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Jul 28, 2016 8:35 AM ET

Archived: Windsor Botanical Therapeutics Inc. is developing a botanical health product, extracted from the root of Taraxicum officinale, (dandelion) for sale as a complementary therapy for cancer.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2016

Windsor Botanical Therapeutics Inc.

Location: Toronto, Ontario Sector: Life Science
Windsor Botanical Therapeutics Inc. is developing a botanical health product, extracted from the root of Taraxicum officinale, (dandelion) for sale as a complementary therapy for cancer. The extraction process was scaled up to Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) status and is currently being manufactured under GMP standards by Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) of Calgary, AB. This complex extract has undergone preliminary analysis to identify key active components. WBTI intends to develop the material as a standardized botanical health product and, ultimately, an evidence based therapeutic. The product category, “Complementary Medicines for Cancer Therapy”, is estimated by Business Nutrition Journal to be a $1.1 billion market in the U.S.


Business Documents

MG cp Summary
MG cp Summary
  • If clinical testing results allow DRE-W to make cancer treatment claims, then DRE-W will stand out as a unique product in the natural health care product market – Currently available natural healthcare products can not make any claims regarding use as a cancer treatment.
  • Each batch of DRE-W produced by WBTI is quality controlled to ensure its ability to kill cancer cells. Studies conducted by WBTI provided the basis for a validated quantitative method of quality control- Studies conducted by WBTI showed that the effectiveness of homemade and commercially produced dandelion root extract vary widely or are non-existent.
  • Our research indicates that DRE-W is non-toxic: the Stage 1 Clinical trial will officially confirm this and the Stage 2 Trial should confirm that DRE-W improves patients’ well-being and reverses the progress of their disease Chemotherapy is toxic and can cause nausea, loss of appetite, loss of hair, discomfort, and a weakening of the body’s immune system.
  • WBTI owns a patent for the process to produce quality controlled DRE-W- Homemade and commercially available dandelion root extract either does not kill cancer cells or has no consistency in doing so. WBTI has spent the last 6 years researching and developing protocols to create effective DRE-W and only WBTI has the patent for its manufacturing process.


Joseph Elliot, Chief Executive Officer, Director

 Dr. Elliot is founding President  & CEO of Windsor Botanical Therapeutics Inc. a developer and marketer of a breakthrough natural therapy for terminal cancer patients.

He is also Principal at Biopharm Management Inc. (BMI) a Toronto, Canada based firm providing short and long term management services to the biopharmaceutical industry. For the past 27 years Dr. Elliot has been a serial entrepreneur and former venture capitalist.

Dr. Elliot is a hands-on manager with skills and experience in all facets of the biopharmaceutical business including raising capital, financing, licensing, team building, drug development, manufacturing, regulatory affairs (FDA, Health Canada and BfArM).  He has broad experience pharmaceuticals, biologicals and vaccines in oncology and infectious diseases.

Through BMI, Dr. Elliot is currently Managing Director of ERC USA, the North American subsidiary of ERC Belgium, a break-through developer of therapeutic cancer vaccines.

In the past 15 years, Dr. Elliot has raised over $30 million for a number of companies in which he played a leading management role including the founding and growing several biotech companies. These include President & CEO of Receptor Therapeutics Inc., President & CEO of LymphoSign Inc., Vice President & General Manager Operations for MDS Proteomics Inc.; Chief Operating Officer for MDS Ocata Inc.; Interim Chief Operating Officer of Exogen Neurosciences Inc. He is the founding President and Chairman of PhageTech Inc. of Montreal, Quebec which had a successful IPO under the name Targanta Therapeutics Corporation. He was also initial CEO of Cytochroma Inc., (which was subsequently acquired by OPKO in 2013). He is also a past director of Nexia Biotechnologies Inc. of Montreal, Quebec, and BIOSTAR Inc. of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  From 1996 to 1999 he was a Vice President (Venture Capital) with MDS Capital Corp. specializing in early stage biotechnology investments.

Contact Information:

Joseph Elliot

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