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Jul 28, 2016 8:50 PM ET

Archived: Karam Kitchen, Welcoming refugees. Empowering women. Crafting delicacies. #KaramKitchen

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2016

Karam Kitchen

Welcoming refugees. Empowering women. Crafting delicacies. #KaramKitchen

Welcoming refugees. Empowering women. Crafting delicacies. #KaramKitchen


About this project

Are you looking for a tangible way to respond to the Syrian refugee crisis?Are you looking to invest in three phenomenal entrepreneurs? Do you want to contribute to a generous community in Hamilton? Do you just like great food? If any of those make you say yes!, we hope you’ll consider supporting Karam Kitchen! 


This past year, over 950 Syrian refugees were invited to resettle in Hamilton. Despite having faced the kind of nightmare most of us struggle to conceive of, three of these women, Rawa’a, Dalal, and Manahel, are teaming up with co-founders Brittani and Kim to start a catering company in our area, serving fresh, authentic, deliciously prepared meals. We’re inviting you to learn more and partner with us to make Karam Kitchen a commercial success and a positive model of refugee engagement.

The Details

  • Karam Kitchen will start by offering group catering in the form of crowd-pleasing platter options. (Our smoky eggplant dip, called Mutabel, and our Lamb and Beef skewers are incredible!) See our sample menu here.
  • We are proud members of The Kitchen Collective, which will be our home base for cooking. Joining The Collective means we already have a commercial licensed cooking available to us!
  • Our three founding chefs are newly arrived Syrian refugees to Hamilton with amazing cooking skills. They are partnering with Brittani Farrington and Kim Kralt, who bring years of experience in restaurant management, catering, and quick service marketing. We hope to be able to hire more newcomers as soon as business growth allows!

The Funds

We’ve received incredible support from the Hamilton community and the Planning & Economic Development Department of City Hall. All we need now is funding to take us to market! In addition to fulfilling the perks on the right, we’ll be using the money for:

  • Business Licensing 
  • Kitchen Fees
  • Insurance
  • Ingredients for Menu Development
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Pots and pans, cutlery, and all the other things you need to prepare a meal
  • Specialized equipment to keep our food hot or cold while we deliver
  • Printed Promotional Materials – including menus!
  • An Arabic translator for business meetings

Will you join us?

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding platform. You won’t be charged unless we meet our goal! 

With your help, we can create a company that helps these three entrepreneurs build a new life in Hamilton, and contributes to our vibrant community. We hope that you’ll consider donating. We look forward to preparing food for you!

Risks and challenges

While we’ve already come a long way in our business planning, a unique challenge of this business is the language barrier between our chefs and the broader Hamilton community. Your support will allow us to hire a translator as-needed to ensure operations run smoothly.

Any new business faces the challenge of getting the word out. We hope that you’ll help us by ordering our amazing food, and inviting your friends to do likewise!



Contact Information:

Brittani Farrington

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