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Aug 4, 2016 6:56 PM ET

Archived: THE ALGAE THAT WANTED TO MARRY – a story painted by hand in tiles by artist Ana Vilela: This book is translated into five languages ( Portuguese , English, French , German and Spanish) so it can arrive every corner of the world.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2016






“The algae that wanted to marry ” is a story painted by hand in tiles by artist Ana Vilela.

Livros de Ontem publisher is pleased to introduce you to ” The algae that wanted to marry” a story painted by hand tiles by artist.

This book is translated into five languages ( Portuguese , English, French , German and Spanish) to it can arrive every corner of the world.

“Inspired by fairy tales I imagined the story of “The Algae wants to marry” so that I could delight myself describing and illustrating the sea creatures so present in the best moments of our lives.

After giving birth to my first child, I waited eigth years for a seahorse to get pregnant of a girl. What never happened. I gave birth to a girl and created this love story between an algae and a seahorse. The seahorse gave birth to many children and they lived happily ever after.”    Ana Vilela

Livros de Ontem is pleased to invite you to participate in the publishing of this work through crowdfunding contributions that, in this case, act as a pre-purchase of the book and give access to unique and exclusive offerings such as the inclusion of your name in the printed version.

NOTE: The book has the value of 10€ during crowdfunding campaign and 12€ after closing the same.

A Livros de Ontem publication. 

Text and illustration by Ana Vilela.

Editing and proofreading by João Batista | Livros de Ontem.

Cover and pagination by Nádia Amante | Livros de Ontem.

1st edition limited to 200 copies. 

All copies are numbered and signed.






Ana Vilela, with a degree in history (University Nova de Lisboa), attended drawing at Ar.Co and has worked for over 30 years in tile painting. From 1983 to 1989 she restored tiles of several national monuments. Since 1994 she works in her own atelier. She has participated in several solo and collective exhibitions since 1996. She painted Pedro Calapez’s drawings on tiles. She also participated at a collectiion with Maria Keil, Querubim Lapa, Eduardo Nery, Bela Silva and others.

Solo exhibitions:

1996 at the Reservatório da Patriarcal (EPAL) in Lisbon • 2000 at the Art Gallery of Gan (now: Groupama) Insurance Company (Lisbon) • 2001 at ARTitudo Gallery in Castelo de Vide • 2001 at Municipal Art Gallery in Montemor-O-Novo • 2006 at Gallery/Bookshop Fonte de Letras in Montemor-O-Novo • 2007 at Municipal Art Gallery in Ponta Delgada (Azores) • 2008 “Histórias aos quadradinhos” (cartoon) at National Museum of Azulejo (tiles) • 2011 at the Reservatório da Patriarcal (EPAL) in Lisbon • 2008 at Suppenstube zur Krähe in Basel (Switzerland) • 2015 at Bistrô Gato Pardo in Lisbon and at the CCC in Caldas da Rainha.

Tile panels on public buildings:

1999 Conference Hall & Museum in Beijing (China) • 2000 Health Centre in Lagoa (Azores) • 2003 Subway Queen’s Park Station in Toronto (Canada) • 2005 Hospital in Ponta Delgada (Azores) • 2001-2009Entrances of the buildings of Urbe Oceanos, Pico Salomão, Miramar and Entre-Quintas on São Miguel (Azores) • 2007 SOGEO, Geothermic Central on São Miguel (Azores)• 2008 Panel “Foral D. Dinis” in Porto Mós • 2014 Stations of the Cross and St. John the Baptist, Bié (Angola).

Collective exhibitions:

2001 “The Tile and the Fado” at Fado Museu • 2003 “Art and Swiss Artists in Portugal” at Museu da Água (EPAL) • 2004 Ceramics|Paintings at Municipal Gallery Gymnásio (Lisbon)• 2011-2016 thematic exhibition at “A Arte da Terra” (Lisbon).


Through Crowdpublishing, Livros de Ontem publishing house has the opportunity to develop the work of new authors, risk new concepts and improve writers remuneration.

Thus, Livros de Ontem publishing house does not make any direct profit from Crowdpublishing campaigns. All funds raised are intended to the production of books and improving the sustainability of our operation.

Thanks for being part of this process and help improve the publication of books in Portugal.


Contact Information:

Editora Livros de Ontem

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