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Aug 15, 2016 7:25 PM ET

Archived: Table 21 by Vimage Studios: Let your curiosity consume you in this romantic comedy as a nosy waiter delves into the personal affairs of an intriguing couple as they all discover “the truth” that comes to light at Table 21

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 15, 2016

Table 21

by Vimage Studios


Sometimes things don’t go as planned . . . But maybe it’s the unplanned that makes our world amazing? Let your curiosity consume you in this romantic comedy as a nosy waiter delves into the personal affairs of an intriguing couple as they all discover “the truth” that comes to light at Table 21.


About The Project



Let curiosity consume you as you see what unfolds in this romantic comedy when an overzealous and quirky waiter at La Forchetta Restaurant gets a tad engulfed in the personal and private love affairs of a mysterious couple. We promise . . . you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll want a second serving of Table 21!  




Little did you know . . . but Table 21‘s original script was written as a favor for a friend and began as a dark film with a sad undertone. One brief scene from the film was used to help anxious attendees at the MidWest Filmmaker Workshop learn how to light, shoot and dress a scene . . . taught by our one-and-only Table 21 cinematographer, Alvaro Aro.  To top it off, lead actress Jessica Ambuehl was asked to help the scene come to life on screen.  Fast forward a week and a fully edited scene complete with music and titles, Dine With Me, was not just an exercise to teach local enthusiasts and professionals but also, was a huge hit! This one short scene received such RAVE REVIEWS and provided the audience with such an undeniable CLIFF HANGER, that our writer/director, Brooke Jolley, was asked to re-write and extend her script . . . which has now become Table 21.  Existing twists and turns were left, a few more playful characters were added and a more comedic spin was put on the film. 


Check out the original Dine With Me scene that started it all HERE.




Our philosophy is to create with excellence and we want to invite YOU to help us do just that with Table 21! We are excited about our incredible and dedicated cast and crew to get this project off the ground but need your support.  Want to know more?  Well, let us share a couple more pieces of information to get you excited . . . 


  • WHEN will production begin for Table 21?

Pre-production has been in the works for a few months but production is scheduled to begin late-August. Because the story takes place at a restaurant at night, the three-days of shooting will begin around 7:00 p.m. and end at the refreshing hour of 4 a.m. 


  • WHERE will you film Table 21?

Our dream location was a fine-dining Italian restaurant that would be willing for us to take over their space during and after customer hours. Not a small task to find such a place in the MidWest and not in the budget (although it would be fun) to film in Italy . . . so we’re ever so grateful to have found a restaurant in Lake St. Louis (45 minutes west of St. Louis, Missouri) that not only has the beautiful wood work we dreamed of but is also graciously allowing us to use their space.  Many thanks to Lake St. Louis Bar & Grill!!!


  • WHO is involved with Table 21?

We are thrilled to have an amazing team in front and behind the camera to bring Table 21 to life!  Our talent was found in the MidWest and are represented by multiple agencies in both St. Louis and Chicago.  Our experienced crew was hand-picked to create a true family on set. And last but not least, our writer/director, cinematographer and producer have decades of combined experience that translates beautifully on screen.  Check out our team page for more information including bios, pictures and more!


  • HOW will my contribution be used?

Every little bit helps and will not go to waste!  Having a completed script is one thing but bringing it to life on screen is very challenging yet possible.  Your financial support will help cover costs for things like camera and lighting equipment, insurance, food for the cast and crew, festival submissions, rental fees and all the other details that go into making a film. Make sure to check out the incentives that come with your contribution . . . just a little way to say “thanks” for dining with us!




This is what it all comes down to . . . raising funds to start production and YOU can helpmake Table 21 a reality!  With your financial contribution, we can reach our $11,060 campaign goal to bring this romantic comedy to the big screen . . . well, technically, screens of all sizes but you get the idea.


So now that you’re excited to partner with us, why not tell the world about it?!? Use some of those estimated 20,000 words (women) and 7,000 words (men) each day to spread a little love for the film?  Join the hundreds of people who follow us on social media and invite your friends and family to do the same. Stay connected for behind-the-scenes, drawings, cast bios, bloppers and much, much more.  Let’s work together to bring a little more laughter to other tables around the world!  


FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/table21movie




INSTAGRAM:  https://www.instagram.com/table21movie





Because it’s not your typical romantic comedy!  It will make you laugh.  It will tug on your heartstrings.  It will make you pick sides, change your mind and then pick another side. We are a passionate group of filmmakers that are crazy excited to make an awesome film for the whole world to enjoy! You will find youself wanting another serving of Table 21!

Contact Information:

Vimage Studios

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