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Aug 11, 2016 12:02 PM ET

Archived: Nina – At Love Yo Pup, we believe our pets should enjoy the same high quality nutritious foods that we do so we applied the farm-to-table principle to our handcrafted organic dog treats, using locally sourced ingredients to fulfill our mantra: “if I wouldn’t eat it, neither will my dog.”

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United States
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Nina’s story

I started Love Yo Pup as a labor of love. As a pastry chef, I knew that I could create a great product with no problem. I applied the farm-to-table principle to my dog treats, using locally sourced ingredient to make the freshest and most nutritious snacks for my fury family members. My mantra is “if I wouldn’t eat it, neither will my dog.” I wanted to do more than just create another product, I also wanted to give to my community. I wanted to feed, nurture, and care for those beings that enrich our lives with unconditional love. So I went out and started sharing my passion about sound pet nutrition with anyone who would listen. I worked hard to perfect the Love Yo Pup biscuit. Love Yo Pup is now being carried by several pet stores and specialty boutiques in my home town of Omaha Nebraska. I am currently working on distribution in Columbus Ohio, Brooklyn New York, and Miami Beach. I am also very active with my local farmers markets, which includes being one of the sponsors for The Gifford Park Neighborhood Farmers Market. I am constantly reminded that healthy communities are built on connecting with each other around the things we cherish most. I have seen the love for our animals break down otherwise intractable barriers. Nurturing and cultivating these relationships has taught me that interconnectedness changes not only our lives but the lives of one our most important companions. 

This loan is special because:

It helps an entrepreneur provide people and animals with healthy and sustainable lifestyle options.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

At Love Yo Pup we have a passion for our pups and yours. We believe that our pets should enjoy the same high quality nutritious foods that we do. That’s what inspired me to start Love Yo Pup, a handcrafted organic dog treat business in Omaha, Nebraska.

It all began two years ago, when my dog Oscar was found to have a heart murmur and other health issues. During that time there were numerous food recalls from the major dog food manufactures. I got tired of worrying about the potential harmful food I could feeding my animals. Being a organic urban gardener and a pastry chef I asked myself, “why don’t I do the research and make treats myself. That’s when Love Yo Pup was born. It was extremely important to me to create the perfect balance between nutrition and taste that my dogs would love. I took the farm to table approach and add in forest so that I could use humanely harvested wild game and give as close to a dogs natural wild diet as possible. An important part of our vision is to practice sustainable and humane living. Our interconnectedness to nature and our four legged companions is key in our mission. It keeps us sharply focused on our mission to be an advocate not only for dog but for our customers who love and care for their four legged family members. That’s why part of our proceeds go to No kill shelters and rescues in our area. Our target demographic are people who are active in their community, care for the environment, active outdoors and believe in a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Our biggest challenge right now is production space to grow our product line, which will include a RAW food line and a Cat treat and RAW food division. When I started Love Yo Pup I wanted to make sure that we were being environmentally conscious. Part of my loan request will go towards the building of a Tiny home inspired production facility,. Using solar as our primary energy source we would leave little foot print on our community. Our next challenge is marketing and reaching our targeted audience around the country. We need to launch a website to help expand and drive sales. We need to be able to be in the community promoting ourselves and our mission through participating in artist fairs, farmers markets and other market events.

My future plan is to buy some land and turn that into the Love Yo Pup production facility and sanctuary for animals in need of a forever home. We will have a sustainable farm that would supply us with our fresh organic fruits and vegetables. We would partner with hunters and farmers who humanely harvest wild game and who practice free range and free roaming practices with their animals. More than a rescue I want to be a learning center and an interactive meeting place for community development.

I want to be the apart of something great that gives back to the people that give to me. I want to make this world a better and safer place for animals. I want to help people reconnect with nature and to see that we cant be one without the other. I want to share love.

What is the purpose of this loan?

With this loan I will be able to build a small production facility which would allow me to double my production, and expand into RAW food market. The cost of a small production space would be $2200. The equipment that I would need to effectively and efficiently run a profitable business would include but not limited to. One electric commercial electric oven $1200, which would allow me to double my out put. A Meat Grinder $450 to be able to process meat and bone for our expansion into the Raw food market. I would also need a food processor $160 and a professional grade mixer $280. All of these things would allow for me to expand and double my business achieve the goals of reaching other markets around the country and to also expand in my current market. The remaining $1200 would be used for packaging and marketing and product development.

This loan would open the door and clear the way for me to execute my vision for Love Yo Pup. Love Yo Pup is to be of service to it’s community not only locally but nationally. By donating a portions of our proceeds to local No kill shelters and rescues, we can help provide an avenue to help hundreds if not thousands of pets find loving, caring forever homes.

About Love Yo Pup

Industry: Services
Years in operation: 6 months – 1 year

A loan of $2,500 helps me to buy equipment, boost my marketing and distribution and also gain some working capital for my business.

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