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Aug 4, 2016 1:48 PM ET

Archived: Aapghari Open Heart Appeal- Nepal Earthquake Relief: Homeless in 90 seconds… Help us build a community centre and secure a permanent water supply for a small Nepalese community badly affected by the 2015 earthquake.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2016

Aapghari Open Heart Appeal- Nepal Earthquake Relief

Homeless in 90 seconds…

Blocked water supply, unsafe shelter, remote access… Can you imagine your community shaken to its core? The earthquakes and aftershocksthat ripped through Nepal in April 2015 left many small communities in temporary housing, with uncertain resources.

Ruins of buildings destroyed in Nepal earthquake- Aapghari

Ruins of buildings destroyed in Nepal earthquake- Aapghari

Home is where the heart is. Open hearts make a community.

Building on local knowledge, trekking friendships and a strong sense of international family… a group of friends in Australia sat around a table asking “What can we do?” And so a fundraising project began… click here to visit our Facebook page.

Open Heart Appeal provides direct funding to build a community centre and secure a permanent water supply in a small Nepalese village ravaged by the 2015 earthquake.


The 2015/16 fundraising efforts in Australia gave the project a starting point of $25,000. In May 2016 group members Mukti, Sam, Graham and Adam travelled, at their own expense, to Nepal to find a place to begin. This gave the project its focus; to provide practical support to the Aapghari arearesidents as they recover and rebuild.

The local community has embraced, helped build and given vision at every step. The Aapghari project has evolved as empowered locals have given voice.

The goal?

To build a multi-purpose community centre in Aapghari: with a large open room, a skills/training room, a kitchen and, as requested by the Aapghari Mothers’ Group, a birthing room. Supporting infrastructure includes a separate amenities block and securing an easily accessible local water supply and storage.

Aapghari Mother's Group meeting to discuss community centre

What’s been important? Local ownership.

The Aussie team went with open hearts, visited affected areas, took time and asked the community ‘What do you need?’ It was essential that the resulting project be a community vision realised. The result; an active shared voice nurtured by working alongside the village’s Mothers Group and their building committee.

Aapghari Mother’s Group meeting to discuss community centre

What’s been achieved so far? We’re excited!

Building works have started! Foundations, frame and roofing has been established for the building and community group roles and vision defined.The work being done follows the latest building regulations, sourcing quality materials, for strength to be able to withstand (as far as possible) further tremors. Where? Click here for google map link. A temporary water source is also in place. Securing the water supply has been vital, not just for building but also to provide a reliable local water supply for 47 families,with storage built in both upper and lower regions.

Building Works Underway

Local children watch as building works commence

Many hands make light work!

The atmosphere on site? Great camaraderie and banter accompanies each build activity. Young, old, male, female… everyone has given an authentic, shared commitment. So many parts of this project have ‘fallen’ into place. In Aapghari we knew we’d found a community that wanted and needed help. We’d found another place to call home.

The volunteer work, the hospitality, the land access given when pipes needed to be placed underground, the land donated… it has all happened with an overwhelming spirit of generosity, respect, hard work & humour.

The translation skills of Mukti, Hari (an Aapghari local) and Bishal have come to the fore throughout. Their ability to facilitate successful, strong, inclusive decision making teams has created a framework for terrific progress!

Graham & Puspha work together preparing footings for the building

Graham & Pushpa work together carting concrete for the building footings

But we need your help…

We need to raise a further $25,000 to finish the project. This funding will allow us to finish the community building, build the associated amenities block and secure a permanent water supply for the community, making a practical, sustainable day-to-day difference to 200+ families.

There’s been a real sense of urgency with this project because of seasonal monsoons and the stress upon the availability of materials in a country rebuilding.

Please help the Aaphghari community by donating to this valuable project.Every dollar raised goes directly to the project.

We’d also love if you helped us spread the word on your social networks. Please like our page on Facebook (click here) for the latest project updates.

People helping people… you can make a difference!

Building of the community centre is progressing!

Latest news!

As we prepared to launch this campaign in July 2016 high winds hit the region. A family living in temporary housing lost their roof. Although unfinished, the community building has already been able to fulfill one of its functions, to be an emergency shelter for this family!

Who we are?

The Aussie fundraising team (many are regular trekkers) include Annette & Mukti Timilsina, Belinda Bennett, Amanda Nash, Lauren King, Graham Arkinstall, Sam Johnston, Adam Merrick and Angela Preiss.

The Nepal team include Bishal Banstola & Hari Parajuli.

The Aapghari Mother’s Group Leader is Tara Nepal. The Building Committee Leader is Ram Parajuli.

Neighbouring landowners, the Harbradur family, donated land alongside the community land allocated for the project. Dev Krishna’s family gave an area of land for placement of a water tank and materials storage. Local farming families allowed access for the laying of water pipes on their land.

It is extremely important to us that we acknowledge the generosity of those who are donating their time and skills to the project.



Team Members


Belinda Bennett

Graham Arkinstall

Angela Preiss

Annette TImilsina

Adam Merrick

Lauren King

Amanda Nash

Mukti Timilsina

Sam Johnston

Dianne Brown

Contact Information:

Belinda Bennett

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