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Aug 6, 2016 3:43 PM ET

Archived: Glebe Mobile Parklet – We have worked with local architects and local government to bring a whole new approach to parklets never seen before in Australia

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 6, 2016

Glebe Mobile Parklet

In 2015, Glebe hosted the City of Sydney’s first ever Mobile Parklet. 


The parklet activated multiple carspaces along Glebe Point Road and set the village’s imagination on fire.


Suddenly Glebe saw its car parking spaces in a whole new way, as public outdoor verandahs, eating areas, coffee spots and reading nooks. 


Love was in the air.


Now, it’s 2016 and we are on a mission to build not one but TWO even more mobile, more comfortable and more adaptable parklets out of customised car trailers.


We invite you to share in our journey and become Friends of the Parklets, supporting their creation and reimagining the possibilities of carspaces on Glebe Point Road & beyond.



When we asked what people liked about Parklet #1  the top 3 responses were:


1. “It adds life and energy to the street.”

2. “It gives us free public seating.”

3. “There’s more places to eat and drink and meet.”



We listened to these responses and have worked with local architects and local government to bring a whole new approach to parklets never seen before in Australia.  We have designed 2 completely mobile seating areas and have $28 000 of parking fee waivers from the council to park them whereever you want them. 


So now, it’s your turn to get involved and help us realise their creation…



  • We have designed some really exciting interactive rewards that don’t just give you a token of appreciation but invite you to events, experiences and to be part of building it.
  • This is an opportunity to say “I was there… in the beginning… I helped make that happen”. The case for parklets has been proven again and again in our Sister City San Francisco who now have around 50 of them. Sydney has had one, and now we’ll all be responsible number TWO and THREE. #MakingHistory.
  • We want to get the Parklets out the front of forward-thinking businesses and hot points in Glebe Point Rd, and really change our street culture for the better.  Businesses can ‘book’ the parklet to be outside their location for periods throughout the next year.










How The Funds Will Be Used

  • Purchasing two box trailers, custom fabricating them and registering them as roadworthy
  • Cladding the trailers in wooden panelling, landscaping them and installing hurricane proof umbrellas.
  • Installing book shares, chalkboards for kids and artwork skins to wrap the parklets.
  • Hosting an unforgettable Parklet Launch Party at The Works Glebe to thank our amazing supporters.
  • Fulfilling all of the rewards described and delivering them in an efficient and proffessional manner.


The great news is that:

  1. We have already secured a $6500 grant from the City of Sydney to facilitate the moving, maintenance and activation of the parklet over 12 months.
  2. And we’ve also been allocated 12 months worth of waived Parking Fees thanks to the City of Sydney!




The Challenges

We’ve covered all the major bases for any possible challenges:


  • Parking the Parklet is approved and encouraged by the City of Sydney. Wow.
  • We have engaged ASA – Alexander Symes Architect – who have a wealth of experience in mobile Architecture to design the Parklets. They designed the Dresden Optics mobile retail store and are currently developing an exciting new tiny house product also on wheels!
  • We’ve designed a complete series of activities and events and tied them into the Crowdfunding Rewards so that this little baby is launched with a whole year of activation and community love. What a great start to life.
  • The fulfillment of rewards, movement of the trailers and maintenance will be coordinated by staff and volunteers from the Glebe Chamber of Commerce.




Life is Good for Friends of the Glebe Parklet














Contact Information:

Glebe Chamber of Commerce

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