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Aug 7, 2016 11:08 AM ET

Archived: The Leather State Coasters of America: State coasters made from premium leather to make your drinks feel at home

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 7, 2016

The Leather State Coasters of America

State coasters made from premium leather to make your drinks feel at home.

About this project

You drink stuff. Because, you know, you’re a human. Maybe you’re strictly a water person. Maybe an occasional coke. Or pop. Or whatever you prefer to call it. On Fridays, an old fashioned, perhaps? Listen, what you drink is your business. But what you set your drink on is ours. And we get it. They’re “just” coasters. But think of it this way. Every time you put your drink down, you’ll smile, remembering where you come from. Hey, it’s the simple things.

A quick word about the “skinny” states (California, Tennessee, Delaware, Massachusetts, etc.). Obviously, we did not want to leave anyone out. That being said, you may find some state shapes just don’t work out very well as coasters. Florida, we all love your beautiful beaches and incredible bass fishing, but you make a awkwardly narrow coaster. Is it possible to set a drink on the Florida coaster? Yes. Does it look awesome? Yes. Does it work very well as a coaster? Eh, not really. 

1. Custom leather: We are working with an American manufacturer to produce a leather that will be perfect for these coasters. This will require us to purchase a large amount of leather (custom made to our specifications). We are asking for $4,000 to help us with this initial investment in raw materials. Kickstarter helps alleviate some of the risk in developing a new product; it would be a huge bummer to invest in a batch of leather only to find there is no demand for the product! 

2. Last year, your support was overwhelming. The primary reason this company has been able to grow is because of backers like you. The Wooden States of America ended up raising $53,000 — and this momentum helped carry us through Christmas. With such a positive experience from that campaign we are excited to return with a new product — the Leather States of America!

My name is Ben- I do most of the production and lollygagging around here. The pretty one is my wife, Christen- she’s basically the boss. She’s also an elementary music teacher. We both hail from Kentucky, where we met four years ago. While we are on the subject, here is a video that helps tell my story.

AUGUST – Kickstarter Campaign

SEPTEMBER – Order Custom Batch of Leather

OCTOBER – Manufacturing & Shipping


Risks and challenges

After last year’s Kickstarter, we made and shipped over 1,600 wooden state magnets… on time! This product was much more complicated, and required multiple steps in the production process (I spent 50 hours sanding one week). Thanks to past experiences, I am confident we will be able to fulfill all obligations on time.

We have been working with an American leather supplier to find the best leather for this product; all of our templates and files are made – we just need your orders!

Thanks y’all!


Contact Information:

Benjamin Aroh

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