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Jul 27, 2016 12:57 PM ET

Archived: Attention all adrenaline junkies, thrill-seekers, road warriors and action sports enthusiasts! FUSAR : Complete Ecosystem Of Wearable, Interoperable Tech Gear For Action Sports

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 27, 2016


Complete Ecosystem Of Wearable, Interoperable Tech Gear For Action Sports




Attention all adrenaline junkies, thrill-seekers, road warriors and action sports enthusiasts!  

Smartphones have forever changed the way we interact with technology by consolidating a wide range of features into a single, portable device that is easy to use while on the go. Imagine if your favorite action sports devices could work together to provide an equally seamless and integrated experience? This is 2016 after all.


At FUSAR, we’re fusing powerful technologies to create a software-driven ecosystem for action sports devices, wearable tech products and most importantly, enthusiasts. FUSAR provides users with the tools they need to capture, track, and share their action sports experiences with friends and family effortlessly and in real-time.

Many of today’s popular devices are limited in their functionality, so we built a line of hardware products to serve as the cornerstone of this open ecosystem. We also support a range of 3rd party hardware products and are working with major brands to bring their devices onto our platform.Ready to come ride with us?


The verdict is in, and action sports are here to stay. Believe it or not, many action sports have more participants than popular traditional ball and stick sports, and there are more young people skateboarding than playing football today.

That number is rising steadily, as is helmet use. At the same time, the use of technology during these activities is also growing, and a reported 75% of motorcyclists in America use their smartphones to enhance the riding experience.

Still, all around the world, legions of bicyclists, motorcyclists, snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders, skydivers, and action sports enthusiasts of all kinds have long had to rely on a laundry list of disparate technological devices in order to enhance their multiple sporting needs.

To capture footage, many turn to action cameras like those offered by GoPro. To chat with friends, they buy a communication device. For GPS guidance, they buy personal navigation devices. For recording performance metrics, they need an activity tracker or a number of sport-specific apps. Many of these solutions are chock full of usability issues and the technology ends up getting in the way of your fun.

The reality is that it’s impossible to find all of these technologies packaged together under one roof. And even when you do finally manage getting your hands on everything you need — having effectively burnt a hole through your wallet — none of them actually work together.


The FUSAR mobile app serves as the focal point of the entire user experience. It turns your smartphone into an IOT hub that allows your favorite action sports devices to talk to each other for the first time. You and your friends own different Bluetooth headsets and can’t talk to each other? Pair them both to the FUSAR app and talk walkie-talkie style no matter how far apart you are. Want to narrate a video for your vlog? Pipe the audio straight from your headset and have it laced right into the recording. Sick of waiting until you get home to view, edit and share photos you took on the mountain? Use FUSAR to share those moments to your feed as you capture them. This is action, in the moment.

The app is great for connecting devices, but it’s also a standalone product that’s designed to connect people. Without purchasing any hardware, users can use the free app to track their performance, log their favorite routes, voice chat with friends, share photos, or send GPS emergency beacons to their emergency contacts.

Check out the latest and greatest photos, videos, and rides posted by enthusiasts from all around the world. You can like, comment, and re-post — or tap to view the content fullscreen. Quickly and easily share your own experiences after the fact, or pair your FUSAR Camera to share content in real-time.

Record your rides, solo or with a group. Keep track of your favorite routes, log your performance metrics, and stay connected to your friends no matter how far away they are thanks to FUSAR’s push-to-talk RiderChat feature.

Your profile is the digital record of your action sports history. It’s your one-stop-shop for viewing your personal stats, photos, videos, and saved rides. Check out your friends’ profiles to see who’s the most active and how you stack up.


Rather than building an integrated smart helmet that would only be applicable to a single sport, we designed a modular hardware system that is compatible with helmets of all types. FUSAR has created the world’s only universal smart helmet system.Mount the FUSAR Camera to the top or sides of your favorite helmet and begin snapping 12MP photos or 1080p video with the push of a button on your handlebar or wrist-mounted remote controls. With 180 degrees of lens rotation and a 160 degree field-of-view, you have the freedom to capture everything you want exactly how you want it.

The FUSAR Camera pairs with your smartphone and automatically syncs photos and video thumbnails to your phone’s photo gallery, so you don’t have to wait until you get home to review and share your content. If you’re into social sharing, you can broadcast your favorite moments directly to the FUSAR feed in real-time. Your friends can now experience the action as you live it.

Onboard sensors make it possible to track a number of important performance metrics: speed, acceleration, air time, lean angle, and more. We believe you should be able to understand the data behind your best action shots and this 

In the unfortunate event that you experience a collision, you can rest assured that the FUSAR Camera will detect the impact forces and send out an emergency distress beacon to your 3 emergency contacts, or “Guardian Angels.” They will receive  text message and email alerts with your approximate location and the local phone numbers of the three nearby EMS dispatchers. We currently have contact details for over 15,000 EMS dispatch locations in North America alone.

In the event that you go down, the black box feature locks down the last two minutes of audio, video, speed, direction of travel, and other telemetry information. For the first time ever, you’ll have a full contextual record of what happened leading up to the incident. This data is also quite useful for insurance purposes and will allow FUSAR to work with insurance providers to reduce litigation costs.


Interfacing with our favorite action sports devices has always been a pain. Now, thanks to FUSAR’s handlebar and wrist-mounted remotes, control is at your fingertips. Multi-color LED lights provide active feedback, so you’ll never have to wonder what your devices are doing.  When paired with the FUSAR app, the remotes unlock our unlimited-range communication feature, allowing Bluetooth headsets of any brand to finally work with each other.

Whether you’re using FUSAR’s F7 Bluetooth Headset or any 3rd party Bluetooth headset that syncs with iOS and Android phones, you can begin communicating with friends over any distance with just the push of a button.

Ever try fumbling with your camera’s buttons mid-air in an attempt to capture that perfect shot? Not exactly the easiest — not to mention safest — method. We’ve got you covered. Short press on the handlebar or wrist controller to snap hi-res photos or long-press to record HD videos.

Land an amazing jump but forgot to start recording? No worries! Simply press two buttons on the controller to activate our buffer system that we call the “HotShot,” which retroactively captures your moment of glory and publishes it to your feed in real-time.


The FUSAR F7 Bluetooth Headset is an entry-level device that allows users to have a full audio-rich experience across a wide range of activities. It mounts entirely inside the helmet, so there’s no bulky, awkward housing to deal with, and comes with the following features:

Dealing with the range limitations and brand compability issues that often plague traditional intercom systems has been an issue for years.  Because we operate on cloud-based communication, we are no longer bound by either of these constraints. As long as you have a data connection, you’re good to go. If you’re outside of cellular coverage, the F7 Bluetooth headset can be used to communicate via direct Bluetooth connection, just like other popular intercom systems.


We’ve already laid the groundwork for some major developments in 2016. We’re coming off a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign and we followed that up by competing in Tech Crunch’s 2016 Hardware Battlefield Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. Here’s a glimpse at what we’ve accomplished recently:

To date, we have raised $2.55 million from three rounds of funding including seed and angel rounds. This is a product ecosystem that investors believe in as well as a big vote of confidence in the FUSAR brand.

We’re past the development phase and have just launched to the consumer market. Our Android app went live on Google Play at the beginning of July and our iOS app is going live in the App Store at the end of the month. We have also started shipping our F7 Bluetooth Headset and Remote Control units to customers on six continents. We’re currently taking pre-orders for the FUSAR Camera, which will ship in time for the 2016 holiday season. We are also in discussions with big box retailers and powersports distributors to carry our products.  

We’ve been accepted into the Verizon Innovation Program and have also landed a major automotive and motorcycle OEM as a client.

We have received inbound interest from leading helmet brands and original equipment manufactures in the powersports, law enforcement, and defense industries. We are in the process of actively negotiating through these deals and expect to make some exciting announcements on these relationships over the course of the next few months!

We are negotiating a deal with the largest distributor of powersports helmets in the US. We also recently closed a deal with Wynit Distribution, LLC and will begin selling to their nationwide retail accounts in Q4 2016. Wynit services major-name big box and speciality retailers such as:

FUSAR isn’t just catching the attention of consumers and investors, we’re also making headlines in some big-name publications, including:

Want to learn more about what FUSAR has in store for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile and find out how you can get involved! 


Ryan is a seasoned product developer. He’s also a huge adrenaline junky and life-long action sports enthusiast. In 2012, Ryan was rear-ended while riding his motorcycle to work in NYC. After hitting his head and suffering a concussion, he waited for nearly an hour for an ambulance to arrive due to inacurate information being relayed to the 911 dispatcher. That harrowing experience inspired him to start FUSAR with the goal of making action sports more safer and more enjoyable.

Todd is an industrial designer by profession and a gear head to the core. He was the youngest designer ever hired to work for LG Electronics’ North American design team, where he designed everything from laptops and smartphones to washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

Clayton is FUSAR’s resident startup guy. He was employee #4 at SFX Entertainment. After the company’s successful IPO on the NASDAQ, he left to join FUSAR. He’s an avid cyclist who participates in century rides to raise money and awareness for Autism research. He’s also the proud owner of a Triumph America.

Dr. Krawezik leads our software team. He studied embedded systems before earning his PhD in supercomputing. He and his team design and implement the software that powers the entire FUSAR ecosystem.

Contact Information:

Ryan Shearman

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