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Aug 18, 2016 1:25 PM ET

Archived: Travels with Quigley: Stories of a Great American Road Trip – A modern photographic/multimedia exploration of John Steinbecks’s beloved travelogue, Travels with Charley

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 18, 2016

Travels with Quigley: Stories of a Great American Road Trip

by Briana Moore


A modern photographic/multimedia exploration of John Steinbecks’s beloved travelogue, Travels with Charley.

About this project

What is Travels with Quigley?

Traveling around the country for three months by campervan, this passion project will revisit the route and spirit of Steinbeck’s original journey. Through imagery and essays, I will be comparing and contrasting his experience and observations with our contemporary America. The final product will include a print shop, a book, and (hopefully) an exhibit.

The Route
The Route

What excites me so deeply about this expedition is that it embodies all of my passions: photography, literature, travel, sociology, & community engagement. Also, I am thrilled to be joined by my favorite travel companion, and the furriest love of my life, my rescue dog, Quigley. 

Throughout our time on the road, we will circumnavigate the country; traveling through 31 states, 14 National Parks, and 11 of Americas’ most diverse & iconic cities. We will conduct many interviews and portrait sessions along the way, inviting people to come along for the ride not only through social media interaction, but through physical presence as well!

Travel is in my DNA, but like Steinbeck, I feel that I barely know my own country anymore. What intrigued me reading this story is how timely it is, even now. His honest commentary on culture, politics, and climate change, among other topics, were revealing, delightful, and often prophetic. The parallels between his journey and the state of our country today is uncanny. Our country is so focused on our differences. I would love to take a deeper look into the hearts and minds of Americans, and reveal just how much we need each other.


Briana is a freelance lifestyle photographer & writer, specializing in community-driven storytelling, culinary journeys, and portraiture. She enjoys meeting new people, geeking out over pop culture, and awkwardly dancing until her husband cracks a smile.  

Quigley is 4 year old rescue dog, specializing in smiling, sprinting, and giving hugs. He enjoys car rides, hiking, minty bones, and quality time with Petry, his plush fish.



I will be posting behind the scenes images, video stories and musings from the road. These posts will be made to my personal Instagram, Quigley’s fluff-heavy instagram, facebook, andour blog.


My goal is to always travel cheaply and thoughtfully. I am working with a handful of partners to keep costs to a minimum, but 3 months on the road adds up! In addition to funding all the art and products featured in the fabulous rewards, Kickstarter will cover a large percentage of other costs which include:

• Book & Webpage design

• Transportation, Campsites, & meals (for 90 days)

• Traveler’s Insurance 

Pawtographed Prints

Born Lost
Born Lost


Reality & Romance
Reality & Romance




Happy Camper Keychain


Risks and challenges

My biggest challenge is this: raising the funds!

Travel challenges: every journey has unexpected surprises. I have previously completed three cross country road trips, and am prepared to take on whatever the road may throw at me. My budget includes an emergencies fund, and I have a strong support system along the route whom I can contact for advice and problem solving along the way.

Gear & Image protection:
As a professional photographer, I am well versed in keeping my gear clean & safe. I will be backing up my files in the cloud and protected hard drives.

Project/Product Challenges:
While I will be writing along the route, a bulk of the editing, web design, and book design will take place once the trip is completed. I have prior experience with both types of design, and am confident that I can complete this process with ease. This process will take a lot of time and effort. The three months following my return are my slow season (helloooo Boston winters), so I will have plenty of time dedicated to finishing the project. My goal is to complete edits and design by the end of April 2017.



Contact Information:

Briana Moore

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