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Aug 9, 2016 12:01 PM ET

Archived: Flying just got a lot easier. Flyosk LLC – The first central hub for all things aviation: schools, instructors, job

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 9, 2016

Flyosk LLC

The first central hub for all things aviation: schools, instructors, job.



Flying just got a lot easier.

They say knowing is half the battle, and with Flyosk, any potential pilot will have all the information they need to get started in the industry and watch their career take off. In short, we are an online launch pad for aviation enthusiasts.

The world is changing rapidly – and within our lifetime, flight won’t just mean piloting airplanes or helicopters, but flying cars and drones as well. Flyosk will be the central resource for getting off the ground — in whatever form that takes. 

In a day and age where there are dedicated platforms to find the perfect restaurant, the right lawyer, hotel, flight, and more, why shouldn’t there be a platform specifically for people who are willing to shell out $15-20K on flight lessons? Read on to see how we’re unifying the future of flight!


Aviation online services is an extremely segmented market; there is currently no central resource to find all the information one needs to learn to fly.

Looking for a good flight instructor? Want to know what type of planes your local flight club owns? How about simply finding out how much a lesson costs? Good luck.

You’ll be spending hours browsing Facebook for helpful groups, sifting through numerous flight school websites, or calling dozens of schools and instructors in the hopes of finding the info you need.

This problem becomes even more pressing when you understand how quickly the aviation market is expanding.

The world is moving up, and there is going to be a growing need to connect instructors, schools, and pilots. Imagine how successful a singular marketplace of driving teachers would have been when cars were first invented!

On June 21st, the FAA finalized new regulations for drone pilots, creating a new drone certification covering commercial drone flight operations. This opens the door to a whole new market segment with potentially fast growth.

Even if you don’t consider the inevitable future filled with flying cars and drones, aviation in the traditional sense is also experiencing a boom. 

This increase in job availability will naturally lead to more people seeking those jobs out. However, they currently have no easy way to do so.

Hand-in-hand with this demand increase is a growing supply of female aviators.

  • Since 2000, the number of women pilots in the U.S. has risen by nearly 20% according to Phoenix East Aviation.
  • Ground instructors are up 15%
  • Airline dispatchers rose by 71%
  • Flight instructors increased by nearly 7%
  • Aviation mechanics rose by 43%

 — all just among women.

So the problem’s in the aviation industry stretch far beyond a lack of user-friendliness. The market NEEDS a centralized online service. If nothing changes, market segmentation is only going to get worse.

That’s where Flyosk comes in. As a dedicated platform for potential pilots and flight clubs/school, we provide all the tools needed to get people off the ground with confidence. 


Flyosk is committed to helping you find the precise aviation resource you need. Whether it’s a school, instructor, job opportunity or even answers to your questions, Flyosk is there for you.

Our services include:


  • Certified Flight Instructors
    For 20 states including CA, FL, TX, NY and more to come, with information about their hourly rate, total instruction hours, planes they can fly, awards, memberships, and certifications.
  • Flight Schools and Clubs
    With details on the certifications and ratings they offer, their fleet and rental rates, special offerings, and reviews from customers. 

Posted by flight schools and clubs and a listing feed from JSFirm.

Where aviators everywhere can ask questions for flight schools and instructors to respond.

Where Flyosk’s original aviation related content such as infographics are parked.

By flight schools, instructors, and other aviation experts.

To determine investment requirements for various certifications and ratings.

To help aspiring aviators finance their flight tuition at a negotiated low rate. (This service is still in the works).

Flyosk: your one-stop shop for all things aviation. 


Flyosk officially launched in January 2016. In the short time since, several of the major flying clubs, flight schools, and CFIs in California and Florida have already signed up with us, and the numbers continue to grow every day. 

We launched our marketing campaign in May 2016 and attained the following results:

We have also formed a partnership with JSFirm, the leading job site in aviation, to integrate their job feed on Flyosk. We are planning to attend key aviation events with JSFirm this year.

Furthermore, we are also planning to host a few summer events with key flight club partners in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. This will help build our public profile and establish a solid user base.

While marketing and sales are our full-time focus in the short term, we have much more in store in Flyosk for the long term. Most notably: a mobile app, flight training financing, and discounted aviation deals. We also plan to create branded and fun aviation merchandize to sell on our platform.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into Flyosk!


Praneet has over 12 years of management consulting experience with Big 4 firms where he managed engagements ranging from $2M-$40M. He is also an experienced entrepreneur, having launched a startup providing web development services to clients all over the country. He started the company with a small team of 4 and turned it into a 25-employee company with revenue of $250K in a year and a half.

Having flown more than 1.5 million miles over the past 12 years, Praneet developed a deep passion for aviation. 737s are basically his second car. After flying as a passenger for so long, he thought of looking into what it actually takes to fly a plane himself. He quickly learned what thousands before him have discovered: with no platform dedicated to aviation, the process of finding the right instructor/school is frustrating and time consuming. 

Swapnil has over 12 years of technical experience in security and development domain working for major tech companies such as Microsoft, Symantec, and Dell.

He is an advocate for Microsoft technologies and platforms and had used these technologies for over 10years. This is the reason why Flyosk is built on .Net framework for a robust and scalable platform.

Lawrence is a recent UC Berkeley graduate with 4 years of project and product management experience. He has developed application strategy for startups and large corporations centered around user experience in his management consulting career. As a part of the Flyosk team, he hopes to bring his various experience and skills to maximize Flyosk’s reach in the aviation industry.

Varun hails from the advertising and design industry and has 7 years of work experience. Having trained in creative communications after his engineering degree, he has been using his creative and analytical abilities to strategize brands communication in achieving the required numbers. He has been working on Flyosk’s branding and communication since its inception. He has elaborate plans for Flyosk’s establishment as the name synonymous to aviation.

Dominique has been flying for over 18 years, flight instructing for 15, and has over 6300 hrs total time, with experience in turbo-prop right seat. She was also a chief pilot, in charge of 70 instructors, 90 airplanes at 4 different locations in the Bay Area, servicing 1200 active members of a flying club at Palo Alto. She holds an ATP multi-engine certification, have instructed many flight instructors.

Contact Information:

Praneet Raj - CEO

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