IMPLANT ! After the war everyone was chipped. Keeping people “safe and healthy”, turned out to be a total nightmare!!! …Kyle knew it was time! - iCrowdNewswire

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Aug 8, 2016 2:21 PM ET

IMPLANT ! After the war everyone was chipped. Keeping people “safe and healthy”, turned out to be a total nightmare!!! …Kyle knew it was time!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 8, 2016


After the war everyone was chipped. Keeping people “safe and healthy”, turned out to be a total nightmare!!! …Kyle knew it was time!

About this project

Hello there my name is Einar Petersen and I wish I was making up all those headlines that you’ve just seen in the video introduction.

Some years ago, I wrote a short story called Implant!

The inspiration at that time came from my outrage of hearing politicians seriously talking about having people wearing electronic ID tags in buttons and the like. I forget the names, but it seems there are still people salivating about that idea.

Can you imagine a future where not only your identity, but all that you do, say and all your transactions are monitored tracked and reacted upon by an increasingly disconnected political elite.

An elite that knows exactly what is best for you and will enforce this to the fullest extent ?

Oh wait we’re almost there are we not ? And is it a type of society we really want to be in ?

In my quest to “spread the word”, or should I say in my quest to paint a picture in ten feet tall flaming letters I have come across a very talented Canadian young lady called Alyssa Cooper who after being approached on the subject presented me with some pretty nifty artwork based on Implant!

You can go to to see her story concept drawings.

You can also see some of Alyssa’s other artwork by visiting her site by clicking on her picture.

Alyssa Cooper
Alyssa Cooper


I furthermore also secured the talents of Alexander Sharko of Ukraine who whipped up a preliminary storyboard for the conversion of my short into an illustrated comic book/novella.

You can see his preliminary concept storyboard here:

Alexander Sharko
Alexander Sharko


You can see some of of Alexander’s creations on his YouTube Channel by clicking on his picture.

My goal is to bring these two together and in the process invite all of you to join me on a journey through the last hours of an Orvellian state that is held together by a stringent control apparatus that the STASI would have been salivating about. Not to mention at the same time bringing you a cool comic book / illustrated novella based on Implant!

Now how’s that for a treat?

I am not some kind of Luddite and fully understand some of the clever uses technology can bring and I am not hellbent on taking everyone back to the stoneage, I would just appreciate a little personal freedom and privacy.

When “democratic” governments operate with secret courts, intensive surveillance of their own citizens and for that sake everyone else in the world, and doing it all in the holy name of “security”.

When things are like that, then I believe there is reason to be very sceptic and deeply aware of the possibilities of the technologies that are being conceived and implemented can bring humanity, be they good or bad.

Now for the Kickstarter treats.

There are naturally multiple tiers you as a backer can get in at and you will as a minimum receive an electronic version of the comic book in English.

You can adopt a page and we’ll “sneak” your name right into the comic book pages so everyone can see how cool you are.

You could see yourself, or someone you love in the story, or maybe have your organization or business appear in the comic.

The possibilities are many and if you have other and better ideas for rewards I am certainly open to those as well.

Just sign on to the campaign with a minimum pledge and let’s discuss things further.

I intend to release Implant! in English, Danish, Faroese and Chinese languages, maybe even more.

The English version is the one you will receive and the one all rewards are tied to.

As a backer you will be able to follow the work as it proceeds and your creative comments will be welcomed.

Finally you will be seeing the product available for download or depending on your backing level, seeing the actual comic book in your hand.

I look forward to share this comic with all of you in the near future.

Basically this Kickstarter is all about recovering the cost for proofs, artwork, the storyboard and a minimum print run.

The breakdown of cost consists of the price for the proofs created so far, the storybook design.

The upcoming artwork for the comic book that will be roughly 50 pages.

A print run of 200 pieces, covering transport cost and and import duties of said books back to me, yes the government want their share.

Sending a number of copies of the comic book around the world for review etc.

All in all the above is estimated to end up running in the range around 6444 US$

Estimates as anyone that’s ever dealt with project work is aware of, are almost always wrong, so let’s add roughly 30% to have some padding for unforeseen expenses, leaving us at 8380 US$

At this point we should be covered.

Then we need to be adding 10% in order to to cover Kickstarter fees leaving us with a total cost for the project estimated at 9218 US$

I hope that you will take the time to check out the backer levels and decide how far you’d be interested in being involved.

With that said I hope you will join me on this glorious adventure.

But before I leave you to it, I would like to strongly encourage you to visit the SoundCloud page of Faroese composer Andrias Rasmussen who has graciously allowed the use of his soundtrack for this video.

Some of his music can be found here:

And the soundtrack itself here:

Please enjoy and welcome aboard !!!


Risks and challenges

Graphic adaptation of concept storyboard takes longer than expected

Loosing the graphic artist, finding a new one, print run problems, ballooning costs of above mentioned cost estimates.

The reasons for potential failure are many, but let’s make a conscious decision that we will not fail, you decide to stand by me and I press on till the very end ensuring you have a product in your hand or on your screen.

The plan is to let all backers follow the creative process so that they can see the project progress by themselves once the Kickstarter period is over right up until you eventually have the finished product in your hands or on your screen.

Why no captions on the video ? – Well I tried out a demo where the option is presented and it flickered on and off, even disappeared the video on me and the caption was hidden by the playback controls that would not disappear so to preserve quality I decided against it, however I think I have more or less covered everything explained in the video in the above text – Please let me know if I have missed something. I will try and create a FAQ if one seems to be neded.

Thanks again!!!

Kind regards


Contact Information:

Einar Petersen

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