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Jul 29, 2016 7:51 AM ET

Archived: BLOXSHIELD – A radiation shield for your fitness tracker, smartwatch or other wearable smart device

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2016




A radiation shield for your fitness tracker, smartwatch or other wearable smart device

About this project

Why you need BLOXSHIELD

For more than twenty years I was the owner & operator of x-ray laboratories in the San Francisco Bay Area. Minimizing radiation exposure to my patients, staff, and myself was always a primary concern. Which made me concerned that I was exposing myself to harmful RF (radiofrequency) radiation from my smart watch and fitness tracker. 

 The recent findings that cell phone RF radiation caused cancers in rats by the National Institute of Health made me even more concerned. That, and the fact that I wore my fitness tracker and smart watch for long periods of time, up to 24/7, on the same place on my body, and directly against my skin made me seriously concerned.  

I have always followed the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principal. This is a radiation safety principal for minimizing radiation doses by employing all reasonable methods. ALARA is not only a sound safety principal but is a regulatory requirement for all radiation safety programs. 

But I love the convenience of my smartwatch, and how my fitness tracker motivates me to be active. I didn’t want to give them up! That’s why I invented BLOXSHIELD. With BLOXSHIELD protection you can wear your smart watch, fitness tracker, or other wearable smart device with peace of mind that you are shielded from the harmful effects of radiation while still getting all the benefits of your device.


BLOXSHIELD is an inexpensive, quick and easy to apply, permanent radiation shield for your fitness tracker, smart watch, or other wearable smart device that shields you from the harmful RF radiation from your device. It adheres to the back of your device and doesn’t affect the function, look, or charging capabilities. Proudly made in the USA and Patent Pending.


We tested for radiation levels on BLOXSHIELD applied smart watches and fitness trackers with dosimeters, and processed them with a licensed laboratory. The test results showed zero radiation penetrated BLOXSHIELD.

Is there a BLOXSHIELD for my device?

Most likely, YES! ​We currently have BLOXSHIELDS for:

  • fitbit flex  
  • fitbit charge 
  • fitbit alta 
  • pebble classic 
  • pebble steel 
  • pebble time 
  • pebble time steel 
  • pebble round 
If your device is not listed above, don’t worry! We have a 2″ x 2.5″ self-customizable BLOXSHIELD Blank that you can cut-to-fit your device.


Caution: BLOXSHIELD cannot be used by devices with wireless magnetic charging and are less effective if you cut out for a heart rate monitor. Placing over a heart rate monitor will block that function and compromise the adhesion of the BLOXSHIELD.

Some BLOXSHIELD examples

fitbit charge, flex and alta with BLOXSHIELD
fitbit charge, flex and alta with BLOXSHIELD
pebble classic with BLOXSHIELD
pebble classic with BLOXSHIELD


pebble round with BLOXSHIELD
pebble round with BLOXSHIELD

How to apply BLOXSHIELD

BLOXSHIELD is quick and easy to apply. First, make sure your hands are clean and dry and that the back of your device is clean and dry. We recommend cleaning the device with a lightly moistened rubbing alcohol wipe to remove any dirt and oils and let dry completely. Remove the removable backing from your BLOXSHIELD and any cut-outs. Carefully align the BLOXSHIELD with the corner of your device, paying special consideration to any cut-out. Press firmly to ensure full adhesion and check to make sure your device still charges.  Don’t get it wet for 24 hours. That’s it! You can now wear your fitness tracker, smart watch, or other wearable smart device with the peace of mind that you have BLOXSHIELD protection.

 project video thumbnail

If you need the BLOXSHIELD Blank​​

We understand that cutting your own BLOXSHIELD is not ideal, but we applaud you for making the extra effort to protect yourself from harmful radiation, and it’s not hard to do! First, carefully measure your device and draw it on the contrasting pattern paper enclosed with your BLOXSHIELD Blank. Cut your pattern out and place it against your device to check for any corrections to your pattern. Make any corrections and then tape your pattern with transparent tape to the top of your BLOXSHIELD. Make sure any cut-outs are in the right place before you carefully cut it out. If you have any cut-outs for your charger, use an exacto knife or a single-edged razor blade and cut them first. Now, remove your pattern and hold your custom BLOXSHIELD against your device and make sure it charges. Finally, bend a corner of your BLOXSHIELD to remove the removable backing and follow the application instructions above.

measure and draw your device pattern
measure and draw your device pattern


tape to your BLOXSHIELD Blank and cut
tape to your BLOXSHIELD Blank and cut


apply to your device
apply to your device

Why we need YOU

Funds from Kickstarter will make it possible for us to produce the initial nine BLOXSHIELDS. The next step after Kickstarter will be to produce BLOXSHIELDS for many more wearable smart devices that are out there and set up a transactional BLOXSHIELD website to sell our radiation shields. Our Utility Patent includes a design for a radiation shield that works with wearable smart devices with wireless magnetic charging, and one of our goals is to also produce this radiation shield. Our ultimate goal is to protect every single wearer of a smart device! With your support of our Kickstarter campaign, and helping to spread the word to your friends and family, we will reach our goal.

Risks and challenges

BLOXSHIELDS are ready to be made! We have already done a successful test run, are patent pending, and are ready to go. Our suppliers and manufacturer have been carefully chosen for quality and timeliness. They are highly respected USA companies with long histories of success, and turn around times have been accounted for. We do not foresee any hold-up on our delivery promise, but if encounter a delay, we will keep you fully informed.


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