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Aug 5, 2016 6:14 AM ET

Archived: SUNTASTE SOLAR OVEN – a practical, effective and versatile solar oven and the most natural, tasty and easy way of cooking

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2016




Suntaste solar oven: the most natural, tasty and easy way of cooking. (Delivered doo-to-door in mainland Portugal, including black colored pot and roasting pan)

SunOK was already making the world’s best solar ovens, according to independent sources (see on our website). but we wanted to go farther: to have a better environmental record and to make our products more appealing and easier to use.

These were the guidelines for designing the Suntaste, a practical, effective and versatile solar oven. When used outdoors, with a clear sky, it excels on the following:

– Cooking all sorts of dishes except frying while keeping the food tasty and moisty;

– Dehydrating food, by keeping the door slightly open and the lid focused on the Sun.

While indoors, it’s also very useful for:

– Working as a retained heat oven, completing the cooking process initiated in another oven or stove (like a hay box) and sparing energy;

– Making yogurts by using its excellent insulation and keeping both lid and door closed. All this while benefiting from many additional advantages:

– Moderate cooking temperatures keep the food’s flavors and moist resulting in delicious dishes.

– No danger of burning food means no attention is needed and users have more free time.

– Easy to carry and to store while not in use. – No consumption of scarce resources or expensive energy. – No harmful emissions or CO2.

– Very safe as the outside never gets hot enough to cause skin burns.

Customers who adhere to this campaign will benefit from a 30% discount on the retail price of the accessories that will be launched subsequently. Among these will be a removable side mirror that will completely avoid the need for regular refocusing towards the Sun during the most time consuming cooking.


SunOK is a Portuguese company that specializes in innovative solar energy applications. The launch of Suntaste solar oven is the result of several years of research and development, and also from the cumulated experience with the manufacture and marketing on a global scale, of the Sun Cook solar oven. It was this product that established SunOK as a world reference in this sector, making possible the development of a highly innovative solar oven, which keeps the great qualities of the Sun Cook, but with much better results in terms of sustainability and ease of use. With the Suntaste, we will make available over the 5 continents an unmatched product, one that has the particularity of using intensively a very Portuguese material, which is cork. This is used not only to ensure an effective thermal insulation but also as a structural material, in what constitutes, we believe, a unique development. The network of distributors already established, and growing, allows solar cooking enthusiasts all over the world, to enjoy delicious and succulent solar cooked dishes and benefit from the ease of use of an oven that never burns food thereby freeing users to other activities. Our reputation results from the product with which we made our debut, the Sun Cook, who was the most advanced in its class, by combining a sophisticated design with high quality materials and advanced optics to achieve temperatures that could reach 200˚C. Its effectiveness and good performance were put to trial by users as demanding and diverse as chef Chakall, in his beach restaurant; alpinist Joao Garcia, in the Himalayas; sailers in Australia; African families housed in Kenya’s refugee camps; American experts in solar cooking and more than 5,000 people who surrendered to the delights of solar cooking and the great advantages of this practical, economic and natural way of cooking.


Since we began researching into the application of cork on our solar ovens we have come a long way that resulted in a product that is both attractive, functional and rational. For this we used the best engineering skills, in each of the specialty fields, to ensure performance, ease of use and durability. We counted with experts in various fields – from optical CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrators or Non-Imaging Optics), three-dimensional design, the life-cycle assessment – and leading manufacturers in their fields – such as production and molding of cork agglomerates, metallic reflectors, bonding techniques and protective coatings, for example. We have already completed the phases of concept design, mock-up building, 3D modeling, development and testing of specific design solutions, validation and testing with suppliers and partners, and prototyping and product testing at IPES – the Portuguese Institute for Solar Energy. Throughout the project an Ecodesign methodology was used, analyzing the entire product lifecycle in order to minimize its impact on the environment and to maximize its positive impact on the lives of those who are the focus of SunOK: our customers. At present, the following tasks are being completed: design and manufacture of molds; manufacturing of tools and dies, jigs for cutting, assembly and control; and miscellaneous equipment for the assembly line, in a digital process of information transfer and processing of all the necessary materials. In parallel we’re developing and testing the packaging, and analysing palletization and containerization in order to ensure that the more than 90% of units that will be exported, are transported in an efficient way without unnecessary environmental burdens or increased costs to our clients. In order to complete this phase by the end of September, Sunok needs to raise € 10,000 that will complement all the investment already made by the company and will enable the completion of the works and the commercial launch of the “Compact” version of the Suntaste. This will be followed by the availability of the side mirror, an accessory that eliminates the need for reorientation of the cooker and that can be used on any Suntaste oven very easily. Two months later the “Large” version it will launched sporting a greater capacity and allowing cooking simultaneously with the two included vessels.




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Sun OK

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