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Aug 13, 2016 10:28 AM ET

Award-winning Waterlife is an Underwater Fine Art Photo Exhibition & Book project celebrating life

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 13, 2016

Waterlife – an Underwater Fine Art Photo Exhibition & Book

Award-winning Waterlife is an underwater fine art photo project celebrating life. The goal is to fund an exhibition and a book.

About this project

Water is life.
Water is the origin of all.
Without water there is no life.
Our planet is a water planet, a waterglobe. Earth is scarce.

When we, as a photographer couple, were expecting our first baby, these facts came to our minds. Our baby was floating in its own water sphere, the only world it knew by then was an underwater world. We travelled to High Springs in Northern Florida, USA, where a vast underwater river system reaches the surface of earth in form of springs. In these springs, warm clear water flows out of caves and into a river. These water-filled holes in the surface of our planet reminded us of uterus – the uterus of our world, where life, water, comes out into the world.

Taking photos of Anna under water in these springs, carrying our baby in it’s own water sphere, is our tribute to life, and to water as the origin of all life. All photos are taken in natural light while breath-hold diving.

Photo Book and exhibition

Now, we have made a photo book about the project. And 28th of August 2016, we are opening a photo exhibition at the art gallery Kunsthal 45 in The Netherlands. This exhibition we will later bring to other venues around the world.
It is to fund the production of this exhibition and the book we are seeking your support. The set goal just cover the actual production and transportation of the photos, prints mounted on acrylic glass and aluminium. But we are hoping that with your support we can also fund the book.

What do other people say about Waterlife?

Jill Heinerth, Explorer in Residence, Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Internationally successful underwater photographer, filmmaker and explorer:

“Waterlife is a visually stunning celebration of how our lives are intertwined with water. We begin our lives in the primordial ocean of our Mother’s Womb. Our earth is 70 percent water. Our bodies are 70 percent water. All of us are intwined in this dance called life. Visually compelling and breathtaking in sheer beauty, Waterlife is pure and moving.”

Linda Rose Smit, chairperson at art gallery Kunsthal 45 in the Netherlands:

“For this year’s Fotoroute, Kunsthal 45 has chosen Under Water as its theme. The work Waterlife is a prefect fit: a combination where theme, art and photography combine. The work is original and personal and is expected to draw a lot of attention during this exhibition.”

Fotografit is a Danish company specialised in selling underwater photo equipment on the Scandinavian market (think underwater lighting, camera houses etc). When they got their eyes on Waterlife the loved it! Here is what founder Lars Kirkegaard wrote in Fotografit’s newsletter last week:

“I want your attention towards an interesting project that has come to my attention.My old colleague from the DYK days and good friend Marko Wramén (and his lovely wife Anna) has just started a Kick Starter project.It is an Underwater Fine Art Photo Exhibition & Book.

They are both keen divers and photographers – and Marco has his own little publishing company that publishes dive & travel books (among others) and now they have come up with the idea to make this project.

The world is a better place, if ideas like this get backed and become a reality. And these days it seems that we need it! ;-)


Yes… click the link and support them! :-)”



Waterlife was selected to participate at the Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu in Arles, France in May 2016.


Waterlife was also awarded Bronze in Freedom category in Nude 2016 International PhotoShoot Awards in Montreal, Canada, and selected as Finalist in the Nature category.


Photos available as rewards 

These photos are available as rewards – when ordering a photo reward, let us know which photo you want (number 1-6). You can either order them as high quality prints in different sizes and frame them yourself.

If you want the photos to really shine, do like we are doing for the exhibition and order photos mounted on acrylic glass with an aluminium back. It is a a fantastically beautiful way to display the photos (and they are easy to hang as they come with mounting devices already fixed on the back).


The only company we could find in Sweden that can produce these acrylic glass and aluminium mounts of our photos is Japan Photo. We are happy to announce that they are supporting us in the production of this exhibition.



Risks and challenges

There are no risks for you as a backer. If we reach our goal you will receive the rewards (books/photos).

Contact Information:

Marko T Wramén & Anna W Thorbjörnsson

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