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Aug 16, 2016 6:35 AM ET

Archived: Creative Concept Instruments LLC – Founded on the belief that music education is an invaluable part of a childs development into fine human beings, we designed musical instruments that naturally appeal to a child’s sensibilities

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 16, 2016

Creative Concept Instruments LLC

First Co-Op

New York, NY


Founded on the belief that music education is an invaluable part of a childs development into fine human beings, we designed musical instruments that naturally appeal to a childs sensibilities. 

While many instrument manufacturers focus on the past and the present, we are thinking about the present and the future. Changes in the classical music world have meant that many orchestras are struggling to survive, meaning the more traditional opportunities for string players are also narrowing. Still, a world of possibilites continue to open up as rock, pop, jazz, fiddle, mariachi and other styles are becoming exciting possibiities for players to to express themselves on the violin, viola, cello. 

About Creative Concept Instruments LLC


Our company was founded on the belief that the string world is changing and the tools needed to meet those changes must evolve as well. Working with designers across the globe, these violins use colorful designs to nurture childrens’ creativity and imagination. Our trendy newest designs are also suitable for advancing players. We have seen childrens’ eyes light up with delight and amazement when they look at these beautiful instruments. While your child may not be able to appreciate the fine wood or craftsmanship, you will be comfortable knowing that these high quality instruments are the very latest, cutting-edge educational tools to motivate, promote, and inspire musical learning in your child.  In the very short time our company has been in existance we have managed to accomplish things not previously done despite our size, compare to the competition. 



There can tend to be a certain skepticism about bowed string instruments with designs on them. But our motivation comes from the belief that the time is right for instruments that can help shape the future of music making, against a backdrop of a classical music world that struggles to maintain relevance in a changing world.

In addition, we recognize that for a design to work on a musical instrument intended to be played not hung on the wall, the instrument must not only look great close up, but must also have a visual impact from afar – or the audiences perspective. Thus our instruments not only contribute to a performance musically but visuaaly as well.


BUT HOW DO THEY SOUND? We will be adding links to sound samples on youtube. 

Alex Cameron performing on his Blue Lightning Violin in the National Anthem for the Boston Red Sox vs Pittsburgh Pirates at Jet Blue Park!!!




The company looks forward to continuing to roll out innovative new ways to play violin, and soon violas, cellos and bows, with an eye to the future and meeting the needs of popular culture while inspiring youth, both young and old, to discover the wonder of music.

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About the owner


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Blog Address: http://rozannasmusicviolins.blogspot.com/

Rozanna Weinberger, Founder and Julliard trained violist, is a multi-faceted musician and entrepreneur. Rozanna’s work reflects her belief that music is a powerful influence on a child’s development. Rozanna produced a United Nations workshop, for 1500 youth entitled, ‘Where There is Life There is Music’. She has served as music consultant for both the HEAD START Program in NY and the NY Pops Educational Outreach Program. helping to develop a curriculum for young minds.

Rozanna’s music and playing has been featured in a world peace exhibition at the United Nations and Capital Hill, Sweet Thunder, merges classical and popular culture seamlessly, redefining the role of the virtuoso. Her music videos have been seen throughout North and South America on the Classic Arts Showcase, the TRIO Network, the Park City Film Music Festival, Rhode Island and Columbus International Film Festivals, where Chromatic fantasy was a prize-winner .Rozanna was selected to be a cultural Ambassador for the United States, in addition to a recital at the UN Dag Hammarskjöld Auditorium. The artist has been a guest speaker at Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, and Juilliard.

Rozanna Weinberger’s understanding about technique has come from working with some of the best teachers in the world, including Karen Tuttle, William Primrose, William Lincer among others. But is has also come from having to overcome the effects of breaking her neck at age 15. As a result of this injury Rozanna had vertebrae in her neck fused together, which had an impact on her ability to move her neck, shoulders and arms. While hospitalized for this injury, Ms. Weinberger learned that she had been selected to perform at Kennedy Center with a youth orchestra selected from young talent from every part of the country. Determined to participate, and with just 2 months to recover enough to be part of the performance, she did ultimately participate in the orchestra, despite having to use a neck brace and cast on her leg, from having bone taken from her leg to repair her neck.

Rozanna refused to allow this setback to get in the way of her dream to be a concert soloist and ultimately had the opportunity to perform solo with orchestras along with many other performing opportunities. Her challenge included playing hundreds of thousands of ‘open strings’ observing the difficulties and developing a refined kinesthetic awareness, which enabled the artist to sift through the discomfort and find the optimum approach.As a soloist she has always believed that it is necessary to do difficult things easily and that this is what defines a virtuoso. Her setbacks from breaking her neck, ultimately became the impetus for overcoming challenging situations and learning to play the most difficult music with ease and joy.

Rozanna Weinberger recently performed as soloist at the Tribeca Film Festival, for an event sponsored by the Manhattan Producers Alliance and with flute virtuoso Robert Dick at The Spectrum, She has premiered concertos by composers Tania Leon and Maurice Gardner and has performed twice at the International Viola Congress. She has performed original music on the runway for Fashion Week while her award winning music video, Chromatic Fantasy has screened at International Film Festivals and televised throughout North and South America. Her unique style led to recording a solo viola soundtrack by Christopher Mangum for the King Tut Exhibition and as an improviser, Rozanna has played with violinists Sara Caswell, Nigel Kennedy and cellist Dave Eggar.

Her solo recordings are available through Arabesque Recordings and North Pacific Music. She has been a guest panelist at Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University and Juilliard where she has been a consultant for entrepreneurial studies. Her unique artistic approach coupled by a vision of what is needed in the string world, led to creating her own line of violins, ‘Rozanna’s Violins, available at Sam Ash, Guitar Center and other fine retailers. Rozanna has also written for Strings Magazine. As a New York freelancer, Rozanna has performed for numerous Broadway shows and for the Radio City Christmas Show.

We are excited to produce a new violin for Musicians Friend/Guitar Center that will be sold together with the violin sheet music for the upcoming Star Wars Movie, coming out during Christmas season.  This violin comes on the heels of our recent success with our Snowflake violin, also for Musiciansfriend/Guitar Center, which was sold with the vioin sheet music for FROZEN. These instruments represent a new world of possiblities for string players and are excited to embark on this new project with all our supporters!

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  • Artwork created by USA designer

  • Made from nicely flamed, 6 yr. old wood

  • Custom transparent varnish

  • Beauty of tone

  • Front is solid Spruce

  • Genuine Maple back, sides, scroll

  • Genuine Ebony fittings for fingerboard, chin rest, pegs, tailpiece.

  • Fine quality strings

  • Genuine Brazilwood bow, real horsehair, leather and silver wrapping, ebony frog, pearl eye; 

  • Octagonal Brazil wood bow.

  • Lightweight shaped case, velveteen interior, blanket, interior & exterior pockets, 

  • leatherette handles, convenient shoulder back-pack straps.

  • Available in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 


Contact Information:

Creative Concept Instruments LLC

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