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Aug 17, 2016 9:40 AM ET

Archived: RefractN, LLC – Perfecting the Management of the Internet of Things

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 17, 2016

RefractN, LLC Logo

RefractN, LLC

Littleton, CO 80120, US
Web Service Software

Perfecting the Management of the Internet of Things

Founded to improve the management of intelligent network-attached devices for the cable and telecommunications industries, RefractN is now devoted to leading the industry to seamless multi-vendor management of the worldwide Internet of Things.

It’s Device Collection Suite uses its innovative XPDR technology to collect information from devices 20 to 50 times more efficiently than other technologies such as TR-069.

It’s Device Mentoring Suite provides intelligent agents that allow devices to literally manage themselves, eliminating the need for unscalable central management systems.

In concert with its affiliate XPDR.org, the core XPDR technology is being managed as open source to ensure broad industry cooperation and participation.

Products / Services

RefractR Device Collection Suite

Recognizing the challenges current cable and telecoms providers are facing trying to manage millions of intelligent network-attached devices, RefractN offers the RefractR Device Collection Suite. Featureing RefractN’s revolutionary XPDR technology that, while based on industry standard protocols, improves on existing technologies by collecting more kinds of data, more automatically and up to 50 times more efficiently.





The product consists of a portable, light-weight client that runs on a variety of device environments., it includes an intelligent agent that can export desired data on demand, on a fixed schedule or upon pre-defined triggers.

It also contains collection software that provides high-performance, high-availability collection of device data and integrates it directly into a provider’s back office systems.

Finally, it includes a configuration console that allows for editing of profiles, templates and rules and the managed communication of these to all device clients.

RefractR Device Mentoring Suite

Existing device management strategies rely on large mesh’s of servers that collect, store and analyze terabytes of data. The load on network, server and storage infrastructure issuch that these schemes to collapse under their own weight.

RefractN observed that the network already has a mesh of computing capability that can be charged with this data analysis and proactive remediation: the devices themselves.

With this in mind, RefractN offers the RefractR Device Mentoring Suite. Its key element is the Pulse Self-Healing Agent which rather than sending its status to a central server, monitors it itself, as well as nearby devices with which it is in contact, making remediation decisions based on rules sent to it from that central serve complex.

That central serverdelegates tasks and only collects gross results or escalations of problems.

Besides saving greatly on infrastructure, this architecture allows for more immediate response to situations and quicker problem resolutions.



Managing Director Executive Officer
Edwin Smith

With more than thirty-five years of proven passion and leadership in software development, architecture, management and business with focus in data management, internet technologies and the cable and telecommunications industries, Ed has always had a passion for finding ways to use technology to better the world from concept through design, development, marketing and customer success.

Ed has demonstrated his entrepreneurial DNA in a number of positions in established and new companies including Objix.com, which he founded around one of the first automated provisioning systems for cable modems and, OpenVault, that provides subscriber broadband consumption monitoring and management out of the cloud for small to medium-sized cable providers.

Ed has provided leadership for RefractN by creating the business and financial plan, launching the company’s marketing and sales efforts and even contributing substantially to development of the company’s products.

Managing Director Operating Officer
Kevin Alcox

Kevin has over 25 years of hands-on experience with architecture, integration and operations in technology and in telecom and cable in particular. He was one of the principals of High Speed Access Corporation which provided cable modem services to cable companies and was acquired by Charter Communications. He co-founded OpenVault, which focuses on providing subscriber consumption analytics for second tier cable companies. Kevin is chair of the IPDR subcommittee at the TM Forum (TMF), where he also contributed as co-author of the Broadband Forum’s TR-232 bulk data collection specification, a key inspiration for RefractN’s XPDR technology.

Kevin is in charge of customer operations, managing all customer engagements, providing sales support and helping to guide the company’s product roadmap based on customer needs.

Managing Director Technology/Technologist
Thomas Priore

Tom specializes in the integration, deployment, and operations of complex communication, information systems and video products. Tom’s accomplishments are diverse and broad. Among them: He is an expert on deployment and operations of Comcast’s X1 product, a video delivery platform poised to become a standard for the industry. He has designed and deployed a trans-pacific video distribution system to deliver North American video content to military installations in Japan. He was a technical evaluator for the Federal Broadband Stimulus Program, where he evaluated funding applications’ technical merits. He has also contributed to three start ups, where he provided integration, pre- and post-sales engineering support, and operational expertise.

Tom provides hands–on support for RefractN’s key customers and will lead a team of in-field specialists for all of the company’s customers.

Managing/Manager Engineering
David Krosel

David is a humble but passionate solutions architect with extensive technology and management experience in both IT vendor and customer positions in Canada and Asia Pacific. David has more than 20 years’ experience in call center, banking and cable technologies. His strong technical design and development background, especially in enterprise-wide solutions, serve him well as he leads much of our product development effort.

David is responsible for all product development for the company.

Consulting Sales
Alex Salamon

Alex brings over two decades of successful sales, sales leadership and business development experience in both domestic and international telecommunications and enterprise markets. Alex practices a success based approach through assisting customers, colleagues and partners achieve their goals. He has developed a unique combination of strategic sales and executive management experience with a technical background. .

Though a consultant to RefractN, he is a significant equity partner in the company and has represented RefractN to its customer prospects with passion and commitment. He will eventually bring his expertise to bear to build RefractN a stable and scalable sales organization to support the company’s future growth.


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Contact Information:

Edwin Smith

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