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Aug 16, 2016 1:49 PM ET

Archived: KOMBOS: Modular Keyboard – The world’s first fully modular keyboard. On the road or in the studio, Kombos Keyboards now allow you to bring music anywhere you go.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 16, 2016

KOMBOS: Modular Keyboard

The world’s first fully modular keyboard. On the road or in the studio, Kombos Keyboards now allow you to bring music anywhere you go.

About this project

Kombos was born out of necessity. Current keyboard options are limited to either large, bulky keyboards that are impractical for travel or portable keyboards that don’t have professional quality. We wanted a keyboard that gave you the same quality as a professional set of keys, but that allowed you to work with as many sets of keys as you need at any given time. This allows you to use Kombos in sets of 25, 37,49 and 61 keys. With audio quality comparable to professional grade keyboards used in a studio setting.






In addition to being fully portable, we wanted to make sure the user experience when on the go was as convenient as possible. So we built Kombos to be bluetooth compatible when recording. And compatible with any and all bluetooth devices as well as all recording software that allows you to sync with bluetooth. Wireless, portable and professional quality play anytime you want. So you never lose a moment of creativity again! 

Features and Specs



 Most portable keyboards stop there. They are portable and convenient, but are only capable of being as large as your travel bag and no further. With Kombos you can bring along as many sets as you want and assemble the keyboard to be a full set of keys or keep it as small as you’d like. All this without sacrificing any quality.

 Proprietary Easy Lock Mechanism


 With a simple push-lock mechanism, simply connect each modular section to one another by pushing together. Our proprietary locking mechanism both ensures conductivity for sound as well as a solid lock so Kombos is stable and sturdy when sitting in your lap or on a desk.

Now you can bring a full size key board with you absolutely anywhere you choose. Whether you’re on a plane, train taxi or on a bike, because our modular pieces break down so small, you can fit quite a few in any standard backpack. Adding a brand new level of portability never before seen to professional quality keyboards.


Connect Kombos to your favorite devices, open your favorite app or recording software wirelessly, anywhere, anytime


 The possibilities with Kombos are unlimited.

Kombos works with your favorite apps. Kombos is not only for both USB-MIDI and traditional MIDI compliant but also works with iOS and Android devices, compatible with hundreds of apps such as GarageBand, 50 in one, and more. You can set Kombos up quickly and easily.



From music hobbyists all the way to professional DJ’s, Kombos can be used in any setting and deliver that high quality sound we all look for when choosing the right instrument. For the hobbyist, now you can upgrade your sound while increasing your portability options and for the professional DJ or studio musician, you can break down your equipment quickly and easily when you’re done so you aren’t confined to creating music in only one place.

Kombos in action

A quick look under the hood!

 project video thumbnail


 project video thumbnail





Risks and challenges

As with any hardware project, there are always schedule risks associated with manufacturing and supply chain logistics.

Though we have solid agreements with our manufacturers, we want to mitigate risks for any potential road bumps along the way. Since we’ve been accepted by Rubix we believe we’ll be able to deliver a higher quality product to our backers by leveraging their global network and vast experience developing and integrating products into the market. Because of this relationship with Rubix as a mentor overseeing our development process, we know there will be many challenges along the way but we are very confident we will be able to deliver a high quality product that both sounds and works seamlessly! We will continue to work hard, and of course, keep you informed every step of the way!

We are excited to bring Kombos Keyboards to life and get these revolutionary Keyboards into your hands!

Thank you,
The Kombos Team


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