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Aug 10, 2016 12:15 PM ET

Archived: Go-Green – Remotely-controlled seeding machine: Technology makes farmers’ life easier! Our vision is to reduce and eventually eliminate parasitical skin conditions and chronic back pain for Ugandan cooperative workers

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2016

Go-Green Remotely-controlled seeding machine

A project by: QI WANG



Technology makes farmers’ life easier!

Go-green Remote-control Agriculture Machine


Our vision is to reduce and eventually eliminate parasitical skin conditions and chronic back pain for Ugandan cooperative workers. We are seeking to raise US$ 291,774.00 to develop our multi-purpose machine to enhance their health and quality of their life. The first stage of our campaign is directed at co-operates framers.


Our Team 


Innovation to make farmers’ life easier 


Agriculture Cooperatives in Uganda are committed to reducing poverty and curtailing health implication affecting farmers. Although farmers work hard they do not produce more food to cover their family needs. Bending down to plant seeds has generated back and waist pain, watering vegetables affects their skin. Both impact on their income and prospects. In a word, a farmers’ life is more arduous beyond your imagination.


We are going to design and build a remotely controlled agricultural machine to help farmer’s plant seeds and then harvest crops. Our machine can be controled by a remote system and farmers can use it easily. It will run for three hours and is designed to be used any anyone. Through this innovation, and with your help, we can improve the life chances of rural families in Uganda



Our Amazing Machine





Financial Plan


Our entry level seeding machine costs $500 and can be used by any farmer in the co-operative! Our project is a long-term reward program. To expand the market and promote our product, we will provide free 3 month trials. During this period, our profit will be 0 and the expenditure would be high. In our second year we will design and develop attachment for harvesting and finishing. As a social business we will breakeven from the fourth year and continue to invest in product development.


During this period, financial status would be published to investors on time.



Equity Reward Funding 


Investors can fund our startup company and obtain equity as a financial return. This might be long-term return but we believe that our company can achieve success in the near future. Actually, we plan to share part of our project with Uganda Cooperative Alliance Ltd. Which has 319 cooperative members. Due to this cooperation, we could expand into the Uganda market easily.


Contact Us








Technology can change the world with your help!



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