INVEST IN THE SPEAKEASY: Immersive theatre, 35 actors in a 1920s speakeasy bar - We’ve created a totally unique immersive theatre experience that’s part nightclub, part stage show, and part time-machine as you step inside our authentically recreated Prohibition-era saloon. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jul 29, 2016 5:00 PM ET

INVEST IN THE SPEAKEASY: Immersive theatre, 35 actors in a 1920s speakeasy bar – We’ve created a totally unique immersive theatre experience that’s part nightclub, part stage show, and part time-machine as you step inside our authentically recreated Prohibition-era saloon.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2016


Immersive theatre, 35 actors in a 1920s speakeasy bar

We’ve created a totally unique immersive theatre experience that’s part nightclub, part stage show, and part time-machine as you step inside our authentically recreated Prohibition-era saloon. Grab a drink and follow the actors as they move through the many rooms of The Speakeasy, playing out 35 interlocking storylines. It’s a real-life “choose your own adventure” novel with surprises around every corner. We’ve already produced our proof-of-concept version, and now we’re scaling up.


David Gluck





We started the show in 2014 and San Francisco loved us—every performance sold out. But we envision custom-built versions of The Speakeasy in cities all over the globe, with each production growing bigger and more exciting. We want to blow peoples’ minds – give them an experience that defies the laws of physics, finance, and common sense. Ultimately, it’s all about pushing the boundaries of possibility in storytelling.


  • 75 performances sold out. Profitable after just 14 weeks.
  • 56% investor return from first production.
  • Moving to 9,000 sq/ft location (3x size of original Speakeasy).
  • Live show with 35+ actors and 1,000+ pages of script.
There’s nothing like The Speakeasy in San Francisco or anywhere else today! The atmosphere the show manages to create is incredible; you really do feel transported back to the 20s. I’ve been very impressed with the crew Nick and David have put together, and what they’ve already pulled off together. I’ve very much enjoyed the previews I’ve been getting, and the business-side of the communication has been great as well. I’m very excited to be a part of this production!

Robert-Jan Huijsman

Investor in both productions of “The Speakeasy” and Software Engineer at Google
VCs famously have their list of unicorns, which supposedly represent great investments. Boxcar Theatre is actually one of the few true unicorns because it represents a unique opportunity to create tremendous cultural value AND deliver great profit. I defy you to find another investment which is capable of creating soul-satisfying theater, impressive margins, and fantastic cocktails. This team has caught lightning in a bottle and I’m privileged to come along for the ride.

Mike Sela

Investor in both productions of “The Speakeasy” and Engineering Director at Survey Monkey
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A Theatrical Experience Like No Other
Immersive theatre means: no separation between performers and audience, a play in a nightclub with performances popping up all around you. The curtain lifts the moment you step through our false-front business and enter our 1920’s speakeasy, complete with illicit bar, crooked casino, and vaudeville cabaret. Enjoy killer cocktails, throw your chips down on a blackjack table, and soak it all in as the Prohibition Era unfolds around you.
“I was sitting on a fake antique couch, decked out in a suit and hat, as a group of moderately drunk women tried to figure out who around here was “real.”SF Weekly

With a 1000+ page script and 35+ actors, this show is massive and outrageous. The actors are all around you—bartenders, chorus girls, bootleggers and suffragettes —each living and breathing their own story. Follow them through our 9,000 sq/ft venue and witness their narratives unfold.
Proof of Concept
“The Speakeasy is everything I love about San Francisco.” Bold-Italic Magazine
The Speakeasy premiered in January of 2014 and sold out 75 consecutive performances! More than 8,300 people crammed into a tiny venue in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood to see it. But there was trouble in paradise. In June of 2015, our landlord kicked us out so a law firm could move in. But there was a silver lining. We found an incredible new location in the North Beach neighborhood, and set to work on creating a new production that would be bigger and more unbelievable, building on everything we had learned in the first go-round.

Sold Out & Profitable
We ran the show profitably from Day 1. After just 14 weeks of performances, we had recovered our entire startup cost, and in the ten weeks before we were forced to close the show, we were profitable enough to earn a 56% return for our investors. That was a great day, sitting around the kitchen table stuffing envelopes with letters and checks for each of our investors, thanking them for their confidence and returning 100% of their money with another 56% on top.

Sold Out

For all 24 weeks straight


After just 14 weeks in operation


Return to investors in 24 weeks
Returning Bigger & Better
We are pouring $2 million into an extensive remodel of the 9,000 square foot venue, to infuse it with period detail, secret passages, and a level of luxury that will wow audiences. Two bars, a circular cabaret, a casino complete with craps, blackjack and roulette, and a one-way mirror in the chorus girls’ dressing room are some of the highlights of the show. It’s impossible to experience everything in one visit – or even two or three – and the plan is to so dazzle audiences that they will return again and again.
Invest & Join the Show

Dear investors and theater fanatics,

We’re crowdfunding because so many of our fans – audience members, performers, even our banker and insurance agent! – were so in love with the first production that they wanted to help the new version thrive. This is so much more than an investment that you only connect with once a month when they email you a PDF statement.

This is an investment you can touch, you can sip, you can immerse yourself in, you can talk about and share with others. Check out our investor benefits. They’re intended to make you feel like big deal every time you come to visit us – and you are!

– David Gluck

See it Up Close, Tour Our New Venue
Please join us on one of the following dates to tour the new venue, experience for yourself our Speakeasy-style hospitality, and participate in a Q&A session with company founders. Please RSVP at [email protected]

Saturday, July 16 @ 8 pm
Wednesday, July 20 @ 6:30 pm
Friday, July 22 @ 8 pm
Monday, July 25 @ 6:30 pm
Thursday, July 28 @ 6:30 pm



David Gluck

Producer & General Manager
General Manager of “Chicago” in the West End; Managing Director of San Francisco’s Magic Theatre; producer of numerous independent commercial theatre projects; Board President of Theatre Bay Area.

Nick Olivero

Producer & Creative Director
Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Boxcar Theatre; produced, directed, and designed more than 60 productions for Boxcar; Managing Director of Imagination Players; co-founder of Handful Players.

Geoffrey Libby

Producer & Operations Director
Veteran theatre perfomer, designer, and scenic builder with more than 15 years experience; professional bar manager and bartender.
Contact Information:

David Gluck

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