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Aug 4, 2016 10:46 AM ET

Archived: Falcon FPV300 : The First Racing Drone Designed for Beginner – Comes ready to fly right out of the box, with assembled drone body including an FPV camera and video transmitter

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2016

Falcon FPV300 : The First Racing Drone Designed for Beginner


A storm racing drone that is easy to get started for even entry-level players, with infinite fun via first-person view.

About this project

Media Talk

The Innovation of Racing Drone

Don’t just admire those cool racing drone pilots, be one of them!

All innovative changes that we have made are supposed to make it easier for the beginners to tame the Falcon, in other words, to popularize the racing drone. Don’t bother to assemble, more stable, easier to control, easier to calibrate, easier to install the battery, easier to be informed of the power, you name it.

 Falcon in the sky

 Featured Design

Falcon FPV300 has all the features that a racing drone should have, as well as some features a racing drone is expected to have. Falcon FPV300 stands out from its competition by its sophisticated and player- friendly design and it’s remarkable performance.

Unprecedented Solution For Setting Parameters

Let’s face it ! Who wants to be tangled by complicated operation? And you even don’t know whether your configuration is correct after all this. Our mission is to offer a new way of interaction between human and machine: Falcon FPV300 provides an easier way of parameter calibration directly via remote control and OLED. No complex PC connection and setting anymore!

Modular Battery

With a specially-designed high-powered modular battery which is easy to install, all you need to do is plug it in/out, you won’t be annoyed by the connector and the plug any more. The battery of Falcon FPV is user-friendly of higher security.

Are You Ready to Fly?

The Falcon FPV300 comes ready to fly right out of the box, with assembled drone body including an FPV camera and video transmitter. All you need is to pick up a pair of FPV goggles online or at your local hobby shop and you’re ready to go. Racing drone has never been so accessible.

Anti-shock & Extremely Fast Experience

While striving to fly around a set course extremely fast, Falcon FPV300 frees you from worrying about getting crushed with its carefully-designed structure made of anti-shock 3K carbon fiber and plastics casing.

Falcon FPV300, it’s a real falcon waiting for you to tame! When you are familiar with the drones, you can try some more advanced actions and to fly it at high speed. Enjoy racing, enjoy taming!


Filmed by Quadcopter101

Stability-increased Wing Span

The Falcon FPV300 has a wing span of 300mm that is 50mm longer than most 250 sized FPV racers, giving it increased stability while in flight.


Adjustable Camera Angle

Unlike most of the racing drone, the camera angle of Falcon FPV300 can be adjusted manually . Even when the quad is swooping, you can still capture a good visual field to be aware of the possible obstacles.

Intelligent Indicators & Low Power Alarm

You’re always in control ! Falcon FPV300 has a row of lamps on the belly, showing how much power is left, so you could know when to land the drone for recharge. With other four lamps on motor base, pilots can easily locate the drone when flying in low-light environment. The flickers will also make your drone sought-after among other drones.

 How it works?

Get Your Rewards

To all our supporter : ALL BACKERS could get an EXTRA BATTERY ( for each drone ) when we hit $30000 !!!!

Your sharing and spreading the campaign take us closer to the final goal ! Let’s do it!



Shipping Plan

Makerfire is a mature team with abundant sources and many reliable partners in related field. Our experienced partnered manufactures will guarantee you the delivery in September 2016.

 Technical Details & specifications



Meet the Makerfire Team

Makerfire was founded in 2013, specializing in development of open source hardware and in design, optimization, production as well as sales of UAV and UAV parts. We launched the project of Falcon FPV300 in March 2015, hoping to offer an innovative racing drone which is easy to get started for beginners and which could popularize the drone racing. All the creative designs of Falcon FPV300 are meant to achieve this goal. From the initial idea to the mold completed, we kept testing the drone and optimizing. And now, we have every confidence to bring it to you. Let’s be a racer and tame the Falcon.

 Keep In Touch and Share Our Project









Risks and challenges

This is MakerFire’ first product launch and we are dedicated to making it a great one for all of our backers. We are confident that we will be able to produce and deliver Falcon FPV300 as described, and as outlined in our timeline
Our team deeply understand this campaign is an opportunity to establish a passionate customer base. It is our mission to leave our backers completely satisfied with our product and service!

Contact Information:


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