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Jul 27, 2016 11:04 AM ET

Archived: Squish Pak LLC: A patented SQUISHPAK is opened with one hand and the contents are then “squished” out using the same hand. Nearly 100% of any liquid gets onto your intended target, not on your clothes.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 27, 2016

Squish Pak LLC Logo

Squish Pak LLC

Anaheim Hills, CA 92808, US
Consumer Products

A patented SQUISHPAK is opened with one hand and the contents are then “squished” out using the same hand. Nearly 100% of any liquid, including shampoos, suntan lotion, honey, dressings to ketchup, gets onto your intended target, not on your clothes.

The Licensing of SQUISHPAK is the primary goal; however, if contract manufacturing makes more sense for the customer, then Squish Pak will do that as well. Targeted Squish Pak customers are food & condiment companies, personal care and beauty brands. SQUISHPAKS appeal to the convenience and ease of use marketplace. No more disgust trying to get all of your hotel shampoo out; the inconvenience of personal care hotel amenities will be a thing of the past!

I formed Squish Pak LLC August of 2011 and I put my own money into the business, paying for the very expensive patenting process. Just recently (October 2014) I obtained loans to fund an attempt at manufacturing SQUISHPAKS on my own. I leased warehouse space for a CNC machine (to make custom molds) and a thermoforming machine. But within a few short months it became apparent the challenges of manufacturing SQUISHPAKS alone were too great, so I closed up shop in Oct. 2015. Today, both machines are sitting in a storage warehouse waiting to be sold (they’re listed on equipnet.com and eBay).

I have personally invested well over a hundred thousand into Squish Pak LLC. And though I am not an engineer, I invite would-be investors to take a look at the SQUISHPAK design itself, seeing for themselves just how innovative SQUISHPAK packaging really is! Help me put a stop to the current inconvenient packaging consumers are forced to use. Invest in Squish Pak and see where your investment money is going almost immediately. The design “spec” sheets are completed and ready to be implemented by a very reputable contract manufacturer. I am in the process of ordering 10,000 pre-production (“fully functional” shampoo-filled) SQUISHPAK prototypes be made. I was spurred on by a very well-known international food company interested in being the first to license my IP (they asked for a thousand production-ready SQUISHPAK samples). I’m told that former execs from personal care brands will be in attendance during the first few meetings.

Products / Services


A SQUISHPAK is a hand-held unit-dose “squishable” package made from a tri-laminate plastic (PET/EVOH/PE) that’s opened with one hand and the contents “squished” out with one hand. SQUISHPAKS appeal to the convenience and ease of use marketplace. Almost a 100% of any liquid can be “squished” out, without any mess. Think of the possibilities in personal care hotel amenities! Or the personal care sachet samples from a beauty brands, hoping to successfully market their shampoos, body washes, conditioners and lotions. And think about revamping condiments, too. It’ll soon be okay to order fries from the take-out drive-through window again without fear of getting ketchup all over the place, ‘cept on your fries. (The Wall Street Journal article, ‘Old Ketchup Packet Heads for Trash’, Sept. 19, 2011.) (I have NDAs with Heinz and Multivac, the company that makes the Heinz ‘Dip and Squeeze’ container.)

SQUISHPAKS can be made in any size, as long as the “squishable” functionality remains intact.



President Business Development
Spencer D. Sutherland

I own 100% of Squish Pak LLC. I have two sales advisors and an attorney who handles the contracts. I am also represented by K&L Gates (Patenting attorneys) and Trademarkia, since I personally own the IP.

Email me your interest in viewing a SQUISHPAK. But in full disclosure, it has been my habit for the last five years, to exchange NDAs before showing anyone the whole SQUISHPAK product line.

Once an investment in Squish Pak is made – and NDAs have been exchanged – I’ll send the investor one or two of the few remaining one-off prototypes left in stock. I would like to be there in person or via Skype when they try it.

SQUISHPAK sizes range from 15 ml (about half a fluid ounce) to 3.4 fl. oz. (travel size) and larger. I am focusing on unit-dose sizes, slightly under a fluid ounce, for now.

Squish Pak LLC is a member of ICMAD (Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors), PBA (Professional Beauty Association), BIW (Beauty Industry West), and a few Food associations.


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Spencer Sutherland

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