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Aug 5, 2016 1:08 PM ET

Archived: Nightshade Partners, Inc. – Mixologist quality, ready-to-drink craft margaritas; unlike competing beverages, we aren’t overly sweet and full of additives – everything is natural and high-quality

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2016

Nightshade Partners, Inc.

Mixologist quality, ready-to-drink craft margaritas


You work hard – so why settle for a subpar cocktail when you decide to kick back and relax?  Introducing Nightshade Partners – your 24/7 mixologist who never takes a break.  Our line of Premium Craft Margaritas
are ready-to-drink, allowing you to simply pour and serve with a smile.  But, unlike competing beverages, we aren’t overly sweet and full of additives – everything is natural and high-quality.

Tastings and launches have been fabulous – grab your glass and let’s make some money!


We invite you to try Nightshade Partners’ Premium Craft Margaritas. If you happen to be among the 74% of the population in the 34 states that we can legally ship to, then go online and order any or all of our currently available flavors to enjoy your own Nightshade Experience. The proven taste and quality is unmatched. Visitwww.nightshadetequila.com.


For all of tequila’s great creations, the margarita has to be the best.  Margaritas are the most popular cocktail in the US, with 60% of consumers surveyed selecting it as their top pick.  Ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, another spirits trend, are quickly becoming a consumer favorite and are crossing over into the world of margaritas.  Approximately 55% of Millennials, who enjoy their easy to drink nature and hearty alcoholic content, consume RTD cocktails.  The margarita’s popularity and delicious taste make it a perfect fit, too – as it’s currently outperforming all other RTD cocktail options.

Despite their burgeoning popularity, a little “saltiness” remains in the world of RTD margaritas.  Consistent with booming trends like craft brewing and farm-to-table dining, consumers are tired of foods and drinks made with low-quality ingredients.  This is the sad reality with current RTD margarita options; they’re more focused on mass production, and too sweet to be considered a crafted cocktail.  Because of this, there’s a great opportunity for an RTD beverage manufacturer to create a high-quality, delicious product that takes the margarita world by storm.


For the past four years, we’ve been developing, refining, and selling mixologist-quality Premium Craft Margaritas.  Our cocktails are Ready To Serve   straight out of the bottle, so consumers can go back to being happy hosts rather than busy bartenders.  Much like the family of nightshade plants, they’re just a little bit dangerous and mysterious, but invariably intriguing and delicious.  Each margarita is crafted with nothing but the best in quality ingredients, including blue agave silver tequila and all-natural juices.

The “Nightshade Experience” is rooted in the concept that better beverages make everything you do better – and that the perfect beverage is out there for everyone.  Since 2013, we’ve worked diligently to develop a brand with immediate appeal – from the first glance at our packaging.  Furthermore, each Nightshade beverage has been carefully crafted and developed to be the perfect product for its target market.


High-quality blue agave tequila and natural fruit juices make up the core of every Nightshade margarita, which guarantees an all-natural, refreshing, and deliciously balanced flavor.  They’re crafted carefully, with no doctoring or additional ingredients – allowing for subtle and complex flavor profiles usually attributed to fine wine.  Take a look at the 5 delicious flavors (all 30-proof) we’re currently offering to consumers:

Branding is especially important with beverages – which is why we’ve partnered with vaunted PR firm 24-Group to help vault us to the public eye.  This proven organization is utilizing local media, social influencers, events, and other tactics to craft us a memorable brand image around the Nightshade Experience.  Our website is another key marketing tool that accomplishes this.  On top of featuring our products with beautiful images, it also features a number of easy-to-mix cocktail recipes.


The quest to produce the world’s best RTD margarita began back in 2013, when we launched our signature Hucklerita cocktail. Nightshade has grown tremendously since then, opening up various sales channels and getting our drinks in thirsty consumers’ hands.  Currently, the focus is on this fundraise – and on making correlated expansions to sales and marketing activities.  Some key accomplishments that brought us to this point include:

Customers love us.  Early consumer returns have been very promising – with our beverages enjoying nearly 90% approval thus far.

And, so do the industry players.  Former executives from Seagrams, Bacardi and leading international conglomerates have endorsed and are staking their reputations on our concept.

Key branding partnership active.  We’ve got an early leg up in branding thanks to a very valuable relationship with PR firm 24-Group.  They’ll be launching us with us a ton of positive press, and driving our e-commerce and direct-to-retail buzz-building.

Sports sponsorships secured.  Our margaritas served as the featured beverage cocktail at both the 2016 Masters Tournament and a Savannah Challengers ATP tennis event, the success of which opened the door to many more opportunities.

We’re regulated.  With 5 formulas approved by the TTB and ATF, we’re fully compliant on local, state, and national levels.

For information on some exciting future plans, please request access to our private section!  Also, take a look below at a couple testimonials from our Masters and Savannah sports sponsorships – they certainly made us blush!


Duke and Ginny Mahl, Founders – With over 4 decades of entrepreneurial experience, Founders Duke and Ginny Mahlbring passion to everything they do – and are quite the margarita connoisseurs.  The pair has an impressive background in building companies utilizing outsourced strategic partners, including a commercial/residential wine cellar business they ran for 14 years.  This venture introduced them to key wine industry figures in Washington – from Walla Walla winemakers to Northwest wine drinkers – and really lit the fuse for Nightshade.

Duke’s focus is on daily operations and future development, while Ginny heads up graphics and artistic development.  The Mahls’ dedication and experience helped shape Nightshade into what it is today; these fellow executives will help take it to new heights:

Rodger Reiss, Branding – As the Owner of RSR Creations, Rodger has helped grow brands for Seagrams, Jacob’s Creek, Don Julio, Crown Royal, and other giants – and now does the same for us.

Alain Scheiman, Branding– As owner of Passion Spirits not only does Alain oversee the fulfillment center operations for the e-commerce side of the business, but will also be working in concert with the Park Street direct-to-retail model for brick and mortar outlets throughout the state of Florida.

Maria Pribble, Consultant– Maria is a results-driven marketing and sales professional with two decades in premium and luxury consumer goods.  Career stops include key roles with Diageo, Absolut and Evolution Spirits; now, she oversees our sales and marketing in the Northeastern US.

James Goll, President and Representative – 24-Group will work to publicize Nightshade Partners’ Premium Craft Margaritas through features in print, broadcast, and online media outlets. As Nightshade Partners’ public relations’ team, 24-Group will increase regional recognition through cocktail placements, events, sampling, menu placements, and support. Additionally, 24-Group Public Relations will develop a comprehensive program to drive consumers from throughout the country to Nightshade’s Margarita of the Month Club. The company will be responsible for establishing Nightshade on key social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Scott Billadeau, Co-Founder – In the early 90s, Scott operated the first ever espresso business at the University of Montana.  Since then, he’s gone on to build a multi-million-dollar beverage business in Liquid Planet Holdings, and currentlyserves as VP of Marketing for NPI in Montana.  Joined by his wife Angela, the pair makes a number of creative and administrative contributions to Nightshade.

Nightshade also receives service and consulting support from multiple outside sources.  These individuals and vendors assist us with a variety of businesses activities, including branding and manufacturing.


Contact Information:

Duke and Ginny Mahl, Founders

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