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Aug 13, 2016 8:20 AM ET

Archived: Our new book & film ‘takayna – country, culture, spirit’, is the story, told by Tasmanian Aborigines, of their struggle to protect 40,000 years of cultural heritage in takayna/Tarkine

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 13, 2016

takayna – the book & film

This is a story we all need to hear and we all need to share.


Now you can hear the incredible story of Tasmanian Aborigines living cultural connection to takayna / Tarkine. By pledging $35 in the rewards section of this campaign you will receive a copy of the book. If you pledge $100 you will receive a copy of the book and we will supply a copy to a school with a dvd of a short film. Read more below and head over to the rewards section to purchase a copy of this special book and support the campaign to protect takayna / Tarkine.


Our new book & film ‘takayna – country, culture, spirit’, is the story, told by Tasmanian Aborigines, of their struggle to protect 40,000 years of cultural heritage in takayna/Tarkine.


                                      Bron McAnally in takayna/Tarkine by Paul Hoelen.


The Tasmanian Government has reopened 90km of off-road vehicle tracks across the dunes and middens of the remote takayna/Tarkine coastline, between Sandy Cape and Pieman Heads, causing irreparable damage to this globaly significant Aboriginal heritage landscape.


In 2014, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre took the Tasmanian Government to court and won. Yet illegal vehicle access to this sensitive area continues, despite being ruled illegal by the Federal Court.


In December 2014, on application from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, the Federal Court of Australia issued an interim injunction under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act to stop the Tasmanian Government from opening up four wheel drive tracks on the takayna coast.  The interim injunction means that the Tasmanian Government cannot allow access to off-road drivers until the issue of whether track access could comply with heritage protection laws is fully considered by the Court.


On 1 March 2016, the Federal Court ruled in favour of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, finding that opening the three 4WD tracks would be a controlled action under the EPBC Act, and would have a significant impact on indigenous heritage values (even with the mitigation measures proposed by the government).


The Tasmanian & Australian Governments are now appealing that decision.


Morning Light over Norfolk Range from Sea Devil Rivulet, takayna/Tarkine by Rob Blakers.                                                                                                  


To support the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre’s battle for protection of takayna/Tarkine, the Bob Brown Foundation has launched this book, film and website, to share the stories of this stunning place with the world.


This beautiful book, ‘takayna – country, culture, spirit’ is a unique collection of stories by, and photographic portraits of, Tasmanian Aborigines, with stunning landscape images of takayna.



Contributions by Heather Sculthorpe, Bob Brown, Sharnie Everett, Clyde Mansell, Rocky Sainty, Theresa Sainty, Adam Thompson, Caleb Pedder, Luana Towney, Jarrod Edwards and Colin Hughes.


Photographs by Matthew Newton, Rob Blakers, Peter Dombrovskis, Paul Hoelen, Bron McAnally & Jenny Schorta.


The short film, directed by Matthew Newton and produced by Catherine Pettman, features Aboriginal women on the spectacular takayna/Tarkine coast, sharing their stories of country and the irreversible damage by off-road vehicles to this vast, fragile heritage landscape. A website to accompany the book and film will be action-oriented, rallying people across the globe to support the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre in their fight.


                           Photographers/film makers on location with Heather Sculthorpe.


“We can and will protect this place. The Aboriginal community in Tasmania cannot protect takayna alone.”

                                          Heather Sculthorpe, CEO Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre.


They need you!


The wild, remote coastline of takayna/Tarkine, on the very edge of the world, showcases over 40,000 years of Aboriginal heritage, representing an unbroken cultural connection. Our new book and film is the Tasmanian Aboriginal people’s story of their living connection to this global treasure and the struggle to protect it. A beautiful collection of portraits, stories, and photographs, this book is a moving call to action to protect one of the world’s most spectacular and culturally significant places, takayna.



How The Funds Will Be Used

Flights to film the Aboriginal women on location on the remote takayna/Tarkine coast$9,000

Book graphic design    $4,725
Book printing$11,396
Payments to photographers and filmmakers$5,700
Web design$5,000
Pozible fee$3,000
Project Management$4,000



We will distribute books to schools around Australia to use as an Aboriginal education resource.

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre will receive 200 copies of the book to use for their campaign.

Our aim is to sell a further 1000 books so this story is shared as widely as possible and people are inspired to take action to protect takayna/Tarkine.


The total cost of the project is $42,821.


We have received a generous contribution of $12,000 from Patagonia.


Help us raise the remaining $31,000 for this unique project.


       Supported by


The Challenges

The biggest challenge in this campaign is to remove off-road vehicles from the sensitive takayna/Tarkine coast and gain secure protection for its Aboriginal heritage.


The Tasmanian and Australian Government are facilitating irreversible damage to this remote National Heritage listed coastline. The biggest challenge is to compel these Governments to act instead in the interests of Aboriginal rights, cultural heritage and environmental protection.


The next challenge is to broadcast this story to the world and inspire citizens to take action to defend takayna/Tarkine’s unique coastline. By purchasing this book your are helping raise the funds to make this campaign a success.



Contact Information:

Bob Brown Foundation

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