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Jul 28, 2016 12:23 PM ET

NÃO DEIXE MORRER VENEZUELA – “Medicines for Venezuela,” A medicine collection plan in several Portuguese cities (including islands).

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2016


Our project “Medicines for Venezuela,” born before the severe shortage in excess of 90% at this time regarding the needs of those inputs considered basic for the population.

Since last May 1, began a medicine collection plan in several Portuguese cities (including islands), in order to raise an early stage 200 Kilos of drugs and to be sent to send to different hospitals and other NGOs that’s are currently making an effort grid to help people and that at this time because of the government’s lack of sensitivity are experiencing moments of great despair and restlessness. There are diseases that do not expect others without the necessary treatment is a kind of death penalty. We have the help of an extensive group of Portuguese employees and Venezuelans residing north to south of Portugal that even without many resources and based on the power of social networks have managed to create a small network for the collection and cataloging of drugs.








VENEXOS is fully aware of the enormous difficulties that Venezuela currently lives and we have to act in a quick way by dying on average 3 patients per day in each hospital Venezuelan and if we consider that there are about 300 hospitals in the country, it is easy to get the most 25,000 deaths per month if nothing is done in the coming weeks. The disaster is imminent!

Our campaign is the result of a joint effort with humanitarian aid, another NGO which is in the United States, which is in direct contact with health institutions in Venezuela and who knows the most pressing needs. The final criterion for obtaining the drugs was compiled in a list which is attached at each collection point, on the outside of but 100 boxes scattered nationwide and can check on our website.

Humanitarian USA will be the channel with the support of Venezuelan transport companies identified with the cause of getting the drugs, they have sent more than 2,000 kg of drugs. Ineligible medicines will be delivered to ValorMEd.

Our motivation is that all people who are in that great country have access to the most basic. There is a great synergy between the Venezuelan and the wonderful Portuguese community that is in Venezuela and who never forgot their origins also contributing to the growth of Portugal across borders.

We hope that the medicines reach their destination and even be financial and political reasons that could make us falter so we did not demotivate. If other European initiatives that call for the activation of a #CanalHumanitario managed, is a great confidence of reason and an affirmation that with your input we get !!

For us this crowdfunding is really important and necessary since your donations will allow to send medicines, for Humanitarian Aid USA, by air.


The Civil Association of Venezuelans in Lisbon – VENEXOS is a private institution without profit. Born of the common desire of a group of Venezuelans and Portuguese-Venezuelans living outside Venezuela, without ever having broken his bond with the mother country. Its founders are people perfectly integrated into Portuguese society, in several areas, from medicine, design, new technologies of information and communication, catering, among others.

The association is based on three main pillars, aimed to fight for human rights in Venezuela, without any distinction of nationality, in favor of freedom of expression, especially in Venezuela, and advice and support for Venezuelan immigrants in their integration process in Portugal. VENEXOS has no support from the Portuguese state, no official body Venezuelan, even private character. All our projects are the result of commitment and motivation of participants of association, employees and small private donations. Since its founding, VENEXOS has denounced to international public bodies, the constant violations of human rights and freedom of expression in Venezuelan territory. It also has participated in a very active way, in vigils, Masses, concentrations and demonstrations together with other Venezuelan organizations in more than twenty European cities.


The value we need is 3000 euros to pay the costs of logistics and shipping of all products:

Madeira Island – Miami

Lisbon – Miami

All medications will be transported to the end of June Lisbon, where a screening with regard to the validity of each (greater than 6 months) and also the reconciliation will be made to the attached listing. It should be noted that the whole process will be properly controlled by VENEXOS.

Our deadline for shipping to Miami is July 15

We have the support of:

Ayuda Humanitaria para Venezuela USA.

Party Earth, represented by Euro-Deputy José Inácio Faria.

Mitzy Ledezma, wife of the President of the Chamber of Caracas. Imprisoned political and conscience.

Leopoldo Gil Lopes, father Leopoldo Lopez, political prisoner and victim of politically motivated persecution by the leadership that the opposition had in the recent demonstrations against the government in Caracas.

Contact Information:

Christian Hohn

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