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Jul 27, 2016 4:55 PM ET

Archived: American Thermal Power LLC: This company has patented the only known process to make emission-free power from very low temperature waste heat

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 27, 2016

American Thermal Power LLC Logo

American Thermal Power LLC

Vero Beach, FL 32968, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy

This company has patented the only known process to make emission-free power from very low temperature waste heat, 90F and up –even from intermittent and variable-temperature sources–to produce full time emission free power.
Waste heat has long been recognized as a vast energy resource. Waste heat power generation equipment is already a fast-growing industry with players like GE and United Technologies. However, all current technologies require waste heat of 200-500 degrees F or more and most require as found in industrial sites. Most if not all require large amounts of cooling water.
Untapped until now is over 1 trillion kWh per year of low-grade waste heat from commercial air conditioning and refrigeration, equal to the heat from over 170,000,000 tons of coal. Every watt of electricity used for AC/R results in about four watts of this easily captured heat, with a typical temperature of 120 degrees F, varying by time of day and season. This new patented technology uses the intermittent and variable temperature low grade heat. The system uses a new patented mode of heat transfer and recycles its own waste heat. It does not require cooling water.
The technology is scalable for commercial buildings from fast food restaurants to supermarkets and up, opening a new market for U.S. made equipment worth $50 billion and rising.
We have invested over 5 years and over $2M in development to date. Now it is time to take the technology to market in commercial systems. With patented technology, a proven capital-efficient business model, seasoned management, and a sensible plan, American Thermal Power has enormous upside potential.

Products / Services

Very Low Temperature Waste Heat Power Generation systems and components

New US patent no. 8,522,552 opens the gate to exploit a huge untapped energy source. Very low temperature waste heat (90F and up) can now be used to produce zero-emission power. 1 trillion kWh of easily captured heat spews from commercial air conditioning/refrigeration systems each year, 4 watts of heat for every watt of electricity used, self-renewing. 5 years and $2M+ in development to date, now ready to commercialize. Seasoned management, detailed roadmap and a highly capital-efficient business model target a $50 billion potential market. CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR BUSINESS PLAN AND FURTHER



Chief Executive Officer
Bob Waterstripe

A hands-on serial entrepreneur since 1973, Mr. Waterstripe has coordinated the efforts of engineers in several industries to create new products, then established production and led worldwide sales and marketing. He developed a capital-efficient business model in 1973, using a $600 Mastercard to create $4M in sales within 3 years . He applied this model successfully in such diverse fields as high-end loudspeakers, solar energy systems, packaged computer networks and semiconductors. During 15 years in the semiconductor industry he led a team that created 300 new integrated microcircuit chips and won 6 US patents. In 2008 his quest for a product that would create good export-proof jobs in the US led to the invention of Very Low Temperature Waste Heat power generation, developing the technology through 6 generations of prototypes, and in 2013 winning US patent no. 8,522,552 with other patents pending. More information is in the business plan.

Managing/Manager Engineering
Gary Hoffman

Gary Hoffman, engineering manager and co-inventor, is a veteran thermodynamic and aerospace engineer. He has over 30 years’ industrial experience with such firms as 3M, Kodak, and Cincinnati Sub-Zero. He holds several patents in thermodynamics and heat transfer and control.

Managing/Manager Manufacturing/Production
John Dunn

John Dunn is both a licensed plumbing contractor and a licensed HVAC contractor. He is an expert in all practical aspects of brazing and assembly of VLT systems and turbines. He built the latest three prototypes and is charged with building of first units described in the business plan. He will train employees and HVAC contractors..

Managing/Manager Design
Brian Cumiskey

Brian Cumiskey,CAE/CAD engineering manager, has background in architecture, civil engineering and product development. His extensive CAE/CAD experience make him especially qualified to drive the critical computational engineering tasks required for the VLT project.


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Bob Waterstripe

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