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Aug 3, 2016 6:54 PM ET

Archived: Joshua – Climax Clothing Company DBA Climax Jeans: We sell higher end clothes direct to the consumer

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 3, 2016


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Joshua’s story

I started this company a little over 8 years ago with a vision to create high end clothing products that are made in the USA and we handle all of our own shipping, customer service, designing and all facets of the business except manufacturing which we plan to do ourselves in Climax, Mi in the next few years. We are creating an environment that is inspirational and teaches our staff the value of the customer. My family grew up in Climax and since I was a kid I had a vision of putting the name Climax to great use. We have secured the Registered Trademark for the name Climax for apparel. I have started many successful business in the past. I am the 100% owner of Climax and we are 100% debt free. I did not want any outside investors tarnishing our vision so I took the hard route of financing it myself! 

This loan is special because:

It helps expand a business in Climax, Michigan that provides high-end, US-made apparel.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

We sell higher end clothes direct to the consumer. We did not want 3rd party retailers handling our items, we have had offers from retailers, so we decided to sell online and plan to open our own retail locations within the next few years. The business was started in 2008 and we took our time make sure everything was just right before launching on a major scale like we are about to do. We believe that Climax is the most marketable name in the world and we make sure that we only have the pinnacle of quality and materials! Our biggest challenge has been not letting any outside investors in so our visions was not affected by outside influence. Our customers are people that appreciate quality and do not mind paying for it. We have 100% of our items made in the USA. Our future goals are massive! We plan to be a billion dollar per year company inside of 7 years. We are just now launching to full scale and using this site for additional inventory and as much to build business credit as anything else. We are extremely proud of the culture we have created and the loyal following we have created.

What is the purpose of this loan?

By building our business credit it will help us expand our operations significantly. We have paid cash for everything and own all of our inventory, office equipment and real estate free and clear. We will enhance our marketing efforts and will net 10 times the amount of funds from marketing into sales which will all be put back into the business. This business is the legacy that is being built not only for my family but for all the families that have supported us along the way and the many new employees we will be bringing on.

About Climax Clothing Company DBA Climax Jeans

Industry: Clothing
Years in operation: More than 5 years

A loan of $10,000 helps build business credit and enhance our current marketing efforts.

Contact Information:


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