NetCar Technology Corporation: Next generation Uber, an interactive App where vehicle for-hire & taxi operators advertise and geo-locate in real time for passengers, who choose directly from all nearby licensed, professional service providers, from any dispatch brand. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jul 26, 2016 8:30 AM ET

NetCar Technology Corporation: Next generation Uber, an interactive App where vehicle for-hire & taxi operators advertise and geo-locate in real time for passengers, who choose directly from all nearby licensed, professional service providers, from any dispatch brand.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 26, 2016

NetCar Technology Corporation

Seattle, WA 98194, US
Transportation & Distribution

NetCar Technology Corporation Logo

NetCar is next generation Uber, an interactive App where vehicle for-hire & taxi operators advertise and geo-locate in real time for passengers, who choose directly from all nearby licensed, professional service providers, from any dispatch brand.

NetCar is the Online Transportation MarketSpace for Professionals.

NetCar is a virtual graphical App for transportation, accessible through smartPhones and other mobile device Apps or the Internet where no sign-in or account is required for travelers to locate and reserve a taxi, livery, van, limousines, and other forms of public or privately offered transportation, anywhere in the world, for immediate, on-demand or future transportation services.

NetCar is where passengers connect with drivers, to obtain driver and vehicle information, including photo identification with a professional operator’s license, and insurance information.

NetCar is a marketspace where any professional, licensed commercial driver can advertise their motor vehicle services, and set a competitive price at which services are offered, while legally displaying the branded dispatch affiliation of the vehicle, with applicable regulatory licenses.

NetCar is a connection service, where prepaid NetCar services are coordinated with airlines and travel services, and tailored to comply with regulation and the changed legal structure of the shared economy.

NetCar honors public demand for complete transparency with respect to rates, safety and other transportation related concerns.

NetCar supports independent transportation service providers with branding and advertising, accounting, and fair, highly competitive affiliation and transaction processing fees.

NetCar means high customer service standards to which vehicle operators subscribe, and uphold, because many own NetCar common stock. NetCar is their company, and its success belongs to them.

NetCar works with and compensates local dispatch companies, creating a cooperative, world-wide network of NetCar branded transportation.

NetCar provides Insurance services on-line and by App, for professional drivers, with traveler’s insurance offered direct to passengers.

NetCar connects shipping customers directly with drivers, in real time.

Products / Services

NetCar. The Online Transportation MarketSpace for Professionals.

A virtual billboard where vehicles-for-hire advertise and geo-locate on an interactive real time map, for immediate, click-connection with passengers, who select from nearby providers of taxi and other on-demand transportation services.

Driver and vehicle photo identification, professional license, insurance, branded dispatch affiliation of vehicle, and driver-offered competitive pricing for services displayed.

Legal structure tailored to shared transport & independent contractor services while meeting public demand for disclosure and transparency.

Service standards by which vehicle operators are rated, voluntarily. Credit card processing and accounting services, for market competitive operator fees keyed to industry economics.

Compensation to local dispatch brands, for passengers, creating a cooperative, world network of transportation affiliates.

Insurance services by App, for professional and rideshare drivers, with traveler’s insurance offered directly to passengers.



Director Executive Officer
Christopher R. Van Dyk

Principal owner of Bainbridge Media Group, contract manager, media, regulatory and public affairs consultants to the transport industries. Mr. Van Dyk has served as General Manager, Quality Ground Transportation and GreenCab LLC; Manager for Airport Operations, Regulatory & Public Affairs, for Yellow Cab Seattle; and is a Research Associate with Taxi Research Partners LLC of Great Britain. He procured and managed Yellow’s services contract at Sea-Tac International Airport, dispatching some 800,000 vehicles annually, and was instrumental in legislative reform of Washington insurance law in the vehicle for-hire and rideshare industries. Founder of an ebooks publisher, he has managed college bookstores, major media & marketing campaigns, and as an investment portfolio adviser, has extensive knowledge of financial modeling, performance, and reporting. Mr. Van Dyk has a BA from New College.

Director Technology Officer
Thien Pham

Chairman & CEO of F9 Health Systems. With a BS in Mathematics from the University of Washington, Mr. Pham left teaching at Tacoma Community College and Ol ympic College, to develop Internet-based product distribution systems, including ebooks, and a mobile healthcare software system to eliminate prescription errors. Having sold his first company, DigitalRx, to a public company, Mr. Pham started a software company to provide electronic medical records, and built an online pharmacy software system that automated online pharmacy. He founded F9 Health Systems, an Internet-based distributor of generic pharmaceuticals, in 2008.

Jennifer Smith

Principal Owner of Vancouver Yellow Cab, the primary taxicab service for Clark County, Washington, with some 750,000 residents, Ms. Smith is co-originator of the NetCar concept. Increasing service and reliability has enabled Vancouver Yellow Cab to grow and prosper, despite daunting cross-border competition. She is the founder, owner and operator of Smith Cleaning Service, a large residential and commercial cleaning services company; and co-owner of a construction roofing company; all the while being ‘Mom’ to her family with two children and husband.

Director Operating Officer
Robert Rashidi

Director & Managing Partner, NetCar Insurance Services LLC

The Managing Partner of NetCar Insurance Services LLC, as a Director of NetCar Technology Corporation, is tasked with utilizing the technology of the Internet and smartPhone applications for the delivery of insurance products that better enable independent vehicle for-hire operators and their passengers to manage their insurance and risk.

As Owner of Top Notch Insurance Agency in Seattle, Mr. Rashidi insures a significant share of Washington State’s taxi & for-hire transportation industries.

Formerly Risk Manager for the large urban fleet at Yellow Cab in Seattle, he has a BS from ITT Technical institute in Manufacturing Engineering & Management. With a keen interest in applied electronics and technology, as a consultant to companies on industrial and administrative organization, Mr. Rashidi ultimately became fleet risk manager for Yellow Cab, then established his own transportation insurance brokerage.

Shannon Stewart

Formerly, as Manager of Regulatory Affairs & Operations for Clark County Cab, and now General Manager, Ms. Stewart navigates the local, interstate and federal transportation regulatory morass created by the intersection of seven local and two state governments, and a major international airport, at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, where Washington & Oregon meet.

Focused on “leveling the regulatory playing field, and creating equal earning opportunities,” Shannon Stewart has gained enactment of laws and requirements increasing driver and passenger safety standards in the midst of driver-for-hire industry deregulation.

While raising one son, she has worked previously with the Washington State Department of Licensing, and in sales, marketing, fleet services, corporate quality and inventory control, and has served as Legislative Liaison to the Washington State Legislature, on behalf of the Evergreen State Taxi Association,.

Director Operating Officer
Camel Sellam

Camel Sellam holds one-half interest in, and will develop and operate, NetCar Africa LLC. Having been responsible for the development of beta versions of the NetCar technology, Camel has translated the mobile App itself into Arabic, and adapted it for use in cash-dominant, developing economies.

Raised in Algiers, Algeria and fluent in English, French and Arabic, Camel will advise on the development of NetCar operations in all areas with cash-dominant economies. With degrees in business operations management and engineering from the University of Algiers, and specialized degrees from North Seattle College and Seattle Central College in information technology and website design, respectively, Camel has been the operator of a transportation services business in Seattle for some twenty years. He will relocate with his family to Algiers, and is very well situated to advise NetCar Technology on the development and application of technologies worldwide for the transportation industry.


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Chris Van Dyk

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