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Aug 11, 2016 10:55 AM ET

Archived: ID90T provides a full range of services and technology solutions that automate and simplify airline employee travel

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2016

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Beverly HIlls, CA 90212, US
Web Service Software

ID90T provides a full range of services and technology solutions that automate and simplify airline employee travel. ID90T’s web-based e-ticketing platform has patent pending, industry-leading features and a successful track record with current airline customers. The Company is the market leader in the space with a broader range of services than any other competitor. At its core, ID90T has automated the process for managing and fulfilling airline employee travel, which currently is cumbersome, paper-based and costly. This is the last ticketing function to be automated. Not only are airlines motivated to automate this process to make it more efficient and cost-effective, but also because the International Air Transport Association has mandated that all ticketing be done via e-ticket.

Products / Services

Interline Fare Calculator Research Tool

Allows airline employees to calculate ZED, ID, Flat Rate or other interline agreement rates. Rates are inclusive of base fare and all applicable taxes. Reduces the ‘shopping calls and visits’ to Reservations and Airport Staff. In addition, ID90T’s Buddy Fare Calculator is also a research tool, but calculates buddy rates vs. interline rates. Delta also utilizes our Yield Fare Calculator, which calculates base fare and taxes for non-dependents and registered travel companions of the employee.



Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing
Tristan Schukraft


Senior Vice President Technology Officer
Sebastian Barale


Senior Vice President Operations
Barbara Conk


Managing Director Information Technology
Marcelo Acosta


Managing/Manager Sales & Marketing
Denise Mapston


Managing/Manager Sales & Marketing
Peter van Kalkeren


Managing/Manager Finance
Silvana Solis


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Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
10 years, 6 months84Miscellaneous Business Software


Company TypeStock ExchangeStock Symbol
Contact Information:

David Leblanc

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