D photo technology solutions to global photography brands such as Kodak and Fuji.

Working alongside Simon and Gemma are a team of mobile programmers and software  engineers with unparalleled programming knowhow and expertise in software and mobile programming ranging from desktop, mobility, gaming applications to consultants/advisers with doctorate degree in 3D applications. Members of 3DVT’s core software engineering team were hand-picked by Simon based on their respective technical core competencies relative to 3DVT’s mission statement of developing and engineering a powerful VR-3D mobility app for mass market adoption.


Contact Information:

Simon Gemayel, CEO & Founder

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