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Aug 18, 2016 7:14 PM ET

CellRobot | Hundreds of Modular Robots in One: Create custom and modular robots capable of anything directly that are designed and controlled directly from your smartphone

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 18, 2016

CellRobot | Hundreds of Modular Robots in One

Create custom and modular robots capable of anything directly that are designed and controlled directly from your smartphone

About this project






CellRobot is a complete robotics kit that allows you to build your very own robot. Spawned from a dream to create a dynamic robot that could change shape and adapt to its environment, CellRobot was created by a team that is passionate about the field of robotics. 




Create one to draw a picture, help with time-lapse photos, monitor your home for security & more! 




Just as the cells in our bodies work together to create an organism, CellRobot is made up of single cells that, when combined, build functioning robots. Unique in its progressive design, CellRobot gives you the opportunity to learn, explore & create. 




Start with a Heart, snap on Cells & add Functional Cells like vision, wheels, or mounts for additional functionality!





Each cell has eight joint faces which can be connected to each other through a simple twist movement. The joints will snap together for secure attachment.








CellRobot’s app has an extensive pre-uploaded shape library. From the home screen, open the Shape library and scroll through numerous builds. Once you’ve selected your design, follow the interactive instructions to easily create a robot. The app detects your robot and tells you which cells to attach to which joints. Refresh to get helpful feedback about position and placement. Then, control your robot with preprogrammed movements. 



Once you feel comfortable with CellRobot and have your own ideas for build, you can create through ‘Custom Mode’ in the app. CellRobot detects the positioning of each cell unit. Create a new design and set specific parameters for how each cell unit will move. You have the power to create complex and specific movements. Save your designs in the app to access later or share with the community. Set your movements in one of two ways: setting parameters for each cell in the app or manually twisting cells into desired positions.



CellRobot allows you to create complex cinematic & combinatory movement through manipulation of each single cell-all through your smartphone! 






Home Surveillance

Zoom a CellRobot around your house with a camera to monitor every room while you’re away.



Your Pet’s New Best Friend

Play with your pets & take the cutest photo from their level.



Timelapse Photography Assistant

Set up CellRobot to get that perfect sunset time lapse & step up your Instagram game.



Racing Vehicle

CellRobot is powerful enough to cruise over any terrain. Build your best drone & race your friends.



Personal Assistant

Set your robot to water your garden, create a perfect reading lamp, fan you when you’re hot, or hold your iPad while you FaceTime. CellRobot can even mix your cocktail after a long day!



Futuristic Gadget

CellRobot opens up a limitless world of exploration, eliminating boredom of restrictive robots that box in your imagination. What will you create!?





Anything you can conceptualize, you can build! The modular design allows one Heart unit to be connected up to 20 Cells, including Wheels, Vision & Mount.  


CellRobot’s app allows users to control their robot without programming, directly from their phone or tablet. 






Due to the modularity, you can create extremely unique & hyper concentrated movements. Each individual cell has a full 360 degree rotation, allowing the user to program degree of rotation, timing & order of movements. This means that no limits are set on what you can create or what your robot can do!


Working with CellRobot encourages critical thinking & creative exploration. Creating from within the shape library employs classical mechanics, having users follow directions & make physical connections. When users create with custom mode, they expand even further into programming logic, setting specific rules that define how an entire system will operate.





No coding or mechanical engineering knowledge is required to start building. All units connect through a simple but secure twist & snap joint. Because it is so easy to get started, anybody can use CellRobot to create their own high functioning robot.





Open Hardware API

CellRobot provides an API to all users. Use CellRobot as a jumping off platform for your imagination & share with the community what you discover. This allows for continual growth through a community with a shared passion for robotics.




Take a look at the graphic below to understand exactly what comes with each of the reward packages & find out which is best for you.







Risks and challenges

CellRobot is a type of modular robot. We brought it out of the lab & into the real world, giving it real practical usage, making not a toy but an ever changing tool. We’ve spent four years overcoming many technical issues but some still remain.

1. Supply Chain: We realize that every project may have potential obstacles or production delays. The target dates for delivery for our reward tiers will give us ample time to quickly move into production once we receive the necessary funding. As a team in China, we have many advantages in the field of manufacturing. The funds will ensure that we can seek better materials for making CellRobot a truly high performing & reliable product. We will work diligently to meet those target dates & aim to get rewards to you on schedule.

2. Customer Community: Backers will have the honor of being the first few to own CellRobot. Due to the multitude of applications that can be built using CellRobot, we will look forward to receiving ideas that can demonstrate the full potential of the product. Anything that you try out that really works for you, we would want to hear & know about – no matter how wacky it is! We are taking on the challenge of building a community where everybody can share their own ideas, discuss topics & demonstrate new, original configurations to add to our Shape Library. This makes CellRobot truly an ever changing robot. Only in this way can CellRobot achieve further advancement in other fields.

Contact Information:

CellRobot Team

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